I’m pre-writing tonight, sitting down early.  Our day went slightly different from the usual Tuesday.  Because here’s the thing, when a person (or two persons, in this case) has kids, they have kids FOREVER.  Your life will be wrapped around theirs ALWAYS.

              Which, I think, is actually pretty damn cool.   (Just sometimes, ya know, it can be slightly disruptive.)

             So let’s get right to it.  We need to discuss the messages du jour.  They are MIXED, to say the least.  Reminiscent of our Osho Zen draw from the other day.  Pushing and pulling.  Back and forth.  Saying one thing but looking like another.

              I woke up with the idea of movement in my head, like: go, get going.  But then I also heard that we need to be: moderating, observing, seeing.  It felt like the focus was all related to: heath.  Additionally, we got this:

the journey is more important than the pace.

             Before we take this further, look at what was on the card altar, in our regular rotation spot.

oracle cards, mermaid messages

“Rest  ~

You’ve been working hard.  Take a nap and get some rest.

This card asks you to slow down, rest, and be very gentle with yourself right now.  Can you cancel your appointments today (or for the rest of the day) and take a nap?  Be drawing this card, you are urged to let go of unnecessary activities, and to focus on self-renewal.

Give yourself a hug, look in the mirror, and say ‘I love you.  I promise to treat you with the respect and care that you deserve.  You’re beautiful!’

No rushing or time urgency is allowed today!  This is a day of sweet kindness, where you treat yourself as gently as a baby cradled in your arms.”

             See what I mean?  Where do we go with this?  Which direction do we turn?  Are we moving when we should be sitting down?  Are we lounging when we should be up and moving?

             After some consideration (and forced Quiet Time), this is what I heard: our health is important, mental-physical-spiritual.  The condition of our ENTIRE self needs to be taken into consideration.

             My thoughts are that if we simply listen, as was the suggestion yesterday, we’ll know which direction is best.   How much and how little is required of us.  The most important part is that we do it with CARE, Self-Care is the key.  Keep that lovingkindness in mind.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaid And Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was just for me on two wheels, Dan had to drive some places.  We met at the gym, then I pedaled home (after two errands, explained below), so we don’t get to see his map, but the distance was 9.180, in 53 minutes and one second, with an average speed of 10.3 MPH.

Today’s Sharing:

is also a gift idea.  For EVERYone!  Here’s what I picked up on my way home this afternoon.   (After stopping at the library, of course.)

cookies for every meal
Part of my breakfast.
(At 5 p.m.)

             Seriously.  So freaking good.  Can NOT make these at home.  And the best part, other than the fact that they SHIP THEM TO YOUR DOOR if you don’t live here in River City, is that I know who is making them, and I am assured that they’re doing an excellent job.

5 thoughts on “Stop and Start.

  1. Oh yummy: cookies for breakfast! I do love cookies.

    And I just love the little baby mermaid napping! Nap is one of my favorite words. My naps, being a couple of hours long, bother others. And they do kind of disrupt my day. But I am out of balance right now, so have no idea what is the most beneficial thing for me.

    I’m glad you have your kids to lavish your love on! I have to admit to envying parents, but at least I get to be an auntie again to my friend’s two kids! Even if they are all grown and teen-aged now. 🙂

    Those very special Auntie duties never end,
    much like parenting!

    11:22 p.m.

  2. timely message for me, as is almost always true. 🙂 Hope everything is OK with your kids.

    Kids are good, thanks. Just, changes happen. And no matter how I work on my RELEASE/EMBRACE FLUIDITY
    the movement of it all can be a bit stress-y. 😛

    11:24 p.m.

  3. I took the afternoon off yesterday and read a Dick Francis mystery, Hot Money. I loved it. I loved the luxury of being lazy and taking care of me. Today I’m ready to tackle some writing. : )

    Not laziness,
    it was Self-Care!

    11:26 p.m.

  4. HaHaHa Universe! (As I once again/still haven’t heard whether I got the job… seriously, this should not be THAT HARD of a decision! At this point the pace is very much testing my positivity skills!!! But I am happy, so HA! I PASS!!! (Yes, and I’m crazy.)) Yeah, so the Rest message very much applies to me, too, since I didn’t get quite enough sleep to be up at 7 am. But I wouldn’t allow myself to nap today, because I’m intentionally shifting my sleep schedule for when I DO get this frickin job… thus the even-crazier-than-usual. But it is happy-crazy, so THERE! 😉

    And I’m going to bed early tonight.

    And I hope all is well with the kid situation!

    Oh wow, to become a day-time person…….

    11:29 p.m.

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