On (and Of) Our Minds.

            Today was nicely quiet* and not much happened.  Except for Maxx getting himself all muddy.  (No pictures, it just didn’t work out.)  And then we went to the pool.  I also worked on my new Change The Brain library book.

*Dan planted my honeysuckle starts/cuttings that I had potted last year.  And ran the yard trimmer.  That second part was slightly noisy.

             The basic premise of Brain Lock is that we get stuck.  Whether due to a disorder or simply disordered thinking patterns (on various topics).  And this method works for many different types of situations.

             The doctor explains several factors about mind vs brain, and who is really in control.  Applying a series of steps, we are able to change our thoughts, the inappropriate and/or obsessive ones, and feel more at ease (even if we have to experience a brief moment of discomfort initially), bringing back that empowered sensation.

             Here’s a great description of what’s going on, “… when the striatum* is working properly, it acts as a filter, ‘gating’ the sensory information sent to it, which is its proper role in the behavioral loop of the brain.”  When shit goes sideways though, our gates get stuck open, and all sorts of chaos comes crashing through.

*He does not (so far anyway) use a ton of jargon, this word is well explained earlier in the chapter, as are all of the technical and medical phrases, which I truly appreciate.

             I’m learning now how to close those gates, and keep them closed. Creating new pathways, and correctly functioning gates, as I repair the broken ones.  It’s fascinating.  His entire body of work is like this.  Supremely helpful information.  I plan on reading more than just this  particular publication (which came out in ’96).

             Then, I looked at our card.  And was blissfully happy to see a validation.  Literally.

mermaid and dolphin messages

“Yes  ~

Your intuition is correct.

Take action accordingly.

You are fairly certain about your next move, and you pulled this card as additional validation, which will spur you into action.  This message confirms that your intuition is accurate, and that you can trust it fully.

The joy you feel, knowing that your intuitive feelings are valid, may be tempered by the fear of making life changes.  Heaven wants you to know, however, that all of the details are being taken care of.   You are supported in all ways as long as you ask for help and then accept it as it comes to you in various forms.”

             I personally don’t have that fear she mentions.  Or that concern.  Because, the thing about learning how to release and flow along, is that it becomes easier to release, and then flow along.  Pretty much the opposite of a vicious circle, more like a joyful cycle of renewal, bolstered and supported by faith.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Kitchen Notes:

on two things.  First, our new-to-us oven continues to take a tiny bit of getting used to, but we absolutely and consciously feel grateful (daily, hourly sometimes) that we have it.  Dan made us a delightful frittata this evening, with a near-miss burnt bottom.  Totally still eat-able!

             And B), that cookie recipe from yesterday was very good.  Even though I haven’t heard back from anyone who I shared them with, I’m going out on a limb here and saying that we’ll be making those again.  But I need to pay closer attention to the cocoa next time, I was not necessarily thrilled with this last purchase.

7 thoughts on “On (and Of) Our Minds.

  1. Wow, the new brain book sounds incredibly fascinating & helpful!

    Unfortunately I’m not “fairly certain” about my next move… but I will take some quiet time to tune in to my intuition.

    Maybe the hesitation IS the next move…..

    9:35 p.m.

  2. The brain book sounds really interesting. Turns out we can control a lot ‘o stuff going on in our heads. Who knew?

    Certainly not me,
    but this UCLA professor does now.

    9:36 p.m.

  3. I’m just getting to the past three days’ posts. I want to eat my computer screen. Nom.

    Lol, it’s been fun. Biscuits coming up in the next couple of days, my mother brought Daniel some gravy. 😉

    9:38 p.m.

  4. The brain book does sound really interesting. And so glad your new stove is working out!

    I watched one of the video talks he has on his website, which is fun for me because now I hear his voice when I read the book.

    9:39 p.m.

  5. That new book sounds fascinating! It would be very good to control the craziness that rages thru my brain from time to time. I may have to order it from the library.

    I am SO glad your new-to-you stove is working out! Just having a working stove can turn a dreaded chore into a joy.

    Lovely card. Faith is a tough thing for me, but I am trying all the time.

    Yes, look him up at your library, he’s got a few newer ones, but the basic method is the same. VERY helpful!

    9:41 p.m.

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