One of the very first posts I wrote for this blog, about a million more than five years ago (or has it been six now?) had to do with words I like the sound of.  An example: Pea Patch Island.  Not necessarily a great place, but the name is phonetically pleasing to me.

             Everyone already knows of my overfondness for alliteration and verbosity.  Why use two words when you can use 17, at least five of which sound alike?  Well, last night we were watching THIS SHOW (which I like for far too many unexplainable reasons) when I heard a native man (in an interview* with Jeremy) pronounce piranha.  It sounds like:

 pee-RAWN-yah, and I can’t stop shouting it at Dan.

*There were hand-motions too, but I haven’t figured out how, without a video, to describe them adequately enough to do the entire production justice.  Maybe just watch this particular episode and look for that doctor who does the autopsy.

             Um, yeah.  That’s just one reason why patience is so highly valued around here.  Also?  We went to a dollar store.  Again, I enjoyed my childish self elf FAR too much.  (Every time we walk into one of these places, I am reminded of the fact that I LOVE them [in all of their trashy glory], and yet, once I’m NOT there, it falls right out of my head.)

dollar store finds
Yes, I bought a basket,
and filled it.

             Do you see something pink, plastic, and tropical bird-like peeking out?  Tomorrow I’ll show you who they are.

             Because we were out late, I’m feeling rushed.  We need to move right along to our daily draw.  But ya know, in a nice relaxed-but-still-expedient way.

angel messages

“Stress Management  ~

Guardian Angel

Your angels are working with you to reduce the impact of stress.  Pay close attention to your Divine guidance, such as thoughts or feelings about taking a rest, exercising, changing your routine, and avoiding conflict.  You need to both reduce stress in your life and manage the way it’s affecting you.

To lessen this burden, you will need to be assertive with people and say no to unwanted requests.  Don’t do anything out of guilt or obligation, and only engage in activities that you can perform out of loving service.  Avoid harsh environments, violent media, and negative relationships, Face any situations that are worrying you head-on.  It’s better to make plans for dealing with problems, rather than deal with chronic worry by avoiding them.

Managing stress involves taking excellent care of yourself.  This means exercising, getting outside in nature, and consuming only healthful foods and beverages.  Your angels also guide you to surround yourself with uplifting music, flowers, and loving relationships (which can definitely include your pets).

Give any cares or needs to your guardian angels, and ask them to help you receive Divine wisdom in dealing with any stressful matters.  Your angels will also help you see the love and light within in each situation so that your thoughts are peaceful.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is one more shot from Seattle Sibling Weekend.

seattle rooftops
Oldest and youngest again, with companions.
(Em has Indi and Jade has Maxx.)

             They are driving south right now, heading home.  From what I have heard, it was a delightful success.

Today’s Mileage:

turned out to be a nice ride.  There was only a 20% chance of rain predicted, but the cloudcover was low, dark, and ominous all afternoon.  Fortunately, not one drop fell on our heads for the entire 11.773 miles, pedaling time of one hour, fifteen minutes, 58 seconds, averaging 9.2 MPH.  HERE is Dan’s map.

LateNight Hilarity:

from Michelle, one of my sisters-in-California.

witch's parking only
Pagan humour
(I love this so damn much)!

             Thank you Mick,  more than I can say.  Is this a share-able item that you made?  Special?  Because if it is, you are even cooler than we all thought.  (And that’s already pretty damn cool.)

10 thoughts on “Spiritual Administration.

  1. Great picture in the share, also for the parking. Tee hee. Good card today too, says some good things about stress and stress management. I would have bet it would rain sometime yesterday, but no. And Mayberry has stayed very busy…

    It’s funny about stress,
    such a sneaky bastard.

    11:10 p.m.

  2. Look! Max is wearing a headdress! (a green headdress.)

    I wish I knew how to cut and crop and shit like that, I’d love to see an isolated shot of him, with his green head-dress on!

    11:11 p.m.

  3. Look at you biking your wee self all over Eugene!! Go you!
    Love the parking picture! I used to want that bumper sticker that read “My Other Car is a Broom” especially when I was teaching.
    Good card. I need that one tattooed on my forehead or something.

    I *DID* have one of those,
    on our VW van when the witchlings were all in preschool/grade school.

    11:12 p.m.

  4. Ah, stress relief. We could use some of that here. I’m choosing to believe everything will be okay, but not everyone shares my opinion. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if they did?

    See the wise words of Kewl Kate, below.
    She’s right.

    I’ts very much about release.

    11:13 p.m.

    1. Just believing everything will be okay makes it more likely. IMO once you let go of the fear you become more open to all the options.

  5. Pee-RAWN-yah’s kind of creep me out. You can’t see them coming. I miss watching shows like this. Craptastic came in and took over our cable provider. The first thing they did was take all the good stuff (Discovery, Nat’l Geo, Animal Planet, Sci Fy, etc… and divide them into packets. If we were to have kept all the channels we had before we would be paying $300 plus a month for cable. So we have Basic Basic, the least we can get and still have TV and the news. I forget that most channels are now putting their shows on the internet. Of course, that puts me right back into the ‘not enough hours in the day’ schtick.

    Stress, uh huh, got that. Financial shit for 2 colleges and taxes all due in the next week. *sigh*

    The long and strangling arm of Craptastic,
    how we loathe thee.

    11:15 p.m.

  6. Great post. I needed to become aware of my stress level and lessen it. Off to Curves for a workout, and then home for a swim. Love that photo of the parking. Ha ha.

    Sounds like an excellent plan for the day!

    11:16 p.m.

  7. I love the show River Monsters! Of course, I don’t have cable at my current abode (the inhabitants have strong issues with Comcast). If I can watch actual episodes of River Monsters on Discovery, that would be cool! I can’t watch full episodes of MythBusters there, unfortunately. 😦

    Love the pictures of the siblings and the dogs. Emma looks suspicious about the sky. And I like the apparent headdress Maxx seems to be wearing, too.

    I’ve been experiencing lots of stress, of course, so this is a good card for me right now. I need to take a walk a day; I have torqued my back somehow.

    Can’t wait to see what the pink things are from your basket of fun!

    Don’t know how much of Jeremy’s show is available on-line, but I’d bet it’s MOST, if not all.

    Exotic pink beauties on display in tonight’s new post!
    (And in the yard now, if anyone should happen by.)
    Next to Maxx, sans head-dress, sadly.

    11:18 p.m.

  8. pee-RAWN-yah, it sounds like something from a Saturday Night Live skit. Too funny! My husband loves that show, too.

    Welcome! Ya know, we HAVE been accused of living like we are a trashy sit-com, but never an SNL skit. You make a terrific (and strangely appropriate) point though.

    When your Beloved sees this episode (Face Ripper!) make sure that you watch with him, and be on the look-out for that doctor, his hand motions/pronunciation are SO GREAT!

    (You may thank me later. Or, send your spouse here for an explanation. Either or)

    11:21 p.m.

  9. I saw an advert for that show. Even though it is not my cup of tea, it’s tempting to watch cause he’s kind of attractive (If I’m remembering the right show.)

    You wouldn’t think I’d fancy it either! What is there to interest the likes of me?! Ah, yes…….. Jeremy himself.
    He is simply very appealing and his “job” fascinates me. Also, he speaks like EVERY freaking language on the planet. I do love me some multi-lingual folks.

    11:27 p.m.

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