For some reason I still have trouble with Sundays.  As a kid it was simply a panic situation once the sun started to set: is all my homework done?  I can’t read THAT many chapters in THIS much time!  Where are all of my clothes and why don’t I have any clean socks?!

             Years later, as a mother, those same types of statements were still true, except that the words didn’t come out of MY mouth any more.  Sundays have never been good for me.  In the past.  I’m trying to fix that situation, here in the present, as Dan and I figure out how to live in this empty nest-that-still-revolves-around-kids.

             THIS afternoon and evening, a Sunday, was quite tumultuous.  Again (much like yesterday, unfortunately), my outcome was NOT in the expected direction that I thought it would go.  On the plus side, we got to hang out with my mom and dad.

             (Does that bigger bear on the far right appear to have a new sweater to you?  Yep, I thought so, too.)

home-made doll, bear, and sheep clothes

The pastel shades of Spring.

             There were sporting events (baseball!) to discuss, and the deputy’s 15 hour work-day last night.  As well as some family-catching-up, and metaphysical conversations my mother and I needed to have.

pleasant hill views

Always something he needs to look for on the fancy-pants phone.

             We arrived from another direction (see above notation of how shit went sideways again), which reminded me that I had promised Sarah some additional views from (what we call) The Hill.  You can see part of the neighbor’s place out that window.  (Don’t forget, they own nothing, are merely limited-income renters, all of that property is NOT theirs.)

             When we got home we tossed out a batch of tortillas, even though right before we left my father did put in a special request for the double chocolate cookies I accidentally made really well that one time.

home-made tortillas

No clue how they taste yet.

             Neither of us could eat them, we had to argue and discuss, for WAY too long.  Being married to a crazy person is challenging.   He tries VERY hard.  On my end, BEING a crazy person is ALSO challenging.  So, I too, am trying VERY hard.  It’s a process, people.  A long, painful, constantly changing, and continually difficult process.

             Right now, to get me past  my Sunday Night struggles, we’re going to just see what our daily draw says.  Let’s just hope that everyone has a  marvelous Moonday.

animal and oracle cards

“Bee  ~  Beach  (pronounced as: Be-ach)  ~  

Community, Celebration, Organization

The card shows a queen bee resting on a stone.  In the background we see the House of Mead Circling at Tara as it may have looked at the height of its powers.  In the sky the noonday sun shines brightly and we see Ur, heather, growing by the rock which is carved with the Ur Ogham.

Beach invites us to celebrate.  You may have special reason for celebration, or you may simply need to celebrate the wonder and mystery of being alive.  You may like to enjoy a glass or two of mead, which – if it has been made in Scotland – will carry the scent of heather, and will bring you closer to the spirit of the Highlands.

In the Druid tradition there are occasions to celebrate every six weeks or so.  As human beings we need to have times when we can come together to enjoy each others’ company.  The bee tells us that we can live together in harmony, however impossible this may sometimes seem.  

By being at one with the natural world, by paying homage to the sun, by centering our lives around Spirit or the Goddess, we can work together in community.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm illustrated by Bill Worthington

12 thoughts on “Socialization.

  1. Oh, I know exactly what you mean about Sunday nights. They are just depressing, and always have been. Dh and I both remember the feeling that went with hearing the music for “Wonderful World of Disney” which was always on Sunday nights when we were kids– when the credits came up and that music played, it meant the end of the weekend. Blecch. Loved the description of you and your “crazy” spouse. 🙂

    YES! I remember that too!

    9:56 p.m.

  2. Sorry about the Sunday discombobulation & disagreement. 😦 Sounds like “The bee tells us that we can live together in harmony, however impossible this may sometimes seem” may be a good line to focus on.

    Your parents have such a phenomenal view! Just beautiful! And it’s even better that that land isn’t theirs, because then they don’t have to take care of it!

    Bee has such a wonderful message, but I cannot help but think of “bee-otch” (you know, the slang/ghetto mispronunciation of “bitch”) when I see the pronunciation guide, and thus when I see the traditional “Beach.” Therefore I get some interesting images from “Beach invites us to celebrate…” gansta pool party, anyone? Ok, no. Amusing to me, though… hopefully to someone else, too. Or not.

    The Scottish mead sounds lovely!

    I know, I heard it in my head that way too, so I forced it into BEACH, like the shore or coastland. 😕

    9:58 p.m.

  3. Yes, such beautiful views from those windows Julie. Thanks for sharing them. I’m with Corina… your mum and dad get the wonderful views without the hard work 🙂 And I also had the ‘bee-otch’ issue like Corina too… all kinds of mis-associations arose from that!

    But what a perfect card for a challenging day… Love your honesty Julie. Craziness is, indeed, hard work….must be why I’m so knackered all the time…

    It *IS* exhausting,
    isn’t it? 😉

    10:00 p.m.

  4. Interesting thing about Sunday…my good friend Mary has much the same response to Sundays, and Sunday afternoon/evening are never her best times.

    I hate those damn 15 hour days!

    I like the idea of getting together every 6 weeks or so. I think the Druids were on to something…

    And everyone kept asking WTF was up with Mayberry?! No one ever knows……

    10:01 p.m.

    • Yeah, Mayberry continued true to form yesterday. I dealt with the mess at the HS which was much less than the call indicted, plus yet another daytime burglary and no less than 4 counter contacts…

  5. My most difficult day is Saturday. I actually find Sunday restful. And getting together about once every six weeks is perfect. :0

    I have to agree, and Ally (above comment) was right, those Druids knew just what they were talking about.
    Well, they WERE the Wise Ones, so……

    10:02 p.m.

  6. Ah, those Sunday nights. Like you, it’s my kids I’m listening to. And arguing with. And, wow, Barb, what a trip down memory lane! I had forgotten about the “Wonderful World of Disney”. And there was an animal show, too. The “Wild, Wild World of Animals”??? For us now it’s the “Amazing Race” we all sit down and watch.

    Awesome view! And they get to enjoy without massive labor. Lucky people!

    It’s a good card, but thinking of bees makes me sad. Did you know that there is an area of China that has no bees? They killed them all off. They have a special type of pear in that area and they have to pollinate all the trees by hand. And if we don’t stop with all the pesticides, that’s gonna be us on down the road. *sigh* (I know, I know. Slinging off on a tangent again.)

    Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!

    10:04 p.m.

    • Robin, I worry about our bee situation, too. On the drive to the NW, we saw a few places that had a lot of bee hives and it made me think of the bee problem.

      • I remember that! There was the guy who was the host who always sat and watched while his assistant waded in to wrestle with the alligators or whatever. Oh, we’re so old. I mean wise. And experienced.

  7. I can’t see a picture of you folks’ view for some reason. Or see a link to it. Oh well.

    It IS challenging to be a crazy person and to try to help a crazy person, so you both have my sympathies. I have been and am in both places. You do what you can and try to get better at it and try to be patient, but we are human after all. Take heart in the fact you are doing better.

    Try to refresh the page. It seems to be working for all of us, and I just checked from the dashboard, appears okay.

    10:05 p.m.

  8. 15 hour day!!! Gack!!!
    Sunday nights used to be more cranky nights, but for some reason they’ve gotten better in recent times. Not really sure why, except maybe it’s that the kids are getting more self sufficient. Whatever, I’m grateful.
    Bees are amazing little critters and I, too, worry about us and our pesticides.

    When your day is already more than 10 hours, any “emergency” can send it off into even larger double digits.
    Because ya know, paper work!

    10:08 p.m.

    (And there ended up being WAY more than just one priority call.)

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