Aid and Emotion.

             Some nights I sit down here at the desk and have so very much to say and to share.  Other times I’m completely distracted and can’t stop clicking on bright-shinies that just take me farther and farther away.  And then there are evenings like now.   Where I feel very calm, but not too chatty.

             As Dan and I have said for years, it’s busy and complicated being me.  Also, difficult to explain.

             In family news, tomorrow I put my deputy on an airplane.  The trip was Hanny‘s Winter Holiday gift to him at Solstice.  We’ve figured out all of the details now.  (Okay, she did that part, too.)  He’ll be arriving before I write tomorrow’s post, so you’ll be getting fresh and current updates then.

             She shared this delightful photo with us recently.  Be prepared for more in the next few days, as father and daughter enjoy some quality weekend time together.  (He comes home Sunday night.)

seattle area golf courses

At the driving range.

             What to notice in the above shot is not just her snappy outfit and refreshing adult beverage, but the spectacular day they must have had, weather-wise.  So nice!  Fingers crossed that it continues into next week.

             On a more spiritual note, I woke up with the message of “lend a helping hand” in my mind.  These channeled sayings are fascinating.  I hope everyone else finds them as worthwhile as I do.

             In the card altar room I was drawn to leave our rotation.  When I saw where, I understood why.

archangel messages

“Clairsentience  ~

Archangel Raguel:

‘Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance.’

Additional Message:

‘Please  honor your feelings.  Don’t be afraid of deep emotions or intense feelings.  I can help you distinguish between your own feelings and those of others.

 I’ll also help you clear any energies you may absorb.  I’ll guide you toward people, situations, and places with clear and loving energy.  Your repetitive emotions and physical feelings provide important information, so please notice and follow these feelings.  They’re answers to your prayers.

Ask me to help translate confusing messages so that you will clearly know which steps to take.’

Working with Archangel Raguel:

Like an air-traffic controller, Raguel oversees archangels and angels, ensuring harmony, cooperation, and order among them all.  In this way, he will help you sort all your feelings, enabling you to notice, understand, and follow them.”

             There is an idea that we are all able to tune-in.  Some believe this, some do not.  My personal thought is that these abilities/talents are no different from any other gifts* or skills, each of us have them, the basics at least, to some degree.  We can be trained (for further development) but if we are not already somewhat endowed, we may not get too far with our studies.

*Examples include: music, art, language, math, writing, cooking, sports, psychic-ness, to name just a few.

             When we receive messages like this one from the angels, I feel as though talent or skill has nothing to do with it.  We are ALL able to understand powerful feelings and observe significant patterns.

             Which means, no matter what our level of expertise is, the signs will show up, we need only acknowledge them.  And then say, thanks.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

had to be averaged.  Again.  I left without my wee computing device.  So, let’s say around 3.729, to the pool and back.

Tonight’s Baking:

is going to be some tortillas, and a new cookie recipe.  Although the name sounded exciting, it turns out that this is really just another version of oatmeal-raisin.  Not bad, but not all that fancy either.

9 thoughts on “Aid and Emotion.

  1. Wishing Dan safe and easy travels, and wonderful father-daughter time!

    Ha! Good one, Universe! I was just talking to my friend about this type of guidance, literally a few hours ago! Love it! Really, really love it!

    Leaving town would have gone much more smoothly had *I* not been involved. But he made it. So far, so good!

    1:58 a.m.

  2. And, this synchronicity was way too cool to not share (plus it’s a wonderful poem)…

    Taurus Solar Eclipse May 9, 2013

    Subterranean upheaval.
    Last month’s eclipse
    turned us inside out.

    Taurus new moon arrives
    with eclipse surprises,
    jeweled seeds,
    and delicious dreams
    into the upturned soil of our lives.

    Fertile beginnings
    guided by cautious instincts.
    Integration of sensuality and practicality,
    pleasure and presence are the compass.

    In communion with the Earth,
    be nourished through beauty,
    be guided by instincts.
    Your body is your compass.
    Sensing, listening.
    Your body is Earth’s body.
    Earth’s body is your body.
    Savor each precious moment.

    Venus begins a new cycle. The voice of the feminine is rising. These times call for us to stand firm in our values. The third passage of Uranus square Pluto spells urgent awakening. We have no time to waste in distilling the essentials on a personal and global level. More and more, we are aroused to face our fears and act with conviction and speak out.

    :: Taurus Solar Eclipse Contemplations and Actions ::
    Your body is your temple.
    Bring awareness, compassion and appreciation to your presence.
    All life is sacred.

    May you find joy and beauty within you and around you every day.


    • Nice! Good information to have. Looking for the joy and beauty, and being grateful for it!

      What Ally said.

      1:59 a.m.

  3. Interesting thoughts. I still believe you have to have some insight in order to recognize some of the patterns the universe sends us. Hope Dan and Hanna have a lovely time; weather might get more normal for a bit although I hear there is baseball planned.

    I am glad it is “busy and complicated being you”. It makes it interesting being your friend.

    Yep, baseball and a bit of a brewfest is on the books. Also, just found out today, a Sara Bareilles concert appeared for Saturday night!

    Oh. Thank you very much.
    That makes me feel so loved.

    2:01 a.m.

  4. We’re all a-kilter here. We’ve acquired a new kid for three weeks. Rachel is in the German exchange program at her school and so we are hosting Lena for three weeks and then when school is out, Lena and her family will be hosting Rachel for three weeks. But all the rhythms of the house are off until they smooth into a new rhythm.

    Ooooo, this type of program was how Emmy went to Germany! The family who hosted a student here in town couldn’t send theirs for the exchange. So she got to go! Give Lena our love and gratitude, even though it wasn’t her. It was kind and generous people from her country. 😀

    2:06 a.m.

  5. It’s wonderful that Dan gets father-daughter time. That is so special. Love the card. Loving the energy of this time.

    They will have loads of fun.

    2:13 a.m.

  6. I hope the great weather we’ve been having lasts while Dan is here! It has truly been glorious. It’s cool that he and Hanna get this time together.

    I’ve been having interesting dreams that I remember lately: complicated, sometimes plot-driven dreams. I’ll have to see if they have a pattern or are just my mind pushing me to tell stories.

    The only things I really need to focus on are unpacking my stuff I brought into this house and looking for work, neither of which I have really started.

    Dreams are a wonderful way to get your creativity going again!

    2:14 a.m.

  7. Oh, and I understand it being busy and complicated being you. I empathize and have some of that myself.

    Yeah, I thought maybe lots of folks might relate to that feeling.

    2:15 a.m.

  8. ‘busy and complicated being’ you – I admire how well you know and accept yourself

    As you see here, everyday,
    it’s a process. 😛

    2:17 a.m.

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