Right.  So.  Well, sure.  Like that.  A mixed day.  Full of ups and downs.  The weather couldn’t make up its mind either.  We were both feeling confused, unsettled, dissatisfied, and slightly cloudy.  Alternating with brief contentment, jovial-ness, serenity, and fairly bright/not-too-damn-bad moments.

             And we bought new toilet seats, the cheap-y, cheapest of über cheap kind.  (No, really.  Together two of them weren’t fifteen dollars.  Fun ones with seahorses or celestial designs?  Sadly, not for us.)

             Then the Universe gave me a message.  It was being sarcastic, I just know it.

robin wood tarot
4 of Cups

             This card can be deceiving, the look on our main character’s face is so negative, and yet the signs all point towards a positive situation.

             In essence, it says that we need to stop whining and be grateful for what we have (we are being fully supported, unquestionably so).  In front of our guy here we see three cups, with another just over his shoulder.  He is in obvious good health, robust and in a pleasant environment.  So what’s wrong?  The answer is: nothing.

             We are responsible for our own happiness and our own well-being.  If we get stuck in bad moods (or are struck down by depression!) it is up to us to get out.  Whether by seeking the proper treatment or by getting the fuck over ourselves.  We wrote these charts, we need to learn these lessons.  WE need to take those improving steps forward.

             When we look at 4s we are always talking about foundations, the fundamental base, the primary bottom line.  Where we come from, in a very personal sense.  So if we are being advised to “suck it up” then we view that from our background, our history, our heritage/genetic story of us and those we came from.

             Building on solid footing gives us general strength and overall power.  But if our origins are a wobbly place, we need to create our OWN foundation.  Part of what we are learning might have to do with the individuality it takes to stand independently, but with support, as our previous few draws have been saying.

             Cups are always emotional situations, so it’s going to be natural that we have deep feelings and strong sensations with this one.  Moods and personal dispositions are exactly what’s in front of us.  Just like today’s illustration shows.

             We HAVE to count our blessings.  We MUST acknowledge those who love and cherish us.  We NEED to appreciate all that we have been given.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventures:

were more tortillas, I’m kind of liking them better than biscuits at the moment.

home-made tortillas
I am also experimenting with the “fat” element.

             Yes, that clock says it’s almost one a. of m.  Dan was home for lunch while I was making these, we were chatting when I took this shot.

FLP Report:

Maine and Virginia, both extremely rare sightings.

5 thoughts on “The Underpinnings Of Turmoil, with patchy afternoon clearing.

  1. Gawd damn it!!! For whatever reason my computer decided to erase all my cookies again, and so I attempted to post comments on yesterday’s post twice, and they both got sent to oblivion, because I wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t look down & see that the required info, below, wasn’t automatically filled in for me! I already went through this lesson once… obviously I didn’t learn it well!

    The main thing from those 2 lost comments was the reminder that Braco is live streaming through Wednesday, for $3 per session ( http://www.braco.net/live-streaming ). I haven’t done it yet, am waiting for Tuesday’s 10:58 pm PDT session, which included “The Voice,” along with the regular gazing.

    Man, that is definitely the most angry looking Four of Cups person I’ve ever seen. Quite ironic for me now, too, since I just got angry at my computer for randomly erasing my cookies, when I should just be grateful to have a computer at all! Yes, I am definitely in the place of re-building my own emotional foundations, after being bequeathed shitty, unstable, crumbling and falling apart ones that should’ve been condemned. But, hey, that was all part of the plan. And now I feel like crying over just how well that plan worked, so that’s what I’m going to go do.

    It was because the Universe wanted us to see your message three times. Apparently.

    10:23 p.m.

  2. Kind of all unsettled for us over here, too. Nothing big or major, just a ‘not-quite-rightness’ to things. We have a very large project that needs doing (replacing the wood steps leading from the street to the yard and not, fortunately, the ones leading from the yard to the door. That would require engineering skills, which we don’t have). Mrs. Denial pulled up some boards to get a look at how they’re constructed, with the hope that we’ll have a useable template of some sort for us. It started to rain just then. It also became apparent that there is way more to be done that just tear up the steps, and that the project will take way more than one afternoon. So we did some prep work that included trimming a truck load of juniper. Then we took that load to Lane Forest and got some planting dirt, It started raining harder. So, that was kind of our day. Just not quite right, nor what we invisioned. Hmm.

    Oh, and at least I remembered I jacked my work week around this week before going to work this morning. Yippee.

    Ohgawd, I have an image of your front yard in my mind right now…. GAH!

    Hey, that part about remembering your schedule is good.

    10:25 p.m.

  3. Yeah, things are exploding here. It’s what you get when you ass-ume things. Like expecting your husband’s employer to have properly removed all the taxes they were supposed to. Only they didn’t. To the tune of around $700. What the fuck were they thinking? And we’re not the only ones who got surprised this weekend doing taxes. One woman said the guy she talked to just shrugged his shoulders and said she should have checked her paycheck stubs as she was getting them. Who does that? Aren’t they -supposed- to be doing this? I am soooooo pissed!

    Holy crap. 😦

    10:26 p.m.

  4. Yeah, things are a bit unsettled here, too. I am tremendously grateful to the owner of this house that she invited me to stay and won’t take any money for rent or utilities or even food. But boy has she got a lot of … unusual … issues about things. And I have to be super quiet because noise bothers her and all kinds of stuff like that. So it’s a bit like playing a game that I don’t know the rules to.

    And today I start doing what I need to do, for work, for having moved, for finding insurances and health providers and all of that. I want to do this all, but it still triggers a bit of anxiety on my part. I have to do a LOT of self-talk to stay positive.

    But yesterday was a beautiful day. Today looks like it might be beautiful, too, so I can take another walk. It’s all going to be better than okay.

    Your tortillas look great! What kind of fat do you put in them?

    The options are lard, vegetable shortening, olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable/canola/cooking oil, and butter. Obviously, the most traditional is lard, but that’s not really an option for me, so this last batch I went with the vegetable shortening. The time before was olive oil. Who knows what I’ll use next?

    10:28 p.m.

  5. I love freshly made tortillas. I can smell them all the way here.
    Weird day here, too. First day that it was too hot. Yikes. I am so not looking forward to this.

    Once I let go of the concept that I actually gave a flying fuck what they looked like, I liked the tortillas so much more.
    Rustic is my new favorite food word. 😉

    10:35 p.m.

    (Sorry about the heat situation.)

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