Maybe I have told this story before, and maybe I haven’t.  Doesn’t matter, it’s where we begin tonight.  I’m what’s called a Generational Witch.  Because my grandmother, and her father, and some combination of his parents, were all tuned-in types of folks.   I’ve passed this on to my children (whether they choose to admit it/utilize it, or not).

             The mother of my mother read cards by using a poker deck.  Limiting?  Sure, but that’s how she learned/was taught, so that’s how she did it.  Mom was always a wee bit unhappy when a reading would arrive in the mail.  “Interpretation” is very much a key component with oracles such as this.  My grandmother was notorious for deciding she knew what was best, how the cards were speaking, and what direction everything needed to go.

             She didn’t channel so much as shove.  This knowledge has made me extremely careful where my own readings are concerned.  I ask, expressly, before every draw, that I become an open and loving conduit.  NOT a filter or directional faucet.

             Now, the newest form of intuiting that I’ve been working on, since yesterday, is a sleep method.  I went to bed last night accepting whatever message there was, inviting and requesting, that what needed to be told come through (in my dreams?) so that I could help as many people as possible.

             The information that I received seemed AWFULLY  self-serving and related back to nearly ALL of the work I’ve been trying to accomplish for my own flawed self elf.  Immediately my brain went to my grandmother, she of the opinionated intuition.  My hope is that I have learned and trained well enough that my missteps won’t be repeats of hers.

             What I remembered, when I woke up today, is something like:

health is not a size/health comes in all sizes.

             Whether this is a useful message (for anyone but me) remains to be seen.  On our card altar, the answer to my worries seemed to be pretty clear and obvious.  I was super glad to see it.  (Substitute, word-wise, where necessary.)

saints and angel messages

“Peaceful  ~

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has descended upon you and the situation that you are inquiring about.  Get in touch with this Divine energy by focusing upon the peace that is deep within  your heart.  This serenity is like the gemstone at the core of a boulder, and you may have to dig deep within yourself to find it.  This might require that you spend some quiet time alone in stillness.

Rest assured that the Holy Spirit’s peace is pervading this situation and opening the hearts of everyone involved.  It brings about compassion so that everyone can see each other’s point of view.  This engenders forgiveness, which then opens and smooths the path to peacefulness.

Allow the Holy Spirit to melt away the ice of anger and fear by shining a warm beam of Divine love upon you and the situation.  Trust that this can reach deep into everyone’s being, evoking a positive change of heart for you and others.

As gentle and pure as a dove, the Holy Spirit heals the situation in a harmonious way.”

             First of all, did everyone notice our THIRD mention of some Quiet Time?  Yeah, that’s not too subtle.  Gotcha, Universe.  Thanks!

             Also, already this afternoon/evening I’ve had a conversation about fear vs love and seen TWO mentions of this exact message on the interwebz.  And I’m only about HALF way through my day!  Big time information, kids.  We need to pay VERY close attention here.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

is HERE from Dan’s program (holy crap I had so much fun with this once I realized that the little bicycling character in the very bottom graphic moves along the horizontal elevation marker at the same time as the pointing pin moves along the street map), as well as showing on my tiny device 11.162 miles in 1 hour ten minutes 48 seconds, at an average speed of 9.4 MPH.

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventures:

involve some unfortunate citrus fruit.

home-squeezed juice
We are using a sieve Dan forgot he had.

             Have you ever peeled an orange and it was kind fall-apart-y and dry on one end?  Well, we had two of those.  So I squooshed all the juice out of the pulp after the deputy ran our wand blender through the sectioned pieces.  Worked great!  And so tasty.

LateNight Insights:

will be some more upcoming information about me and the Holy Spirit. Information is flooding in, so you KNOW I’ll share it.

11 thoughts on “Tranquility, unquestioned.

  1. Oh Robena, I envy you your massage! I definitely need to get one.

    There’s definitely a different between peace and stillness, and just sitting around in a quiet room reading or surfing the net. I’ve been doing tons of the latter and I don’t think it’s doing me any good. I started out well once I got here, but now I’m in a funk and feeling crummy and low-energy. I obviously need to change some things.

    I think that your sleep message is useful for more than just you. I’ve lost about 15 lbs and it makes me happy, but I want to lose more. But, I want to be able to be happy being where I’m at, even as I work on losing more. Contentment doesn’t mean you don’t strive for change where you want or need it.

    The best (and easiest) change you can make is to get up, get out of the house, and move around. That’s all it takes! Just like five minutes worth will help SO much.

    9:35 p.m.

    1. **FIND THAT LIGHT BOX!!!** Seriously. You just came from Texas and dumped yourself into practically perpetual twilight. You know what I mean. You need that light to keep your energy up so you don’t go *splat* right in the middle of pulling everything together. {{{HUGS}}} (And perhaps set a time limit for the computer? It’s soooo addicting!)

      1. I should probably add that it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I’m still in my PJ’s sitting here in front of the computer while it pours down rain in the gloom and I have financial shit I’m supposed to be working on…

    2. “There’s definitely a different between peace and stillness, and just sitting around in a quiet room reading or surfing the net.” thanks for that, Skye! I needed that reminder.

  2. This bothers me. Why aren’t you allowed to receive a ‘self-serving’ message? This is one of those shrink questions. Don’t you think you’re important too? Deserving? Haven’t you heard that if you don’t take care of yourself, too, you can’t really help others?

    I understand you’re worried about being like your grandmother. I come from abusive control freak stock. I had to become controlling and aggressive to survive with a sense of self and get out from under all that. It doesn’t mean you’ve become those people. It’s what -you – do – with all those traits you’ve been handed that counts.

    Are you trying to hurt people and gain from that emotionally or materially? No. Are you trying to control the world? No. So what if you’re not -your- idea of perfect. What you -are- is a warm and caring person. You give a damn. And you -are- allowed to be the center of the message the Universe is sending you. Don’t short change yourself! {{{HUGS}}}

    No no no, no need to be bothered (you either, Corina). That’s not what I meant.
    As the reader, or the channel, or the conduit, or the radio, or whatever, I know that some bit of the message is ALWAYS for me, it’s part of the whole connection experience. No, what I was saying was that it felt SO MUCH more personal, more so than usual.

    Thanks for being bothered on my behalf,
    but not necessary. 😛

    9:39 p.m.

    1. Something along these lines came into my head, too, but you’ve expressed it much better than I could. Seconded.

  3. what Fokker said. I needed some guidance today, but doing my own reading didn’t seem right…. guess I needed THIS message– thanks, Julie.

    Any time!

    9:41 p.m.

  4. This is one of those messages that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Irony abounds. Didn’t get to Cypress yesterday, but most definitely will tonight.

    I am “framing” my first Hardanger in a wooden embroidery hoop, which I will be buying tonight. Pictures will follow.

    Laughing and crying at the same time, wow….
    so familiar with THAT!

    Yipee for pictures!

    9:44 p.m.

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