I want to share with you how we started our day, so we’re beginning tonight’s post right where we began our Saturday.  It was sunny and nice out.  Before the deputy left for work, we zoomed off on the bikes, first thing.  Getting back with plenty of time to spare.

             One of the projects that I’ve been working on lately is to get up SLIGHTLY earlier.  Nothing drastic, mind you.  Just a half an hour.  (Which still puts my mornings well into the afternoon category.)

             There is no good or bad, plus or minus, guilt or pride here.  Simply a task.  Something that I’m slowly adapting to.  Some days we* make it, some days we don’t.  Not a big deal either way.  I strive to only do things that I love.  Life it not about displeasure or discomfort.

*And by WE, everybody knows I only mean ME.

             It’s certainly NOT about fitting in with others or becoming a morning person (gawdforbid).  It’s simply about nourishment, mindful living, and lovingkindness in all things.  So.  Today we rode down and got a bagel.  For breakfast.

humble bagel
Yes, every meal I eat DOES require a dessert item.

             We’ve lived in the neighborhood, sorta, of this company for nearly 20 years now, but we’ve only ever been inside once.  And that was to walk in, and then walk out.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it.  It’s just not my personal favorite, as far as bakeries go.

             To give a fair review though, the bagels were WONDERFUL, as were the spreads.  (Prices super reasonable, too.)  And clearly, their pastry choices are fun.  Will we do it again?  Maybe.  If so, it will be enjoyable, because that’s the real goal.

             In order for us to keep and retain our joy though, it’s necessary to begin with a solid start, which is exactly what I heard when I woke up today.

Foundation, the importance of building a good strong base.

             And on our card altar we hear that it’s best to do it in a gentle and forgiving manner.

oracle cards and goddess messages

“Goddess Of Compassion  ~

Self-criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth.

The Goddess of Compassion has shown up in your reading today to ask you to be more compassionate towards yourself.

At the core of every living thing only love exists.  Your personality and the role you play in this life is only transitory and ultimately, an illusion.  All that you perceive to be good or bad are necessary aspects of who you are; positive and negative qualities exist in everyone and in everything.

A more accurate description of positive and negative is Yin and Yang, for in reality there is neither positive nor negative, only opposite qualities which together make us whole.

Self-criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth and keeping you in the illusion that you need to improve in order to be worthy of success, happiness, and fulfillment.  Have compassion; love and accept all of who you are, as  you are, and stop striving for something that is impossible to attain.

Through love your life magically transforms.”

            Let’s also keep in mind that we are all, each and every one of us, absolutely at our best, as  well as fully complete, when our Feminine and Masculine factors are in balance.  This entire message is so very validating for what we were discussing yesterday.   I adore these types of gentle reminders.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

is, as I mentioned above, an early-in-the-day bonus ride for a delicious meal, 7.434 miles in 49 minutes 9 seconds, at a leisurely rate of 9 MPH.  The MAP from Daniel’s fancy pants phone app is reminiscent of our wanderings last Sunday.

            (But if you click to see the route up-close, don’t believe everything you’re looking at.  We did NOT drive through anyone’s house.  We DID however, pedal up to another block near by, because we were curious about a young woman who drove her car into someone’s YARD last night.)

8 thoughts on “Kindly.

  1. I too want a dessert item with every meal. Today I feel that I nourished myself well. I also did the stimulight and it went better. It’s all a process.

    There are probably more of us than we think!

    Also, great news about the improvements, because yes, it certainly IS a process.

    10:06 p.m.

  2. Yeah, there is a curiosity when someone drives their car into a yard. Occupational hazard of the numbered people.

    Good card reminder, too.

    And another example, in the neighborhood. Just heard from 103, saw it on EPD’s screen. A woman down the road (one full block away from me right this minute) has called in to say that the “killer deer” (who attacked her earlier) is now back in the yard. Just TEN FEET FROM HER HOUSE!

    Taking it for beat info.

    10:08 p.m.

  3. Through love your life magically transforms

    I love that. Last night I took myself to the movies. Saw Love is All You Need, a Danish film, subtitles I barely noticed, and Pierce Brosnan, who is aging nicely. : ) The film was lovely although predictable, and the Amalfi Coast scenery was beautiful.

    Just looked it up. Holy crap!
    I need to live there,
    not just visit,

    but LIVE THERE!

    10:12 p.m.

    1. Roben: I think Pierce Brosnan is even better looking now than he was when he was younger. Quite the mature hottie!

      He was never NOT hot…….

      10:13 p.m.

      (Also, super nice guy. Saw him recently on with Craig. Freakishly humble, too.)

  4. Yesterday I read and I slept and that was about it. And interacted with the housemates some. Then last night I stayed up until 3:30 reading. Doh! Oh well.

    I’m trying to be compassionate but firm about doing more and not just reading or surfing and napping.

    Compassionate but firm:

    10:14 p.m.

  5. OMG, I love the Froot Loops treats idea! My goal is sugary snacks that are relatively lowfat, as I am constantly battling hypoglycemia. Especially now that my consumption timeframes are subject to more of a set schedule. (I can’t eat or DRINK WATER at my desk… currently… yes, my new boss is a controlling prick who apparently values $20 keyboards and establishing power dynamics more than his employee’s physical well-being. I am due for my annual next month, and I’m sure that one of the extremely empathetic doctors or nurse practitioners at the clinic will be happy to write me a note to amend the water situation.)

    Fortunately I have very little interaction with said boss, so it’s a situation that is still much more appealing to me than moving in with abusive/hoarder mom. And I LOVE what I’m doing, and the people I work with are all great, so there are definitely many more upsides than downsides.

    LOVE our messages, and this is the only card from this deck I can say I full out like the illustration on, with no “but’s” afterward! Beautiful drawing, and AWESOME message!

    When the kids were young we made those treats, with Froot Loops and with Lucky Charms. Also, the Pebbles cereals are good choices as well.
    (I’m gonna need to do this soon.)

    What. The. Fuck?! No WATER? Yeah, you need to get that prescribed. I would say turn him in, but this job really was made for you, so we’ll just smother the idiot with love and hope he has a near-death-experience to enlighten his ignorant ass.

    10:17 p.m.

    1. I tried to “turn him in,” as I am technically working for the employment agency… according to my boss there, and Google-Fu’ing concurs, it’s legal to deny someone the right to drink water when they’re on the clock. Yeah, I am seriously considering getting into the ballot initiative process over this, IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

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