We just got home from the pool.   It was strange.   Chaotic.  Unfortunate.  We had technical difficulties.  And emotional reactions.  Nothing disastrous, just an unsettled feeling.  And loads of folks in the water, not all there for my class.

             End result?  It all turned out fine in the end.  But, there was a feeling in the air.  Our messages today couldn’t BE more helpful.  Fortunately.  Also, read THIS post of Sarah’s to get further insight about what’s causing our current shitstorm.  Yikes, what a wild and crazy time it is, for everyone, everywhere.

             What I woke up with this afternoon was the memory of a very detailed dream about a house, and going back in time, in the house.  And this message:

mysteries of the world . . . . .

mysteries of the universe . . . . .

mysteries of the cosmos . . . . .

             In our card altar room I was directed to leave the rotation again.  And at the risk of overdosing on angelic counseling, we were sent in that exact direction.

angelic counseling

“Nurture  ~

Archangel Gabriel:

‘As you nurture a child, you nurture your own inner child.  Both activities are important for you right now.’

Additional Message:

One reason why it’s important for you to help children is because you are also helping your own inner child in this process.  You’re teaching what you need to learn, so pay particular attention to the messages you deliver to children and their parents.  Know that those messages are for you as well.  

Take time to play, laugh, and to be silly and carefree.  Nurture your inner child with as much love and attention as possible.”

             When we are handed signs, we know all too well that it’s best NOT to ignore them.  Play and Nurture?  I can totally do that.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Heart Warming Park Observations From Last Week:

so many great people, all in one place under intermittently showery spring skies, like the Mr and Mrs Old Couple holding hands, the guy with his dog on a skateboard, the dad singing to both his baby and the baby’s mama, the young woman with her dog in her arms while she held a flowery umbrella over them both, the teenagers sharing a coat while sitting on a bench practicing their Spanish homework.

LateNight Last Item:

today is Cher’s birthday.  That is all.

5 thoughts on “Getting By, while still caring.

  1. Happy Birthday Cher!
    Sorry for your pool chaos. I took my gkids and their cousin to the pool with me today and we had big fun.
    Been cooking some these days. Currently reading Marian’s new book about Helen Walsh. Loving it so far.

    For every book of hers I’ve read (and I’ve read them all), my comment is:
    that’s the best one she’s written!

    Right this second I am on page 127 of Helen’s story (about half-way through the cake book), and I’ve said it again:
    this is the best one yet!

    10:46 p.m.

  2. Today is 5/20, and your “tourist” counter when I first arrived was 152,525. It’s gone up by 2 since then… let’s see what Doreen says about it… “2’s and 5’s, such as 255 or 225 – Your prayers and intentions have been clear, strong, and without reservations; therefore, expect a change to come about faster than you may have foreseen. Don’t let it throw you when your wishes come true. They may come about in unexpected ways, so hold on to your faith. Talk to God often, and ask for reassurance.” Very good!

    Sorry about the chaotic pool time… first thing I though upon reading about it was “there’s the Uranus/Pluto square!” Well, of course we’re on the same page!

    Quite the mysterious channeled message! 😉

    Beautiful card! I overdid it housecleaning (despite your orders… my issues with strangers seeing my filthy floors are not going away that easily 😦 ), so tonight and tomorrow are for nurturing my body… running a bath now.

    I absolutely got shivers while reading about the 2 and 5 meanings! Holy crap.

    Saying nothing about the floor cleaning. 😛

    10:51 p.m.

    1. And, yes, that is supposed to be thought, not “though! What i get for counting on spellcheck & not proofing! HA! Spellcheck spellchecked itself! LOL!

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