Once again, I have distracted my childish wee self elf.  With recipe experimenting.    And my library books.   So I sit down tonight, already pressing up uncomfortably close to tardy.

             We’ll just have to dive right on!  My sleeping (and that of the deputy’s) was disturbed early today due to door knockers.  Potential threats (of grave danger!) on the front porch (perhaps especially those bearing religious pamphlets) send our Grand Dog into fits of furious barking.  Not to mention how he nearly tosses his face and front feet at the window.

             Then, less than an hour later, his girl showed up.  For a nap.  Which meant that he had to run back and forth, upstairs and down, alerting everyone of everyone else’s presence   All in all, it was NOT a restful second half of bedtime.

             However, I did wake up with a message.  It arrived in bits and pieces that I puzzled over, but then just let sit.  To end up with this:

presentation; be  you, honestly.

             Which, ya know, can mean a bunch o’ shit!  To me, it feels like something about walking our talk and standing our ground.  Being who we are, no matter the circumstance.

             On our card altar, what we’re looking at coincides nicely with this.  Pay specific attention to that last line from the guidebook.

crystals and oracles

“Beryl  ~

resolution, stress reduction, potential new possibilities

An ongoing problem or dilemma will soon be resolved in an unexpected way.  As a consequence, your stress levels and anxiety will decrease.  Through this, exciting new pathways open for you and you discover new possibilities for your life.

As this current situation is resolved, you will simultaneously and subconsciously let go of a past regret or guilt that has only served to sabotage the creative possibilities that have been available for you for quite some time.  It is time for you to shine!

Open your heart and you will see the unlimited potential that resides within you.”

             Wow, what a welcome and inspiring message!  Yeah, we are totally so far past due needing this one.  Lovely, simply lovely.  (And the color of this stone is gorgeous!)

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was just to the pool and back, in sprinkling rain, with slightly warm temperatures, but a cold wind.  All of that equals an unsettling ride, but not miserable, for 3.863 miles, in 23 minutes and 56 seconds, at an average rate of 9.6 MPH.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

was a bigger batch than I thought it was going to be.  Now I’m out of several pantry basics, and I detest that feeling.

chocolate peanut better cookie candies
My impression was, they needed more chocolate.

             It helps to read what SIZE of pan is called for, and peruse the amounts of ingredients.  (Several times!)  Because clearly, reading through it twice is not enough for ALL of the details to sink in.  Or, that could just be me.  Go HERE for the recipe.  (Thank you, Friend From Afar.)

6 thoughts on “Positively Authentic.

  1. Sounds like you need a sign on your front porch! Maxx is just too cute to be a guard dog, no one could ever be scared of someone so ridiculously adorable!

    Well, being me is what I did in my 2nd interview (the first, too)… and if they don’t like it, well screw ’em! I have been feeling like this job would be a chance for me to shine… if it ever happens! (The whole “unexpected way” kinda throws me, here.) Whatever happens is for the greatest good, I know that much! I just wish something would happen!

    He bit the neighbor. But only got a part of the guy’s cuff. Also, this neighbor? Who wouldn’t?! 😛

    12:44 a.m.

  2. I hate it when my sleep gets interrupted. Usually it’s my daughters doing it.
    I can tend to be selective about who gets the real me.

    Dan can’t always go back to snoozing. Which I totally don’t understand. If he just STAYED in the bed……

    12:46 a.m.

  3. Five is on a field trip-A SCHOOL FIELD TRIP!!-so I get to read blogs! I rather like this message, as my creative brain has been thinking up a new business idea. Well, a variation of an old business idea but whatever.

    The real me encompasses many aspects, so I think we most need to stay true to who WE think we are. I’ve been doing that lately.

    Being our own true self, to our selves, as you say, is probably the most genuine way to live. Well done!

    12:48 a.m.

    1. A school field trip? That’s awesome! I hope all goes super-well for him and you get some rest and calmness too!

      What Skye said,
      from me too!

      12:49 a.m.

  4. I definitely intend to keep working on being myself. I think I’m doing pretty well. Of course, I need to open up more parts of my real self, such as being more active and all that. 🙂

    I love the message of the card today. New possibilities, things being resolved in unexpected ways. This is good. I look forward to it!

    The chocolatey things look good.

    This recipe was ridiculously easy,
    and wow, what a result.

    12:50 a.m.

  5. You can never get enough chocolate. IMHO

    This was my feeling as well.
    And we are not wrong. 😆

    12:51 a.m.

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