Yesterday was all about the images, today it’s all about the feelings.  And some words to describe those emotions.  We’re gonna talk positivity.  And tranquility too, let’s add some of that in there.  It matches our daily draw, after all.  And it’s, fabulously enough, where I landed earlier.

             Today did not require* a lot out of me.  These are kind of my favorite types of afternoons.  Busy days are good too, but in a different way.  Of course my goal is to appreciate ALL sorts.  I’m working on that.

*We went to the pool, so it wasn’t an ENTIRE day in jammies.

             One of my anti-depression methods, as  you all know, are these guided meditation CDs.  Twenty minutes (or less, some are as short as 7) and my (or anyone’s really) attitude is improved beyond what I could express here, or even begin to describe.  While Dan and J.D. dealt with various automobile issues, none of which involved me, I listened to Jack Kornfield talk about lovingkindness.

             This particular session was powerful.  Several times recently I’ve experienced physical reactions, really wonderful and powerfully emotional sensations.  This was one of those moments.

             His recommendation of, and instructions in, repeating a form of intention/prayer hit me so strongly that I cried.  It was phenomenal.  Interesting too, because I’d read the affirmation* on his site, and had jotted it down, tweaked a bit to fit my situation better.  In the recording, he actually says to change any words that don’t suite.  Ha!

*I’m putting it at the end, my version.  Click on the link above to see his.

             Then, before we went to class, I saw what our card was.  It went so damn well, I was almost surprised.  (Almost, because really, not much of what the Universe tosses in front of me is shocking anymore.  It’s still WONDERFUL, but not too surprising.)


“Peace  ~

Embrace your confusion.

Let there be peace in not knowing all the answers.”

              One of the challenges we have with faith is that tremendous task of letting go, embracing the unknown and our “confusion.”  But, we HAVE to, or we’re constantly fighting AGAINST ourselves.  It’s a difficult and exhausting lesson, true.  It’s also necessary, and once we begin understanding that, the entire concept becomes easier.  Easier to live with and easier to simply live.

             It sounds trite and cliched but when we consciously release, we are gifted with much, much more than what we were trying so disparately to hang on to.  It’s hard, believe me I KNOW!  (I struggle with this on an HOURLY basis.)  But reaching for this, aiming at it, living in the now and looking with loving eyes, it’s worthwhile.  Totally, overwhelmingly, worth (our valuable) while.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Affirmation:

as mentioned above, channeled by me, to be repeated several times a day, more if feeling stressed.

May I, and my loved ones, be filled with lovingkindness.

May we be safe from inner and outer dangers.

May we be well in mind and body.

May we be at ease and happy.

May we always live in love.

7 thoughts on “Obviously, or perhaps not.

  1. Or as the Navajo say, “Beauty all around me. Walk in beauty”. Timely message. A very kind way of saying “get out of your own way, and let the beauty happen.”

    I adore that one.

    Walk in Beauty
    Live in Love.

    (jotting these down, and then adding them to our sidebar of brilliance)

    10:52 p.m.

  2. Writing in it sharpie and taping it on the fridge.

    Also a good way to go!
    (I put mine on the back of an old used envelope and will be hauling it around with me.)

    10:56 p.m.

  3. Beautiful. Very worthwhile keeping close at hand and reminding myself of. So glad these CDs are doing so well for you. I might need to look into them.

    I have the whole day to myself today! The others are gone, so it’s just me and the non-dog. I might actually accomplish things on my to-do list. As well as have my first phone therapy session. 🙂

    Make your library card current and go get some CDs!

    10:59 p.m.

  4. I’m sooooo bad at letting go. And ’embracing’ my confusion? Gaaaahhh.

    Which means…..
    that’s what you need to work on! 😛

    11:01 p.m.

  5. Moving backward through posts, we seem to have a theme emerging… the Sun moves into Taurus at 3:03 pm today, so we should get some grounding and a bit of a slow down from all the Aries fire that’s been… well, fiery, to say the least. Mars will join the Sun tomorrow, so the slowing, grounding trend will continue, though Mars and Sun conjuncting may cause a few more fireworks.

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