As we journey along in this life, we are handed challenges.   At that point, we have a choice.  And you all know how I feel about CHOICE.  Big huge damn proponent, that’s how.

             Even when, especially when, it doesn’t FEEL like we have options, we truly do.  One way to go is to NOT go at all.  There, see?  A choice to be made.

             In these Change My Brain projects, ones I’ve shared here over the years as well as lots that I haven’t, I’ve been searching for the right direction.  Not spiritually, THAT is unquestioningly set.  No, my challenges are more about the physical and the mental.

             Some days there seems to be NO way to go, and no choices (however I intellectually know differently).  But other days, now that I’ve discovered all of these tools and methods, I’m more equipped to move along, and even, every once in a while, to offer help to those who need a hand.

             I’ve learned that we must appreciate what we’ve learned in our lessons, gathered from our challenges.  Today I struggled, and then I applied a bit of that which I had gleaned.  We all stumble, no doubt of that.  It’s not about IF we’re gonna drop, it’s about how we get ourselves back up.

             I awoke with the channeled message loud in my head, and more fascinating dreams, one of them definitely about moderation, and


             Then when I went into the card altar room later, I was so pleased to see our daily draw was, once again, a card of validation.

oracle cards

“Sacred Union  ~  27  ~

partnership, romance

The Sacred Union is all about beautiful true partnership.  It shows you that Spirit is listening and is always by your side, helping you co-create your greatest desires and manifest your destiny.  

When you receive this Ally, know that you are never alone on your path.  Partnership with the Divine is yours whenever you need help.

The Sacred Union also represents the coming together of all kinds of harmonious alliances: friendship, family, business, and of course, romance.

No matter what the form, this message pertains to the value of partnership and reminds you to observe the gifts bestowed upon you by this Sacred Union.  This is a very positive omen.”

             Very positive, indeed.  And from HERE, symbolically speaking, it just gets better:

“Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success ……”

             We can all use a bit of co-operation and good news, so yay us!

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Mileage:

was just to the pool and back.   In the rain.  And big winds.  3.889 in 24 minutes 54 seconds with an average speed (the same as yesterday) of 9.3 MPH.

FLP Report:

includes nothin’ but plates that start with the letter M.  Beginning with Montana (but NOT being someone we know), then a Michigan, and lastly, one Minnesota.

8 thoughts on “Maintaining Momentum.

  1. Today was a big stumbly day for me, too. I can’t sleep for shit, what with the anxiety of still not having received a response whether I got the job I interviewed for almost a week ago, now. 😦 I called my employment agency contact twice… according to the receptionist she was “a very busy person” today, and never returned my phone call. This is really really wearing on me, and I had a very aggravated exchange with my ex/boss, and then a crying episode. Then I slept (Thank GOD!!!). Now I’m just drained.

    Our message is great, and the card is awesome, and gives me Joy and Hope, so Thank You, Universe via Julie, for that!!! Love the number symbolism link, too!

    The woman (Aiva Venefica) who runs that symbolism site is super cool, I have been a fan of hers for ages.

    And you know that I live in a constant state of HOPE!

    11:31 p.m.

    1. Corina, if you’re going thru an employment agency and your contact is actually not only not calling you back but has the receptionist saying that she’s “a very busy person”, I have so say she’s not such a great contact. 😦 She’s supposed to be on your side and keeping you up to date, even if the info is just “the company still hasn’t made a decision, so keep your chin up”. Sorry you are getting the runaround. Fingers crossed that you get the job.

      1. Thanks, Skye, but they are doing a fine job; one of the owners of the employment agency called me back today, asked me some questions, and was then going to put together a typed out “sales pitch” to encourage the business owner to hire me. I’d say that’s pretty good service. The receptionist was just commenting, not under anyone’s orders or giving me the runaround in any way. I’m very hopeful again after speaking to Dan. 🙂

  2. Balance is such a gift. Sounds a great deal like “all things in moderation” to me. Interesting vehicle with “Sacred Union” as well, and interesting to apply that concept in other areas of life besides that of partner relationship.

    Wind and rain have been pretty powerful this week…guess it is balancing out the wonderful weather we had a couple weeks ago.

    I think we’re just going to have to get used to “strange” weather from now on. No more “average” of anything. 😕

    11:34 p.m.

  3. I’ve been sick with a head cold/virus/sinusitis thing that ended up causing a bit of asthma. Still haven’t shaken it off completely. The moment I think I’ve turned the corner I’m back down the street a mile. With temps over the 100 mark, and every place I go running air conditioning, it makes getting better a lot harder.
    But I will soldier on! : )

    Oh no! Well, you know all the remedies, so make healing yourself a priority. (Not surprising when we come down with “something” after we’ve had a stress-y bunch of days.)

    11:35 p.m.

  4. I am a big believer in balance. A balanced life, a balanced diet and most of all lots of sleep. I am convinced sleep is the big healer to get a body back in sync. I had a good sleep last night. Woohoo.

    So glad you are progressing in making a choice. Sometimes it is just so damn difficult to see whys and wherefores and make the best decision. Ah, life it is a journey, isn’t it.

    It is such a journey!

    And oh yes, sleep is SO important!!!

    11:38 p.m.

  5. Ah, balance, how I miss you! I really haven’t been working on it or on anything. I’ve been distracting and avoiding and I am now owning up to it. Like you, I have learned all these tools and lessons and I know better. I do have tons of choices and options. Seeing you say it spurred me to acknowledge it. Thank you.

    You are most welcome. 😀

    11:39 p.m.

  6. 9’s huh. Maybe I should carry 9 pennies with me or something. The list of things I want to be successful at is enormous, though. I need a bunch of nines.

    Or write the number 9 on a scrap of recycled paper and tuck that into your pocket. 😉

    11:40 p.m.

    (Better yet, stitch it onto a bit of fabric!)

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