Well.  The properly inflated tires seem to make a nice difference.  How delightful.  And like Ally (xenatuba) said in the comments recently, then ya wanna shout it from the rooftops.

             Or, to tell that guy at 17 and Pearl, with his ass hanging out and his back wheel nearly grinding into the pavement, that just a few simple adjustments would make EVERYone’s life better.  (Wait, possibly it’s just me.)

             You’ll see in our daily mileage (below) that the deputy and I went out earlier.  It was a last minute decision (okay, it might also have involved an over-due library book, yes AGAIN, shut up).  But the weather held and we were entertained.  Plus, we picked up this.

intuitive eating
Nutrition homework assignment.
(Except that *K* prefers to call it experimenting.)

             As soon as I get a chance to poke around in there, I’ll let  you know what I think of it.

             Since we didn’t have a strict schedule to keep, or a tight time-frame this afternoon (the library stays open until 6 on Sundays), I kind of slept late.  It was lovely.  And then I awoke with this message:

gestation, because things in life take as long as they take.

             Then, in our card altar room, I was directed to leave the rotation for that small, direct stack that we sometimes expand on.

oracle cards, Sylvia Browne

“Faith  ~

Faith is a word that should be used in conjunction with the word know.

I don’t have to have faith in an omnipotent God.  

I just know that He and She are in my life and are perfect.”

             Her message and mine go together nicely.  Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not.  Because Faith is also about Trust and Grace.

             When we live in a state of Grace, we are able to Trust in our own genuine selves.  Then we are able to look with Love, walk in Beauty.  And we can Know that it will simply just take however long it’s supposed to take.  Whatever IT is on this particular day of our journey.

Today’s Deck:

Heart And Soul Cards by Sylvia Browne

Today’s Mileage:

was that one errand, with a side-trip for treats (because we had a free-one card) for 8.790, in 54 minutes 34 seconds, with a crawling pace of 9.6 MPH as our average pace.  Look HERE to see Dan’s map.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventures:

were inspired by the fact that we MIGHT watch too much Chopped.

Chopped inspired
(with two dipping sauces
and not nearly as greasy as that papertowel leads you to believe)

             We used what was available.  But it took a minute to get there.  As I was bemoaning our sad and sorry state, he said, as a lovingly positive reminder to get me back on track, “focus on what we DO have, not what we don’t.”

             So I gazed about.  And created a recipe from “our pantry and fridge” which he then turned into actual food that we could eat.  (That last quote has to be said in a Ted Allen voice, or it doesn’t count.)

Last Night’s Baking:

was another of those shared recipes from my faraway friend (who likes being mysterious, but in truth, has helped me immeasurably in my edible forays, in addition to MANY other things).

chocolate shortbread cookies
So easy and so fun.

             These cookies are called Chocolate Chunk Shortbread, and again, I just used what we had.  Which, as it turns out, was nearly everything that was called for.  (Woot!)  Go see it HERE and try them.  I will definitely be doing this again, but with some additions next time.  (Like, I’m thinkin’ filberts.  Or those Heath Bar Bits.)

7 thoughts on “Nourishing Belief.

  1. My mom loves shortbread type cookies. Well, she would, wouldn’t she bein’ as she is 99 % celtic (maiden name Campbell). I also like it. Especially with a nice cuppa. Guess I’ll have to try that recipe.

    Yes, they are GREAT with tea!
    (And super easy, not even kidding.)

    9:54 p.m.

  2. It takes as long as it takes. Profound. I would also add that “faith” and “trust” are also linked and together are stronger than “belief”.

    Glad the air worked. It does make life easier.

    Exactly. We have enough challenges,
    don’t need to be adding any that are so simply resolved!

    9:56 p.m.

  3. Very nice messages. I’ll incorporate them into today’s thinking. (And try to incorporate them further than that, but no promises I’ll remember.)

    I also like “focus on what we DO have.” That’s one I have to remember.

    The cookies look wonderful! I love shortbread cookies.

    Apparently we do too. 😛

    9:58 p.m.

  4. Lovely messages. I am not looking at any yummy food. Not looking. Not looking.

    I would say that I’m sorry, but ya know,
    sharing is what I do,
    so………. 😉

    10:00 p.m.

  5. Hi, Julie– have been out of internet range for the past four days, so I just finished reading and catching up. I love Chopped, those fritters look awesome, and I love the distinction between faith and knowledge in the card definition. 🙂 *hugs*

    Welcome back! We don’t watch very many shows (I’m too picky and our viewing time is limited), but this one, now that I’ve found it, has become a new addiction. We talk in Chopped phrases and use Chopped vocabulary. Very fun, and educational!

    10:11 p.m.

  6. Yes, the gestation/Faith combination is just perfect for my continued waiting, now on the verge of finally moving forward! I have been quite diligent at keeping myself in a positive/not worried mind-frame for my entire waiting period, refusing to allow myself to fear, and having faith that the outcome will be whatever is in my greatest good… and tomorrow I will be one step (perhaps more!) closer to that outcome. 🙂

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