Composure Keeping.

            Our recent suggestion from the Dolphins and Mermaids about  Morning Affirmations might be messing with my channeled start-of-day messages.  This afternoon  I rolled out of the warm waterbed, and quickly began spewing many bad words in a row as I walked across the room trying not to trip over the dog.  I was SURE I’d forgotten some part of what I was “supposed” to be doing.

             No worries though, I’ll get it worked out, it’s not that much to add in, I merely need to organize it properly.  Here’s what went on in my head, in case you were wondering.  (And Corina, Queen of Bi-Mart, please attempt to keep this on the metaphysical plane, if at ALL possible!)

 “Daily goal, got it.  Affirmation, got it.  Oh shit, what was the message?  HEY!  What’s our message?  Don’t we get a message?!”  Then I heard, in  kind of a screamy voice:


             To which I replied, “oh no.  Really.  That CAN’T be the message.  Give me another one.”  There was nothing after that.  Dead quiet.  A humming silence.  We’ll just have to figure that the meaning must be more like this,

: to be lively, exciting, and up-to-date

: to move freely, and with great excitement

             rather than perhaps some OTHER definition of the word.  Probably.  (For some of us, anyway.)

             Our card altar draw is calm and spare.  But not really any more precise.  Either way, doesn’t matter, I really like the look (and feel) of this illustration.

Self-Care cards, oracle card messages

“Patience  ~

Be patient.

Be willing to pass up good for great.”

             Sometimes we might feel as though we’ve missed a chance or we did something wrong and made a mistake.  Then we have regrets.  Remember, there ARE no mistakes!  Only lessons.  So, it’s easy to let that good slip right on past.   The great will be exactly the one we needed in the first place.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

ended up being nothing like what we had planned.  Still taking care of car business.  We had to have an estimate, and that made everyone late, including Ryon.  Also, the deputy is not feeling well, still.  We canceled gym-time, and just went to retrieve the OTHER car.  HERE is his one-way map.

             As a round-trip, I rode 7.455 (but since we forgot to re-set after yesterday’s  emergency jaunt, those are all the numbers I can figure).  On the plus side, we may have one entire vehicular problem completely solved!  Yipee for simple fixes.

Today’s Sharing:

is something that Hanna tweeted earlier.  THIS is a column written by a friend of hers.  Look carefully, and you will recognize two very familiar dogs.

  (Hint: Seattle and Austin.)

FLP Report:

is all from about a ten block area, it began with an old New Mexico, then ended with a new New Mexico, including one Wisconsin and one Minnesota sandwiched snuggly in the middle.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventures:

included combined efforts, we pooled our talents to create a delightfully (and hopefully healing) chicken soup for Dan (which of course means that I handed him random shit and he cooked it).  I’m having BBQed beans* cooked warmed up (by me!) on the stovetop.  (Because we HAVE a working stovetop!)

*A very old (and ridiculously easy “recipe” from my mother).  Traditionally they are baked for hours, but I just don’t have that kind of time.

9 thoughts on “Composure Keeping.

  1. Could “swing” and “patience” combine to mean something along the lines of “go with the flow”?

  2. Well I’m certain the card wasn’t suggesting you wake up cursing! LOL! 😉

    How about trying to make the morning affirmation out of what comes through the channeled message? Maybe that would be a bit more conducive flow?

    What, ME??? ROFLMAO!!! Ok, so… yeah, something non-metaphysical did pop into my head… but i wasn’t going to share that!!! What it really made me think about is swinging on a playground swingset! And there just happens to be one just, like, 150 yards away from me… so, that might happen later! See, I am totally innocent, here! 😉

    And I have most definitely been feeling both of your suggested definitions, lately, too! 🙂

    Patience’s message is kinda weird for me… I LOVE the illustration, and the suggestion of being patient, but I feel like there is no “good” to pass up, because the opportunities in front of me are great, and exactly what I wanted. And now that’s making me just a bit fearful that I’m doing the wrong thing, or maybe the opportunity I am so confident I will get isn’t going to be offered to me?… Blah.

    So this entire post has done nothing but disturb my composure, in various ways. That’s OK, though, I’m still in a state of joy-full bliss!

    So hoping that the vehicular problem is fixed!

    Sending Dan more FGBV’s! And laughing at your combined kitchen efforts.

    Great suggestion about incorporating the channeled message with the day’s intention and affirmation!

    Tonight’s card should help you feel confident in your choice again. 😀

    2:02 a.m.

  3. Okay I’m feeling very irreverent so I’m going to censure myself. I have to say, though, that waking up and cursing as you trip your way, avoiding the dog, seems so heart-warming-ly human to me.

    Oh no. You don’t need to censure here!!! Why wouldn’t you feel free to be irreverent?

    2:03 a.m.

  4. Swing: eighth notes are played as 2 of 3 triplets, in a dah dot dah dot manner rather than a dot dot dot dot manner.and with a free and easy style, not bound by convention. There’s your day!

    If the Deputy isn’t better, keep him home, and keep the germs off my computer at work… And I hope he feels much better soon.

    And that car issues resolve.

    Ally, I love this musical version!

    2:04 a.m.

    (He went in, but he promised me he’d Clorox everything he touched.)

  5. Swing, huh? Interesting. And I love the card. Patience is just exactly what I need right now. Along with more boxes. 😉

    Get yourself to a liquor store, their boxes are the most entertaining.

    2:07 a.m.

  6. Swing dancing is big around here, so the first thing I thought of was dancing. I will try to dance today–it always makes me happy to dance and I almost never do it. I love reading in the comments how it means something just a little bit different to each of us, that’s the beauty of a channeled message, I guess. 🙂

    Both of my girls are excellent Swing (and Jazz) dancers, so I did think of that definition, too.

    And yes, isn’t our diversity in these messages the BEST?!

    2:08 a.m.

  7. I like all the different commenters’ variations on Swing! Especially Corina’s of using an actual swing, because I love to do that.

    Glad you didn’t actually trip on the dog and break anything.

    All is quiet on the northern front. I’m going to a doctor today to see if she can help me figure out why I’m so damned tired and sleepy all the time. But that’s it. And my fibro is acting up. But I am being patient with myself and my situation. And tonight I go out and begin networking ….

    Fingers crossed for all-good health news. Hope the meeting was very enjoyable. Also, useful.

    2:10 a.m.

  8. Yep, my first visual was being a kid, outdoors, on an actual swing, toes up, hair flying and laughing out loud. So I’d say carefree and embracing the little kid inside. : )

    “… toes up, hair flying and laughing out loud.”


    2:12 a.m.

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