Yesterday I forgot one of the best parts of our afternoon.  We received a bonus blessing.  Many things had to fall into place for this “chance” occurrence to take place.

             We saw THIS HOLY MAN.  Accidentally.  Walking across a street.  It was right before a sharing event, HERE.  In our neighborhood.  You can absolutely believe that Daniel and I will be heading over there on our bikes to visit these folks soon.

              We just both glanced up, at an intersection, and there he was.  Heading to the center, with four other people (one wearing a robe like his).  The air around us changed, energy became alive and static-y, as we realized what we’d seen.  (Even though we didn’t know until later who, precisely, he was.  We sure did know he was someone.)

             Today we dealt with some painful reality: home plumbing issues (which will be continuing on in to tomorrow).  And I’m back to being puffy/swollen/encased in (and held captive by) edema.  So, there’s that.

garbage disposal replacement
Big huge lie.

             On our card altar we, thankfully, have a very peaceful and calming card.  This style of illustration is soothing, too.

saints and angel messages

“Mother Mary  ~

The answer to your question involves the topic of ‘mother.’  Mother Mary is with you, helping you with any emotional upsets with your own mother, such as grief, anger, or worry   She can aid your healing from long-standing patterns between the two of you.  As you do so, you’ll also be made well in other life areas.

For instance, healing mother issues improves your relationships with other women, especially powerful ones and those in authority.  It helps you be more open in receiving, since feminine energy is receptive.  If you’re a woman, reconciling any mother issues can improve your self-love and self-esteem.

This is also a message about you as a mother, mother figure, or care-giver.  Mother Mary wants to help you in this life area.  She will alleviate any guilt or stress that may be interfering with the joy of parenting or caring.

If you’d like to help children in general, ask Mother Mary for a Divine assignment.  She has so much love for children that she gladly helps their caretakers so that they are better equipped to help little ones in many ways.”

             Whether we are having mother issues or not, I like this message because it’s about unconditional, maternal-type love and caring.  Always a genuinely nice feeling, in either direction.

Today’s Deck:

Saint’s & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Weekend Well Wishes:

are for everyone, hope you all had a good Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo!  But especially for Mike and Barb, hope tomorrow’s wedding anniversary day is festive and fabulous, just like the two of you.

5 thoughts on “Universally, and closer in, too.

  1. Love those chance encounters, and glad you got to be exposed to that energy. Garbage disposals lie several times over. Great card, especially in May. And I’m with J3; hope your edema issues go by the wayside.

    I told Dan that from now on I’ll be gazing about, in search of more random holiness, literally crossing my path.

    10:36 p.m.

  2. Feel better soon. What a nice message.

    Even with increased outdoor temperatures, some improvements were made today.

    10:37 p.m.

  3. Wow, what a cool chance encounter!

    Sending FGBVs that the edema goes away quickly.

    It has never EVER gone away, but I’ll take all of the healing energy that I can get for a decrease in its intensity.

    10:38 p.m.

  4. Wow, what a blessing to have crossed paths with this beautiful spirit!

    Sorry about the edema… sending healing vibes and will do some distance Reiki, too. 🙂

    OMFG, this card made me laugh! I was driving my mother around for a few hours yesterday! We managed to avoid any outright conflict, but it was certainly a test of my newly attained peacefulness. And, seriously… I’ve been working on mother issues my entire frickin life, can I be done yet, please? I swear to God, once I’m able to accept and forgive her completely, I will be completelyenlightened/ascended/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. And, yes, I realize that’s the whole point. What-the-fuck-ever, Universe/Higher Self!

    Yeah, this one might just be a challenging lesson. Simply because it is. Hang in there!

    10:23 p.m.

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