Circular, as in: Endless and Infinite.

             This afternoon we had an abbreviated Tuesday on Thursday, which was really Dan’s Monday.  By which I mean, a few groceries were gathered before he left to begin his 3 day work week.  It felt rushed, but it was terrific to have him home again.

             (Also, my edema returned about two weeks ago, so today I elevated my painfully puffy hooves and read a library book.  Nothing much else to report.)

             We’re going to begin tonight’s post with the Louise Hay calendar page and affirmation, because it’s very uplifting, with a nice solid feel.  It re-enforces the concept of us being here to learn our lessons so that we may return Home,  challenges met and good grades in hand.

louise hay april affirmation

The more I understand about life, the more my world expands.

             I like how this illustration features both Moon and Sun, as well as, front and center, that nice huge book.  The trees are also a welcome touch.  Here’s the affirmation from along the side of the grid portion:

“I am constantly increasing my understanding.

I am teachable.  Every day I open my awareness a little more to the Divine Wisdom within me.  I am glad to be alive, and I am glad for the good that has come into my life.

To me, life is an education.  Every day I open my mind and my heart, as a child does, and I discover new insights, new people, new viewpoints, and new ways to understand the process of life and how things work.

My expanding understanding is helping me feel more at ease with all the changes in this incredible school of life on Planet Earth.”

             To me, this is one of her best.  Such promise in these statements.  I adore the sentiment that we are all able to learn and grow, accepting change instead of fighting it.  Welcoming the new adventures which present themselves with grace, and with joy, is absolutely a worthwhile goal.  And one I would SO like to achieve.

             On our card altar we have an illustration that I left alone, even though it’s not ideal, it certainly didn’t warrant a cover-up (because, of course, we HAVE them now).

god, goddesses, and angels

“Goddess Of Oneness  ~

Someone you love is thinking fondly of you this very moment.

Remember that love is not restricted by time or space and you are forever connected spiritually to those you love and care for.

It is understandable that you may be saddened because you are physically apart from someone you dearly love.  Alternately you may be saddened by a loved one’s passing from the Earth plane.  Through this card they are making their presence felt.  They have not left you and will not leave you; they are forever with you in spirit.

The bonds of love can never be broken.  Feel and acknowledge their presence  for they are with you in spirit right now.”

Today’s Deck:

Gods, Goddesses, And Angels Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

FLP Report:

Alaska (two different styles), Indiana, Alabama, and West Virginia.

7 thoughts on “Circular, as in: Endless and Infinite.

  1. OMG, your first sentence made me laugh!

    Ugh, so sorry about your edema! Sending healing & FGBV’s!

    The calendar page is awesome! And, yes, wow, that affirmation is absolutely wonderful!

    And, Goddess of Oneness is another beautiful message! *Sigh… it really is unfortunate that the images leave so much to be desired with this deck… the messages are so beautiful and uplifting, but the images, even when they’re not freaky as fuck, are just too dark. It is a real shame, IMO.

    My feet and ankles thank you.

    11:04 p.m.

  2. Ah – I wonder who’s thinking fondly of me?
    BTW – Jokers & Fools by Esri Allbritten is only in kindle but The Cards of Life and Death and The Shop of Shades and Secrets by Colleen Gleason are both in paperback also.

    Going to the library website now!

    11:05 p.m.

  3. Very nice. Love the thought of a loved one thinking of me. I’ll hold that close today. : )

    I really liked that idea too!

    11:06 p.m.

  4. Love how the calender and the card are in tune with each other. Mixed up weeks are always weird, but easier to handle when they’re mixed up because of the things we choose instead of the things that are thrust upon us…

    Oh yeah, the ones we choose, way better.

    11:06 p.m.

  5. Love the words of wisdom from Julieland, especially ‘whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!’ It’s all a choice. Great blog!

    • Welcome, thanks for coming by and staying to chat! Just checked out your place and left a comment there. I return the compliment, great blog!

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