We laugh, because otherwise we’d all be crying.  Well, I did cry today, but only at my appointment with *A* -and she understands.  (Because sometimes it just HAS to happen that way.)

             Today was a bright one.  On so damn many levels.  Except for those few moments when the clouds rolled back in, over my head and inside of it as well.  But they were fleeting, passing along quickly.  I pedaled without raingear.  The sun was hiding somewhat, but for the most part, OUT THERE.

             Earlier I was fortunate enough to chat with my Seattle girl, she’s doing very well, so that was fab.  (Next month her father will be flying north and spending some time in her new place.  We should expect phone photos.)  And later this evening my Empress is going to stop by here.  Tomorrow I’ll be dropping important papers off for my son.  A banner week, all kids accounted for.

             As I mentioned above, there were some emotional moments at the counselor’s office.  And when I arrived home, this card popped up.  It is VERY much what is happening with me.  Right.  Now.  Thanks, Universe.  Again.

oracle cards and healing

“Accepting What Is  ~

‘I accept and embrace my inner majesty.’

Card meaning:

Accept your life in all its configurations.  Know that every moment, situation, and event has profound value . . . . even if it doesn’t seem like it.  Accept your inner majesty.  Be present.  You are magnificent and wondrous beyond measure.  Embrace all parts of yourself.

The Universe wants you to know:

It is an act of both power and faith to love, honor, and accept what is.  At times it can be challenging to truly accept what’s occurring in your life.  When you do so, however, you affirm that there is a plan for your life and that everything is working for your highest good.

Accepting ‘what is’ doesn’t mean that you can’t work to change it, because you can.  It does mean that there is gentle, yet profound awareness that every experience can support your highest good and spiritual evolution.

If there is something you just cannot accept, start by gently acknowledging the fact that you can’t accept it.  As you increase your own acceptance in life, this will help others be at peace in their own lives.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anything that I  am not accepting in my life?  How can I embrace myself and my life even more?  Where will my life’s journey take me, if I truly honor every aspect of ‘what is?’


I accept and embrace my inner majesty.”

             Not much I can add here, this pretty much says it all.  I have homework to do, on this exact subject, so I think I’ll just add that affirmation in with my other tasks.

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

was on the fast side, surprisingly enough, because the wind was fierce, 8.624 in 49 minutes 44 seconds, with an average speed of 10.4 MPH, downtown and back.

FLP Report:

for the past couple of days, Maryland, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Maine, and regular Virginia.

7 thoughts on “EL. OH. EL.

  1. wow, what an uncanny draw for you right now! I need to take a page out of your book and slow down long enough to enjoy the world around me, growing spring-beautiful daily! 🙂

    Grab an old envelope or Post It note or any scrap of recycled paper you have near to hand, write this down:

    Walk in Beauty ~ Live in Love

    and carry it around with you all day/stand it up in a place you can see it often. It is SO calming, brings you right back to center, every time. I promise. 😀

    11:33 p.m.

  2. I had to deal with this yesterday. My 101 year old ex mother in law, and dear friend, came out from NY to celebrate her birthday. She fell, broke her hip, had surgery, and is in hospital looking at a future of intensive physiotherapy and rehab. She said very matter-of-factly, “I might die here.” I agreed. She might indeed. There were no tears or anything. Just the clear understanding and acceptance. I assured her that her job was just to do whatever she could to heal, the rest of it was out of her hands.

    Seriously, I love this woman so damn much.

    11:35 p.m.

    • Wow, that is so intense. Sending FGBV’s to you and your ex-MIL.

      I was a caregiver for my grandmother in the last months of her life, and it was a huge blessing for me, in many ways. The most important were: 1. I was forced to slow down and learn to have patience with those who couldn’t move as fast as I was accustomed to moving (taking a 93 year-old woman, who really should be in a wheelchair, but isn’t quite ready to go there yet, so stubbornly and proudly uses a walker instead, to a busy grocery store–really, there is no better way to learn patience, LOL!), and 2. I had time with her to hear her amazing stories of the adventures she had as a young woman, and of her romance with my grandfather, etc.

      One of my (very few) regrets in life is that I wasn’t very emotionally present during this time with her, because I was in the midst of an incredibly heartwrenching break-up. I was so caught up in my emotional pain and anger that I couldn’t step back and see the bigger picture of what I was missing out on by not being fully present during my time with her.

      Enjoy this time with her to the fullest of your ability. ((((HUGS))))

  3. Accepting what is. Blerg. Yeah, I know, I’m whiney today. HOWEVER, Saver is on her way home just for the weekend. So my day will end with happiness.

    Yipee for kid weekends!!!

    11:36 p.m.

  4. I think I’m currently in a place of accepting what is, mostly because it’s all so new in a way, and yet familiar, and I am still a bit stunned by the move and the enormity of the changes I’ve placed upon myself, that there really is no room for non-acceptance. (I’m sure that will come, though, given that it’s a historic tendency of mine!) So I will remember this.

    Crying in therapy I found to be very cathartic. I hope you do too. Glad the rest of the day went well.

    Accept and embrace,
    accept and embrace.

    11:37 p.m.

  5. I’m back after another episode of fiber optic vandalism that left me cable- & ‘net-less. Didn’t even annoy me this time. There could be much worse things (obviously).

    ‘I accept and embrace my inner majesty.’ LOVE IT!!!

    Look at you,
    all evolved and shit. 😆

    11:39 p.m.

  6. You only cry in therapy if you are really doing work instead of spinning your wheels. So it’s a good thing.

    I’m having much trouble with acceptance right now. Not so much me and mine but stuff in the world which I find just truly unacceptable. So I’m working on trying to figure out what I CAN do and then let it go, but the let go part is HARD!

    Do what my mother does,
    PRAY. Send love, send light, send positive energy, send darts of brilliance and lovingkindness.

    It totally works,
    in both directions.

    11:41 p.m.

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