Believing It.

             We had our small Mother’s Day-ish dinner tonight for my mom.  She was in kind of a grumpy mood because she had woken up with a killer sinus headache.  We made it work though.

             Sadly, I was so very busy with the creating of ridiculous foods that I completely forgot to take pictures.  You get to see the recipe which inspired it all instead.

salami recipes

Yeah, those are grease stains.

             My father found this (above) and asked Mom to make it.  She handed him back the magazine saying, “take it to your daughter’s house.”  He did.  Like more than three months ago.  We JUST got around to it.  Also?  We won’t be doing it ever again.  Not great.  But fun to find that out.  Also (some more)?  It helps if I read ALL of the instructions.

             For some reason I thought this involved frying, which means Dan has to do the actual cooking part.  Wrong.  But again, we made it work.   (Both frying and baking were involved.)  And then it was funny.  It HAD to be at that point.

             When I got up today I distinctly heard that our channeled message was one word.  Then, when I looked at what our card said, it was also one word.  Nice pairing, too.

             Since you have all been so generous and insightful with your comments about these lately, I’m not even going to say any more on this one.  We’ll just let it stand, as is:


             (My dreams have been über clear and inspirational as well.  What a fascinating phase this is!)

              If the daily draw message, or its definition, does not feel comfortable, remember that you can easily replace parts and use substitutions as you see fit.

angel messages

“Pray  ~

Guardian Angel

The answer to your question involves prayer.  You are being guided to pray about the situation in order to elicit answers and assistance.  Your guardian angels pray with you, asking for Divine intervention to help you and your loved ones.

Your life purpose involves prayer as well.  Your entreaties are strong and powerful, and the world needs them.  Your guardian angels ask you to amplify the volume and rate of your supplications for this situation.  Prayer is extremely effective, so by engaging in this practice, you are making a tremendous contribution.

Take the time right now to stop and pray from your heart.  The words that you use aren’t important compared to your sincere desire to connect with the Divine.

Be open to a response appearing different from your expectations – and know that your prayers are heard and answered.”

             Even if we don’t describe our action in this exact way, when we make that energy exchange, when we focus that intent, when we commune with Nature in a sacred and loving way, we are doing exactly what this card suggests.  And we are all better for it.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Last Night’s Baking:

was my first attempt at anything from Saved By Cake.

saved by cake marian keyes

Not terrible,
and not the book’s fault.

             I was not UNhappy with this batch, but I wasn’t thrilled either.  We had them after our dinner tonight, with three frosting choices: caramel molasses, chocolate almond, and pink raspberry.

home-made cupcakes and frosting and biscuits

(Yes, I made cheese-y biscuits, too.)

             All created by me, except that purple one.  I used a “natural” flavoring packet.  I won’t be doing that a second time.  Nothing WRONG with it, just not something I’ll repeat.

LateNight Marketing Update:

is just to say thanks.  You guys who clicked the LIKE button on my new business Facebook page are the best!  Only 7 more.  (And then I get to do other shit, I guess.  No one really explains what that means.)  And much gratitude for the Shares!

7 thoughts on “Believing It.

  1. Nice card/message combo, definitely! I have been doing both trusting and praying about the job situation… hoping to have news tomorrow!

    It’s going on 10, and I’ve not heard from you.
    IF the news is not great, don’t give up hope!

    On the other hand, fingers crossed for the news to be TERRIFIC!

    9:57 p.m.

  2. Hugs and wishing you the best on your fb venture!

    Ooooo thanks so much!
    Three more LIKES to go…..

    10:01 p.m.

  3. This card reminds me to articulate my wants and needs clearly, if only to the Universe. And to myself. And then your message is to trust that my messages are manifesting, and to trust in myself. So yes, good combo.

    Your baking all looks yummy!

    Excellent summation!
    And thanks, I’m giving that oven lots of credit for these recent successes.

    10:02 p.m.

  4. Sorry about your mother’s sinus headache. I was stressed to the max over the past four days with two book signings, a speaker panel, and a writer chapter meeting, and I had the sinus infection from hell. Everything I touched broke (think reverse Midas touch) my head pounded and my thoughts were fuzzy. Thank goodness the antibiotics are kicking in. Finally.
    Yes, on the trust. The only thing that got me through all of the mess was to remind myself to be flexible and go with the flow. It worked. Kind of. : )

    Oh crap. There are so many astrological things happening right now, I promise, it’s not just you!

    10:03 p.m.

  5. FB and I … well, it is kind of like twittering.

    I could not find the like button.
    I’ll try again. I am sure it is operator error.

    No, not you! It’s that my page here is so damn messy and full of shit that it’s hard to find anything!
    (Or so SOME people tell me.)

    Here’s what ya do, look at the middle column of topics, it begins with


    followed by


    and then


    next is


    after that, ta da!
    You’ve reached it:


    Just click on that, and it should deliver you right to the new page.
    (Put your pointer over where it says
    URTHALUN TAROT CARD READINGS. I just came back from testing, it works!)

    10:08 p.m.

  6. Hope your mom is better today. Love the message and the card. Your baking looks great– I made cookies last week and put them in the freezer so I wouldn’t eat them all at once. 🙂 It’s sort of working.

    I spoke with my dad, HE absolutely appreciated the entire event, so that was nice.
    I’ll chat with Mom tomorrow. 😛

    The freezer?! What a concept.

    10:17 p.m.

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