Today’s post is going to be a handful of updates.  It’s all I can manage right now.  My feet are painfully swollen.  And I’m in the middle of a delightful stack of library books.  Ya know, the usual Yin/Yang.

  •              The Facebook thing.  I have no idea why you can’t see it.  Also, I have no idea how to change that.  There’s doesn’t seem to BE any place that talks about Privacy Settings.
  •              This afternoon I awoke to find Empress being delivered.  By a tow truck.  In our front yard.  She has been driving her sister’s car because hers has a temperamental ignition.  Now that one is dead.  Too
  •              Maxx and I spent some time in the front yard.  While I weeded the walkway, he argued with the sprinkler.  And then he took the matter up with the other end of the hose.  We were highly entertained.  But then we were just tired.  And wet/sweaty.
  •              Don’t buy those new raspberry M & Ms.  They are WAY too fucking good!  I should never have tossed them into my cart.
  •             Our channeled message was like a double negative: flaws, but NOT failure.
  •              In my card altar room our daily draw is my son’s designator card.
the sun in the tarot
The Sun ~ 19

             After yesterday’s more adventuresome message, this one is nice to see.  It’s a glowing affirmation that all will be well.  No matter the challenges, the lessons, the turmoil; in the end we are fine.

             Could there BE a happier child than this illustration is showing?  He’s delightful to gaze upon, a joy to behold.  He brings with him healing and sunshine.  In these vibrant colours he shares his bliss.

             When the weather changes for the better, or the tides turn for the positive, we must be grateful and we must share.  This is our sign that we are now headed in the proper direction.

             The number 19 adds down to 10, which is also a One, or Ace.  New beginnings, new gifts, new blessings.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

can’t be calculated completely,   I still don’t know how to re-set my wee computing device.  That one time, it was a fluke.  Never to be repeated again.  I went to the grocery store nearest our house, 2.644 miles away.

Today’s Dog Walk In Washington:

is even more hilarious than yesterday’s.  Go HERE, to see where they wandered.

6 thoughts on “Another day, Home Alone, bulleted edition.

  1. Ugh, so sorry about the continued swelling 😦

    Oh, no, WTF facebook? If/when things settle down a bit for me, I will try to help with troubleshooting, if you’d like.

    Yikes, tow truck delivery is not good at all! Shit!

    Yard/sprinkler play sounds hilarious! We soooo need video!

    Love the channeled message… we are here as humans to be flawed, and there is no such thing as failure!

    The Sun is, of course, awesome!!! Everything will work out alright, even if there are disappointments and frustrations along the way. But you already knew that.

    Sending FGBV’s that all situations are resolved smoothly & quickly!!!

    1. Woops, this was me, forgetting to fill in my details again!

      I thought so. 😛

      1:17 a.m.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your readers. Whether it’s seeing them for real or remembering them in our hearts, it’s a great day. : )
    Sorry about your puffy paws. Hope that issue is resolved soon. Did you eat a bag of chips? : )
    I’ve been going through a ton of juggling, and turmoil (mostly inner) this past few days, so the card is welcome. I shall chant, “and all will be well” all day.

    I wish I HAD eaten a bag of chips! 😕

    1:18 a.m.

  3. Sorry about the edema getting so bad! Sending FGBVs for it to diminish.

    The dog walk looks quite wander-y! Makes a pretty picture, too.

    Glad Maxx taught the sprinkler and hose some respect. 🙂

    Sorry the FB thing is a problem. Dan can probably help when he’s sitting with you when he gets back.

    This is one of my very favorite cards in the traditional deck! I’m glad it came up: I need for a message that all will be well. I’ve been so tired lately, even more tired than when we arrived after all the packing and the road trip. All I want to do is sleep all the time and I could sleep all the time if I let myself. So I’ve finally agreed I’ll go see a doctor this week. So an “all will be well” message is a comfort. 🙂

    Take care! Enjoy reading your stack of books!

    I adore finding an authour with a new-to-me series. “Voracious” is the perfect way to describe how I inhale them. 😀

    1:19 a.m.

    (Lisa Kleypas, in case you were wondering.)

  4. Okay so new beginnings. I don’t remember where I was but I got out of my van and there was a gray van parked beside. I noticed the space between us quite clearly because it was close as to the getting in and out of our vehicles routine. Then I went in. When I came back out the very same gray van was still there but what do you think was laying on the ground in between the vehicles. A dime. And I swear it was not there when I went in.

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