My regularly scheduled gym hour* got bumped today.  But it reminded me that I was going to talk a little about the entire “working-out” subject.  To begin with, I’m not very good and my attitude is not always entirely productive.  Yeah, difficult, on so many levels.

*Even without it, I went downtown on the bike, errands cropped up so the afternoon was still busy.

             There is also the topic of how I can afford two (three if you count Tuesdays when Dan joins me) hours of personal trainer time every week.  Truthfully, I can’t.  We barter the fee.  As in, I do the gym laundry.  It’s a nice trade; Emma and Ryon detest the chore and I get much personal satisfaction in a job well done.

             (I am not comfortable in the gym, but I am VERY comfortable at home with my clothes washer and dryer routine.)

boxing hand wraps
The white things are anti-static sheets, that I re-use and re-use, and then re-use some more.

             Once the hand wraps are clean, this is our result.  Rolling them back up is sort of therapeutic.  Also, there!  I’ve accomplished something.

boxing hand wraps

             And in more esoteric news, I’ve started a new Change My Brain book.  So far, only in to the first chapter, it seems like there is a LOT here we’re going to like.  The authour describes his method as “… a long-term self-directed therapy (called) cognitive-biobehavioral self-treatment.”  The goal is to release us from our unwanted obsessions, compulsions, negative thoughts, unproductive urges, and assorted symptoms of other disordered thinking.  I’ll keep you posted!

             On our card altar we have another one, like Peacock, that might need to be looked at from a different angle.  I’ll be transcribing the guidebook’s description exactly (pretty much), and I’d encourage everyone to keep an open mind.  This message is important.  As they all are.

alternative descriptions

“Goddess Of Psychic Protection  ~

What you believe, you create.

You subconsciously believe that someone is energetically trying to cause negativity in your life.

You have drawn this card today to remind you that the life force, or energy, at the heart of every living thing is, in essence, love.  Each individual soul forms part of a universal soul.  All is energetically connected through the light of love.

No-one can psychically harm you, possess you, or influence you, unless you believe that they can.  What you believe, you create!  You do not need to protect yourself from others as much as you need to protect yourself from your own negative beliefs and fears.

To dissolve these beliefs and fears all you need do is focus on the light and love within and around you, and within and around every living thing.  Imagine pure white light surrounding you each and every moment of your life.  Know that you are always protected and forever within the light of Love.

Focus on the image of this Goddess, feel the love, light, and wisdom emanating from her.  Know that she merely reflects the infinite love, light, and wisdom within you.”

             When we aim our intentions towards “love, light, and wisdom” we can’t go wrong.  No matter whether this one rings true to you on the psychic protection aspect or not, those words are Universal truths.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was all in full sun, my shoulders and chest are glowing proof, for 8.690  miles, in 51 minutes 28 seconds, at 10.1 MPH average speed.

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventures:

ended up being two tasks.  One was cookies, from THIS RECIPE.

peanut butter honey cookies
Mix, roll, make sugared, then smash flat.

             Thank you, to my far-away friend, for sharing it.  (She and I have the coolest connection, and hold conversations to each other in our heads.  Sure, we ALSO send text messages.  We aren’t COMPLETELY insane!)

peanut butter honey cookies
This wasn’t even all of them,
I’ve given most away already.

             We were out of tortillas (have been for days).  So I tossed together some more.  Didn’t have quite as much fun as Sonja did making hers though, go see that post.  (Interesting instructions about the salt-water and the waiting 30 minutes.  Since I don’t “pin” I have no idea where those originate.)

LateNight Addition for Maxx Fans:

is this shot of my assistant.   We should call it “Grand Dog Getting Cozy/Burrowing When His Nana Left The Room” because that’s what happened.

helper dogs
Hard to accomplish much when he’s holding down most of the pile.

             Remember when he used to “help” with the dog wash shop towels?  Yeah, he does too.  Different business, same theory.  According to him.

8 thoughts on “Value and Worth.

  1. awww, that is the cutest picture of Maxx. Really interesting card in light of a situation I’m dealing with. “You do not need to protect yourself from others as much as you need to protect yourself from your own negative beliefs and fears.” –> very helpful. Also, laundry is the only household task that I don’t mind. Not sure why that is, but I think you made a great deal, laundry for personal training.

    I also feel this way about my dishes.
    Both machines, interesting……

    Glad the message was helpful, I thought that the entire reminder was VERY good.

    11:52 p.m.

    (I just tweeted at you, we were commenting on each other’s sites at the same time. I love when that happens!)

  2. Oooo, the hand wrap re-wrapping does sound supremely meditative!

    You read my mind about parts of that card not ringing true. I think this may be the only one of Toni’s messages that really bugs me, because it contains what I know to be an untruth. Since I have experienced an attempt by a malevolent entity to enter me, and prior to that I had absolutely no fears or beliefs or even thoughts about that whatsoever (not that I disbelieved it, it just wasn’t on my radar enough to even think about, consciously or subconsciously), I call absolute bullshit on “creating” a possession or psychic attack. They can happen when you’re not worried about them in the slightest.

    It just occurred to me that this is most likely why I feel no desire/drive to engage in the past life journeying that you’ve instructed us on in the past, or any other astral travel… I think the idea of leaving my body vulnerable is still somewhat scary to me because of that terrifying experience. Eventually I will be ready, but I’m not there yet.

    For a time I was doing a sphere of protection visualization with Archangel Michael every night. That habit slipped away sometime in the past few weeks, so this card is my reminder to resume.

    The cookies look awesome, and Maxx is, as always, simply ridiculously adorable!

    “…so this card is my reminder to resume.”

    You got it, right there.

    11:41 p.m.

  3. “You do not need to protect yourself from others as much as you need to protect yourself from your own negative beliefs and fears.” I’m hoping this applies to my current hassles.

    Maxx is super cute! And that cookie recipe sounds really yummy!

    No responses yet about the cookies, but I’ll text around and get some feed-back. For me? I thought they turned out very nice.

    11:43 p.m.

  4. Good card, although I agree with Corina. This is what struck me. Focus on the image of this Goddess, feel the love, light, and wisdom emanating from her. Know that she merely reflects the infinite love, light, and wisdom within you.

    That really is such a key aspect here. And I’ve been seeing it in lotsa different places since I first flipped the card.

    11:44 p.m.

  5. I love barter as a form of transaction and trade! I think it’s excellent that they help you and you help them. The cookies look yummy and I too enjoyed Sonja’s post about making tortillas. Not that I’m liable to make any in the near future, but someday maybe.

    Maxx is adorable. My non-dog always jumped into the warm laundry too, as soon as it was in a stationary position (on the couch or in the basket.

    Interesting card. I definitely think we do ourselves more harm than others do, so it’s a good reminder.

    No reason why you couldn’t make them at your current house, unless creating lovely home-made, chemical-free food is one of the strange rules. 😕

    11:45 p.m.

  6. Those cookies look delicious. Hey what a great barter – laundry for personal training sessions. I don’t know what it is about the gym but it can be intimidating – or something.

    The building itself is quite nice, very small room, no one there but me during my sessions, but yeah. It’s an odd dynamic, when one is of a certain age.

    11:46 p.m.

  7. I think I’m gonna have a good barter escapade here pretty soon. I will keep you posted.

    Interesting card…

    Oooooo, the one involving decorative bears and a deck cover?! I’m so excited about this, for you.

    11:49 p.m.

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