Tonight’s post will be fast, lean, and to the point.  (Ya know, the exact opposite of its authour.)  So much to report, so little time to do it in.  (There may have to be a few items held over until tomorrow.)

             I’ll begin by telling you WHY this might be going up tardy.  We had beloved out-of-town family arrive tonight.  They could only stay the one evening,  which is not nearly enough.  But I am super pleased that we got to share dinner and conversation with them.

Me and my cousin Yevonne.
(And others?)

             There are some interesting anomalies in the above view, and the blur-factor is awfully damn high.   Both of us have lost a younger sister; as we were reminiscing tonight, we each mentioned them.  There is a belief that when orbs of light or certain types of photographical malfunctions occur, it is a sign that there is more going on in a shot than we might be able to explain with simply science or technical glitches.

             Our channeled message could be observed as being eerily related to this phenomenon, not to mention the one we were given yesterday:

you are a gift, you are a treasure and a blessing.

             Did our sisters join us as we gathered and chatted?  Entirely likely.  Because each of us is an individual and beautiful gift, and these girls are sadly missed.  Simply because Cathy and Gay have gone Home already doesn’t detract from their loving presence when we all sit around laughing and talking and remembering funny family stories.

             On our card altar we have an uplifting message of a different sort.  Sent to us from our loved ones?  Again, entirely likely.

oracle and angel cards

“Angel Of Finances  ~

Honour and give thanks for the blessings you are about to receive.

You are about to receive a substantial sum of money or a substantial stream of money is about to enter your life.  You have drawn this card because of your faith in the universe and your strong commitment to your purpose.

The Angel of Finances is here to remind you that external wealth simply mirrors our internal beliefs.  You can choose to see the world as lacking or you can see it as abundant.  You have realised that money is simply energy, a means of exchange which reflects your values and the way you view life.

Honour and give thanks for blessings you are about to receive and remember to put your money to good use.  Spend and invest your money in ways that help you further your true purpose and long term goals, whatever they may be.”

             Isn’t THAT the nicest thing to hear?!  I will be expressing out my gratitude loud and clear.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was for one downtown appointment, 8.728 in 51 minutes 56 seconds, at 10 MPH average speed.  In the rain.  Both directions.

Today’s Sharing:

includes a famous person.  Some actor?

Nathan Fillion
Movie/TV man, front and center,
at his right shoulder is my Hurricane.

             Apparently this guy was on a press tour, which took him to Seattle.  I only know his name because The Bloggess has a history with(out?) him.  Hanna met him twice in one day.

11 thoughts on “Precious and Valuable.

  1. So glad you got to have a fun family visitation, even including non-physical members!

    OMFG, could our message BE any more apropos for me right now?!? I think not. AWESOME!!!

    I totally thought of that when I saw the card!

    1:07 a.m.

  2. You’re on Facebook!!! FiNALLY!
    Also I could use the angel of finances and it would be nice if I hadn’t glanced at the keyhole on the card and thought…hmmm angel of the vagina?

    Ohmydearfuckingawd we’ve missed your irreverent (and often insightful) observations on the card illustrations!

    10:07 p.m.

  3. She met Nathan Fillion?!?!?!?! *faints*

    Hope you had a good time with your sister.

    Great card, now let’s just hope it means what I think it means.

    1. Oops, I meant to say family, not sister, but I guess since Gay was there too…. (Serves me right for typing and thinking about Nathan Fillion.)

      No problem, you were right, lots of family members were there, we just couldn’t see them all.
      (Until pictures were taken.)

      10:09 p.m.

  4. Lucky Hanna!

    I’d like her to compile a list of famous folks she’s interviewed or spent time with. It’s getting to be quite the prestigious and entertaining group!

    10:13 p.m.

  5. Nathan Fillion?! *Swoon* Lucky Hanna!

    This is a wonderful card! I am going to hug it and hold it and squeeze it and call it “George” …. Or maybe just think about it a lot. Definitely could use an income stream or a chunk of monies right now, fer shure.

    Glad you had some good family time!

    I told Yevonne that the next trip we take in a southerly direction will be a Cousins Journey, wherein we’ll go from one relative to the next, all along the freeway path, until we’ve visited with them all.

    10:19 p.m.

  6. YaY for family visits.
    I’m going to have to check out this Nathan Fillion. Did someone say kilt? Yes, please.

    Oh yeah, watch that video clip.
    A kilt and an accent.

    10:21 p.m.

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