Time and Place, also Perspective.

             Our channeled message today was slightly ominous  but still, obviously necessary.  “Appearances can be deceiving  everything is not as it appears.”  So.  We should just apply that where it’s most applicable.

             And if everyone is not already subscribed to Sarah’s website, they should be.  THIS POST is a must-read.

             In local news, after our gym time, we met J.D. for lunch.  He was an entire hour late.  Fortunately, we entertained ourselves, because ya know, we’re like that.   We  also got to interact with some fun folks (old ladies buying shoes), and see this.

dogs in the car

Dog, literally the co-pilot.

             Look very closely to see who is driving that vehicle.   Okay, the husky might not ACTUALLY be manipulating the controls, he could possibly just be parked.  Still, some ARE that smart.

             Our meal was terrific, and I loved meeting one of the owners in a new, highly recommended, Vietnamese/French cafe.  The menu options are varied (great vegetarian selections) and they make their own gingerale.  Was our meal worth the wait?  Sure, the service was timely, and sticking around for your kid is kind of a large part of being a parent.

             The card altar message this afternoon is from the category of

“Arboreal Creatures:

Panther, Panda, Sloth, Orang-utan, Chamaeleon, and Red Squirrel

These animals make their homes in warm, protective trees.  With green, rustling foliage, these vital lungs of our world breathe out oxygen, inducing in arboreal messengers relaxation and sleep.  They counsel that your home should be your sanctuary, an oasis of calm, repose, and tranquility  from which you may venture refreshed.  

Your home environment profoundly affects your wellbeing.  If it is a stressful place, finally it becomes a prison from which you wish only to escape……”

animal messages, oracle cards

 “Orang-utan  ~

Working to live joyously, not living to work.

Orang-utan, utterly content in his lush rain forest, sees no pressing need to swing on agile limbs from his soft arboreal bed at dawn.  He rises when refreshed, stretching great arms before breakfasting unhurriedly on ripe fruits, and only then carrying on with the business of his day.

For Orang-utan understands the true value of time and counsels that you use it wisely.  Are you working to live, or living merely to work?  Adjust your priorities lest time slip silently away, taking pleasure with it.”

             Another not-so-well-known fact about me: I can’t stand primates.  At.  All.   Which makes it slightly bothersome that I have, what we in the tribe refer to as, gorilla arms.

             (Don’t try to disagree, my reach truly is out of proportion for my height.   However, it can also come in handy.)

             Also?  No clue why she spells this with a hyphen.  But, it’s her deck.  She received the messages, so I’m not going to argue.  I am, however, going to observe that this one is brilliant.  An exceptionally wonderful reminder to us all.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Mileage:

on THIS map is over-the-top ridiculous if you zoom in, plus the numbers are slightly different, per usual.  Mine is 9.170 in 56 minutes 35 seconds, with an average speed of only 9.7 MPH.

8 thoughts on “Time and Place, also Perspective.

  1. Monkeys and cats are my two fave animals! Boy, we are not animalically compatible. 😉

    And yet we get along so well. 😛

    12:44 a.m.

  2. I am not fond of apes, but I do like monkeys and other small primates.

    This card reminds me to decide on my priorities for the kind of work I want to find. I don’t want to live to work ever again: it sucked back when I was doing it and I’m just too damned old to live like that anymore!

    Old or young, no one should live like that.

    12:45 a.m.

  3. Definitely not the most positive of channeled messages, but it isn’t one that surprises me terribly.

    The Vietnamese/French cafe menu has some great sounding stuff!

    Orang-utan has a great message!

    And, in answer to your question: “The name “orangutan” (also written orang-utan, orang utan, orangutang, and ourang-outang) is derived from the Malay and Indonesian words orang meaning “person” and hutan meaning “forest”,[1] thus “person of the forest”.[2] Orang Hutan was originally not used to refer to apes, but to forest-dwelling humans. The Malay words used to refer specifically to the ape is maias and mawas, but it is unclear if those words refer to just orangutans, or to all apes in general. The first attestation of the word to name the Asian ape is in Jacobus Bontius’ 1631 Historiae naturalis et medicae Indiae orientalis – he described that Malaysians had informed him the ape was able to talk, but preferred not to “lest he be compelled to labour”.[3] The word appeared in several German-language descriptions of Indonesian zoology in the 17th century. The likely origin of the word comes specifically from the Banjarese variety of Malay.[4]

    The word was first attested in English in 1691 in the form orang-outang, and variants with -ng instead of -n as in the Malay original are found in many languages. This spelling (and pronunciation) has remained in use in English up to the present, but has come to be regarded as incorrect.[5][6][7]”

    Your “route” brought to mind the song What Would You Do With a Drunken Sailor! 😉

    And, a reminder that Braco is live streaming again starting the 8th! His first live stream of this session is free to all, and starts at 2 pm PST… https://www.braco-tv.com/index.php . I highly recommend everyone try to catch at least one of his internet live streams… after “attending” one my chronic pain areas (“bad” knee and lower back) stopped hurting. Like, completely. That was weeks ago, and they are still pain-free most of the time, unless I really overdo on housework or activities. Be forewarned that they ask that you stand during the gaze. This was completely unexpected for me, and I didn’t have time to adjust my monitor appropriately.

    Thank you for the link !!!

    12:47 a.m.

  4. Good message, meh animal guide. Like the description of where they live, however. Glad you discovered a new place for grub, even if JD was late. I am glad that I work where I do and do what I do; I imagine that teachers (the good ones) feel the same way.

    There needs to be an amendment, in the case for those of us who truly enjoy our work. 😉

    12:50 a.m.

  5. It’s raining, it’s raining! Please, please, please wash the pollen out of the air! And my car window which has been stuck at the halfway point is getting fixed so it’s okay it’s raining! And our baby plants need the drink.

    Orangutan’s message is much like the Greek one of everything in moderation, which is a good way to live.

    Yipee for healthy, cleansing rain. 😀

    12:51 a.m.

  6. I like primates. Have spent much time admiring the work of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey.
    Nice message. I certainly do not live to work.

    Both very inspiring women!

    12:52 a.m.

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