A funny thing happened today.  Dan didn’t have the correct wrench to switch something on my bike.  So we took it to the shop.  While we were there I also had them replace my grips.  Yes, the new/old Craig’s List bike DID come with fresh tires, but not handlebars.

(Both items [sets? pairs?] were purchased for less than $13, from a sale/return bin.  Man oh man, I LOVE buying local.)

             If we hadn’t gone down there for one thing, we wouldn’t have found the other.  It worked out much better this way.  I love when shit falls in to place like that!

             When we got home, there was a wee gift on our front yard table.  I  dropped everything to grab my camera.  (That plastic bag has the old, taken-off parts in it.)

robin's eggs, bike computers
I was holding all of that,
so I set it down, around the treasure.

             It’s not very often we are gifted with egg shells of this size and variety.  I was standing under the tree I thought that it might have come from, looking up to maybe see the nest.  When I, instead, found the other half on the ground in front of me.

robin's eggs
Literally, robin’s egg blue.

               The only possible scenario is that this particular baby was SO excited to be born that she BURST out of her egg, and the pieces went flying.  (NO, I’m serious.  That is the ONLY way this story can be told.  Don’t even suggest any other option, unless it’s even more cheery and festive.)

             On our card altar we have one of my favorites.  Which will come as a surprise to no one.

the moon tarot card, robin wood tarot the moon
The Moon ~ 18

             Today this one arrived with a tweak.  So we are being asked why we aren’t using our Magick to its full potential.  What is keeping us from being fully spiritual?  What is holding us back from allowing our inner and true selves to shine through?

             When we talk about The Moon we talk about the subconscious.  The very core, the basis, of who we are.  We all come from the Earth, true, but we all cycle with the Moon.  Symbolically those two baying canines, the wolf and the domestic dog, represent us.  We originate from the swamps of creation, but we also live in the modern world.  We crawled from the depths, but we honour our Universe in a mystical and faith-based way.

             Between the standing stones all our questions may be answered, if we can only stop a moment and listen.  Taking our Quiet Time, connecting with Nature (in whatever way we are able), and living a genuinely true life, are all the keys to our success.  Doing this by the light, and guidance, of the Moon will help us to live in strength and wisdom.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was, as I mentioned, to the bike store and back, for 5.158 miles in 32 minutes 08 seconds at 9.6 MPH average speed.

Today’s ADDITIONAL Mileage:

was a walk we took after a (partial) family gathering for some food, just over a mile’s worth of wandering, you can see it HERE on a map.

Last Night’s Baking:

was from another double chocolate recipe.

double chocolate chip cookies
Big batch,
and good.

             Did you know that See’s Candies made chocolate chips?  Me neither, but now I need some.  This is that recipe, but not those chips.

(Tonight’s post was cut short and went up late, due to technical difficulties.)

5 thoughts on “Dark and Powerful.

  1. Wow, that eggshell was an incredible gift! How awesome!

    Another beautiful card from the Robin Wood deck!

    It’s sort of surprising that we don’t see MORE of these, ya know? Considering the amount of birds around. I guess this way it’s all the more special.

    9:40 p.m.

  2. Great gift, in the egg. Yep, that bird was rarin’ to go and burst her shell. And let me guess…Denny’s? We didn’t do any set exercise this weekend; lots of yard work that involved wheelbarrow work from street to back yard, and many, many trips up and down the stairs at First Christian for my friend Mary the bell player.

    I like the card, also. I don’t often practice spirituality intentionally, with focus, although I do try and stay spiritually connected with my world.

    Yes, the favorite-of-cops-and-travelers freeway stand-by, open all hours, and oh so convenient. Also, my father saw an ad, so we had to check it out.

    Hey, I know what that distance is, from the front of your house to the back, so yeah, you exercised!

    9:42 p.m.

  3. Fly little bird, fly!
    Love the card, and the cookies.

    This version is going to be my new double-chocolate cookie recipe from here on out.

    9:45 p.m.

  4. What a wonderful gift! I definitely like your story of the event that produced it.

    Definitely feeling the appropriateness of the card today. Because today, as I said on my blog last night, I start anew.

    Renewal! Yipee!!!

    9:46 p.m.

  5. Lucky you! We have plenty of Robin’s but rarely find any egg shells. Awesome.

    The cookies look delicious!

    They are rare, and as I said above to Corina, that’s what makes them so special.

    9:47 p.m.

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