My hair was a major topic of conversation tonight at the pool.  And the now-over-half-a-year-long No Shampoo life choice, too.  It was a great reminder that we’re past due with a check-in.

             Report?  It’s going fine, thanks.  No changes.  I’m up to about 3 to 4 weeks between washings (with the baking soda solution).  Even though I’m rinsing my head with every shower.   Using the vinegar (alternating with the lemon sometimes) about every 10 days to 2 weeks.

             One of the things Hanna wrote about when she first researched this project, was how, after the chemicals are gone and no longer stunting our follicles, the hair just naturally grows, faster.  And healthier.  Her findings were correct.  My friend Patty said she could practically WATCH lengthening tresses sprouting from my head.

             (That might be a slight exaggeration.  But my rapidly changing styles, every few days, definitely do say something.)

             Riding home after class, with no scarf or hat on, just a wet head, in the continuing wind, felt quite lovely.  Of course, then I was concerned that I could be going pretty fast and might lose my headphones/earbuds.  Even if they ARE the sturdy type.

zen stone, sony earbuds,

Ignore the phone, it was just there with my music players, so I left it.
(Click on the picture for a better view.)

             The message I woke up with today was about being our true selves.  This daily draw says much the same.  Metaphorically, anyway.

self care cards

“Dance  ~

Step into the light.

Share your gifts and talents with the world.”

             Echoing what we heard yesterday, we are encouraged to lead by example.  Being our true genuine selves, sharing and caring, is absolutely the key.

             When we reach out, we are helping others.  When we live in truth, we are helping others.  When we follow our own path, we are helping others.   All of these roads lead to being better, spiraling up into better versions of ourselves, from the inside out.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Mileage:

comes with a story.  Another unexpected small adventure.   Before work today the deputy decided to take a quick neighborhood jog.  Off he went.  Maxx and I held the couch down, catching up on our newspapers.

             Less than an hour later, he’s back.  Very red-faced and sweaty.  But without his hat.  (One of our favorites, a gift cap, in fact.)  He thought he knew where he had lost it, recalling when he’d yanked off the top layer of shirts and tucked everything into the back of his running shorts.  (Clearly a GUY thing to do!)

             Enter his dutiful* wife.  I volunteered to ride back along his route and look for it.  Which is precisely what I did.  Ta da!  Found hat.  Hence the additional numbers in my pedaling details on a day when I usually just go up to the pool and back.

*I started to type the word intrepid, but Delia just recently used it much better.

             Retrieving my Beloved’s beloved chapeau added almost exactly a full mile to my 4.928, and about 6 minutes to the half an hour time, at 9.6 MPH average speed.

Tonight’s Baking:

those biscuits I still haven’t gotten to.  If we’re lucky, they’ll be fresh from the oven when Dan arrives for lunch tonight.  (Fingers crossed that he gets a lunch!)

Today’s Festivities:

here’s to hoping you all had a beautiful and loving Beltain/Beltane.

phone photos of dogs

Kinda blurry, but he wanted to wish everyone a shiny and bright May Day! (Or possibly he just wants somebody to throw that ball for him.)

             Unless it really is on the 4th this year, in which case, let’s say that one will be great as well!  (See note under Pagan High Holy Days in the [middle/center] side category, if you haven’t already.)

6 thoughts on “Expressions.

  1. Love the cross quarter days! They represent the season that the quarter days name. And yay for finding the hat! I often say that my driving at work needs to be good so as to “set a good example to the motoring public”. Cards are validating that, along with a host of other things that I work on at work.

    Any time we can be a good example (or a ridiculous warning/tale of caution) we need to.

    11:29 p.m.

  2. What a beautiful card! Is this a new deck? I somehow don’t remember seeing ones like this before. 🙂 ALSO — Happy (late) Beltane!

    No, actually these are some of my oldest,
    HERE is a link to see them.

    Happy Happy (belated) to you as well!

    11:32 p.m.

  3. What a great wife you are! Going in search of the hat…and finding it! Yay!!!! Love the card.

    If I was still driving a vehicle I totally would have done it that way,
    but I’m all TWO-WHEELIN’ now, so I rode. 😛

    11:34 p.m.

  4. Things are sooo ugly here right now I totally forgot about May. My mother reminded yesterday as she was returning from la-la land (oral surgery) that my birthday is coming up as well. *sigh*

    Awesome you found the hat. Around here we search for shoes. I have this weird habit of forgetting that I put shoes or slippers on the roof of the car to dry out after washing. And I just hop in and drive on down the road with them on top. If I get lucky one of them will thump the roof before flying off and I’ll remember and stop to collect them. My son just collected my inside outside slippers from the main drag at the top of the hill. They were run over, cracked and torn, so I’m going to be looking for new slippers here shortly. *shakes head at self*

    As much as I want you to continue using the sun/wind/Nature for this purpose,


    We have had one of these (that we picked up for a laughably low price) in our house for decades. They last forever. GET ONE!

    11:38 p.m.

  5. Right now I have to set a good example just for myself! I have gotten into some unhealthy habits since the move (or the lack of healthy ones), so if others find me a good example on my way, then that’s just a bonus.

    Glad you found his cap. You rock!

    Oooo, good call on this one, setting a proper example for yourself!

    And thanks. 😉

    11:41 p.m.

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