Creation and Manifestation, followed by Living.

             To some people, Memorial Day weekend means camping.  To others, the remembering of loved ones, lost but never forgotten.  For me, since the 23rd day in May of 1987, it’s only been about my Hurricane.

             (If you are so inclined, please feel free to look in the archives [HISTORY QUILT] to see previous years’ posts on this date.)

             All day, this night, a full 24-hour period, is all Hanna, all the time.  Well, as much as I could make it from this far away.  (And while still being in my usual life.)  I fell asleep thinking of her, and texted her this afternoon as soon as I was awake enough to see the wee letters and numbers.

             Her gift arrived early, but that was cool.  I’d ordered her a very special item.  From a local company (of course).  It shipped quickly and showed up at her door a few days before today.  I can’t get the picture of it off of Instagram.  Because I don’t have a fancy-pants phone.  I’ve e-mailed her with a request.  We can look at it tomorrow probably.

             (Edited To Add: she got back to me.  I’m in the process of figuring out how to transport this image.  Stay tuned.)

             To say that we’re proud of our kids is a massive understatement.  We are enormously fortunate.

seattle brewfests

Hanna at the brewfest,
this view courtesy of her father.

             And because this is a special day, we’ve drawn from our Special Occasion cards.  This one is a reptile and in the category of Fire.  How (unsurprisingly) appropriate.

animal cards, Australian oracles

“Lizard  ~  21  ~  Daydreaming

Deja vu occurs when we consciously ‘bump into’ vital details or aspects of daydreams had on earlier occasions.

When we daydream, we energetically leave the present in order to astrally ‘check out’ our potential future.  While physically doing something routine, we find our conscious mind wandering, leaving the physical confines of our body on an astral level and exploring future aspects of our life.  When our conscious mind realises that we have been daydreaming, we snap back and instantly forget what we have just experienced, and the body of the daydream is expelled from our mind forever.

Daydreams are Spirit’s way of allowing us to consciously explore our future while remaining bodily alert.

About a week or two after having your daydream, you will suddenly get the uncanny feeling that you have done this all before.  Even though the conscious mind disagrees, the subconscious mind remembers visiting this time and space.  It remembers that you placed yourself in this setting – astrally – weeks before, with the subliminal intention of remembering the fact on your bodily arrival.

The physical sensation is your wake-up call, meant to trigger a realisation that something in or around you offers a window of opportunity, that once acknowledged will initiate a great change of fortune in your life.

What you visualise in your daydreams, Spirit offers the map to find, and all that is left to do is follow the directions with intent and resolve.

If Lizard, a creature who spends her days basking in the sun and daydreaming her future into being, has visioned her way into your cards today, you are being advised to take serious note of what your dreams are trying to tell you.  Keep a journal.  Lizard wants you to look at your daydreams as viable messages from Spirit and veritable roadmaps to possibilities that would normally remain faceless for eternity.

Spirit gifted you with this life as a chance to make your mark on the world.  Don’t waste a single chance by choosing to ignore the unrealised but fertile potentials your dreams may be gathering and shaping for your future.”

             How perfect that Lizard is our messenger today.  This explanation of Deja Vu is only ONE of the ways, throughout our history,  people have defined that extraordinarily distinct feeling.  And with this difference,  this alternative reality, we are presented with a most common of all conflicts involving mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

             Finding a Balance (harkening back to yesterday’s channeled message), that’s the key.  Respect all sides, aspects, and angles.  We are perfectly free to have our own opinions, we just have to make sure that we acknowledge and honour the ideas of others.  Whether the “other” was someone we gave birth to, or someone who gave birth to us.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Channeled Message:

(won’t be in this spot all the time, it’s here just for today)

No blame, no credit.

Aim for acceptance.

Today’s Mileage:

was to see a new person about my nutrition and health issues, the round trip to her office was 7.397 miles, in 43 minutes one second, at a much zippier average speed of 10.2 MPH (this could be credited to Dan adjusting the air levels in our tires before I took off in the sideways rain and wild winds).

Last Night’s Baking Adventure:

was a RECIPE that a loving friend shared with me.

butterscotch oatmeal cookies

Yet another variation on oatmeal cookies.

             The recommended amounts seemed huge, so I cut everything in half.  They came out nicely chewy, not sure if that was me or my math, but their photos and mine look shockingly similar.

6 thoughts on “Creation and Manifestation, followed by Living.

  1. Those cookies look and sound delicious.
    I love lizards. I call my daughter Liz lizard. Hanna looks beautiful, as usual.
    If your day was as peaceful as it sounds I’m glad for you.

    I am always startled when my version of something baked turns out so very much like the recipe photo!

    12:48 a.m.

  2. Happy Birthday, Hanna!!!

    I love lizards, and I love soaking up the sun like a lizard. Interesting message to go with it… I have been doing a lot of visualizing about this job, so this fits right in!

    Apparently, all my life I’ve been a basker too! My grandfather used to tell a story about how he came across me one day, draped over a rug, still as a snake, in a sunny spot (with a book, or course). And my mom’s favorite is how, as a VERY young kid, I would grab the Sunday funnies and drop down onto the carpet, right where the sun was coming through the window.

    12:49 a.m.

  3. Happy Hurricane Day!!

    I really liked Lizard’s message, and an interesting take on “day dreaming”… not far from some of the mental preperation work that numbered people do, and much more relaxing.

    Air pressure is critical. I watched a fellow the other day working really hard on his bike that had about 1/2 the pressure in the back tire.

    I just always want to stop folks like that and say, “here Honey, let me help…..”

    12:55 a.m.

  4. A very interesting take on daydreaming and deja vu. I consider visualization to be focused daydreaming.

    Happy birthday to Hanna! Hope the day is wonderful!

    Glad you go through the sideways rain (ah, the Northwest!) ok. Hope it’s better today. We really haven’t been getting much rain up here since I arrived. Not my fault! Really! 🙂

    I’m of the opinion that our weather is irreparably damaged, and averages are going to become a thing of the past.

    12:57 a.m.

    • I completely agree that the patterns have now changed so much that averages no longer represent them at all. 😦 I also think that weather forecasting is getting worse (at least it seems to be here), because the models they use to predict are based on data that represent the old patterns, and since the patterns have changed the models no longer work very well. That’s my theory.

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