I’m pre-writing tonight, awaiting my Hurricane‘s arrival.  Also, it’s hot upstairs.   Thought it would be a good idea to sit down here, in the cool, and get some shit done early.

             What I have to share this afternoon is very exciting (to me, and hopefully to you as well).  So I was kinda antsy to get started anyway.  (The shower can wait.)  It’ll be best told chronologically, so that’s the format today.

1:23  –  wake up (sort of, but don’t leave the bed yet), ponder “what’s our message?” and wait for something.

1:33  –  hit snooze, nothing has come in yet.

1:43  –  snooze again, but this time I am risking a tardy day, so I get up.  Message comes in as I open the vertical blinds.  (But this time, do not see a deer, looking right at me.)

Check in, within;

make a point of grabbing some Quiet Time on a regular basis 

1:47  –  ponder the message, “should I add ‘daily‘ to the wording?”

2:00 (ish)  –  making my way upstairs, through the kitchen, into card altar room, processing the message, nodding at Dan (who is reading the paper).

after 2:00  –  flip our card.

3:00  –  gym time, with Ryon.  We discuss my continuing edema and decide that yoga should return to our lives.  Sit down for some healing and intentioned mindfulness.

4:00  –  biking home, all of these factors are falling in to place.

5:00  –  Dan leaves for work, I eat my breakfast.  (Yeah, I’m supposed to have something before I leave the house each day, so far that’s a 50/50 success.)

6:00  –  start to put the pieces together, here in this post.

animal messages, red squirrel

“Red Squirrel  ~

Gather your resources now, for they will sustain you through coming change.

Benevolent Red Squirrel has scurried into your cards so that you  may prepare for the future, for change is in the air.  She counsels that you gather skills that are universal, transferable, and fundamental – the simple tools of life, such as cooking or growing vegetables, too often cast aside in a metropolitan world – and preserve some of today’s material bounty for the morrow.

Unencumbered and adaptable you may then, like Squirrel, swim with the tides of the future and enjoy what is here today.”

             Since I’m not a fan of small furry creatures In Real Life, this one could have been difficult for me.  However, I see the metaphorical and symbolic importance here.

             Every day is valuable, and when we start it mindfully, aware, conscious of lovingkindness, the “work” of it is made much easier.  If we journey along, being prepared (as Squirrel suggests) and with a calm, positive attitude (the recommendation of our channeled message), then the path is smoother, the lessons not so challenging, and the entire process simply much healthier.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Mileage:

was just downtown and back, with no stops, and apparently, at a blistering pace!  8.693 in 46 minutes 41 seconds, at an average rate of 11.1 MPH.

Last Night’s Baking:

ended up being only two-thirds complete.  I had also wanted to get some biscuits made.

chai cookies
Chai flavored oatmeal cookies.
(Which the deputy says just taste like Winter Holidays. Whatever.)

             This recipe (with the addition of almonds and craisins) seemed like the way to go, but then after they were made I wondered why I had thought that.

             (I’ve since waffled back to believing they were a good idea.  I can’t explain this attitude, it just is.)

Puppy Cakes!
Puppy Cakes!

             They are the Red Velvet style, with a yogurt-based frosting.  Which I’ve decided that the actual dog owners can make (which ever one shows up first).

Yesterday’s Sharing:

came from Daniel’s fancy pants phone, shot taken while I was out.

urban deer
Just passin’ through.

             This is the same Mama I stared eye-to-eye with one “morning” last week as I opened the shades in our room.  Just up that hill and to the left, across a small cement patio slab, is the bedroom sliding glass door.

6 thoughts on “The Starting Point is Us.

  1. Unencumbered and adaptable used to be me. Now I am not so much encumbered as I am restlessly rooted. Still adaptable though.

    Being adaptable is a gift!

    9:56 p.m.

  2. I like deer, when they aren’t eating my flowers. We have what appear to be one adult rabbit and one baby bunny that live in the yard somewhere and that we see on occasion. I was “eh” about the rabbit, but when I saw the bunny hopping around the yard the other day, I just squeed and cooed. I’m a sucker for baby animals. Even if they eat the flowers, apparently.

    I am encumbered by my self. Not sure why; guess I need to spend some time in quiet though, probably writing as that tends to focus me. And I forgot to make an appointment for a phone therapy session this week, so it’s been three weeks, or will be by the time I get another appointment.

    I am not living up to my expectations for myself regards my moving here and being active and all the rest.

    All you have to do is DO it! 😛

    9:57 p.m.

  3. The combination of enough sleep two nights in a row and lower humidity has worked wonders over here. I’m going to go back and read the past week which didn’t really penetrate my cranky mind at the time.

    Yipee for feeling better!!!

    9:59 p.m.

  4. Okay, so all those comments are from tonight and partially due to two (!) glasses of wine at dinner – a slightly early celebration of our 20th anniversary.

    It’s nice to be back here. 🙂

    I’ll go check them all out now.
    (So glad you’re back!)

    10:01 p.m.

    (Happy [early] Anniversary!)

  5. I have to drive a highway to get to work, from this temporary home, and I saw a dead deer by the side of the road, and a cat, plus the usual birds etc. I hate it. So for my birthday I decided we were going to visit a farm. Needed to see some live animals to balance off the dead/dying ones. So thanks for more Live Animal pictures, to keep my animal tank full. (Oh and there’s a nice bee right beside me, having a flower snack!)

    1. Here is my own solution to that situation, because it really gets to me too:

      envision the food this gift is supplying for other lives.

      This, along with my iron-clad faith in “everything for the higher good” reasoning, is helpful, for me anyway.

      Yay bees! 😀

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