So so busy in The Burrow now, our boys are back.  Unloading and catching up must be done.  I’ve got an assortment of things to post tonight, and not much time to get it all taken care of.  Let’s get going!

             To begin, some sharing.  Cornia sent me a link to THIS blog, go read it.  The topic is very much what we’ve been talking about and working on, so it’s super cool to know that we’re on the right track!

             Also, I just found out that our favorite astrologist (Sarah) lives in Wales.  WALES!!!!  I have some sort of past life, previous existence link to the Welsh wonderfulness.  And then, ta da!  Turns out, she actually lives there!

No where near where I am now.
Picturesque beyond words.

               Plus, they have chickens.  Who, sadly, are not doing so well in this long winter that many of us are still dealing with.  We hope the sun will shine and their feathers will be warm and dry soon.

Welsh Snow Chickens.And Buddha.
Welsh snow chickens,
and Buddha.

             This shot is even more amazing because Kewl Kate recently showed us a view of HER porch statuary, slowly appearing out of the frosted landscape.  (She doesn’t have hens at her house, but we DO get to see  a gnome.)

             On our card altar, we have a terrifically validating message, with a bonus from the guidebook.

crystals and precious metals oracle cards

“Gold  ~

value, confidence, self-worth, money, wealth

This Gold card is a symbolic reflection of your true inner worth.  At the core of your being there exists a pure golden essence with an infinite capacity to create.

You are being urged to look within, to go beyond the superficial personality and connect through contemplation and meditation with your true nature.   There is a yearning within you to manifest all your heart desires.  At the top of the list you will discover a yearning for financial wealth and freedom, and for the self-confidence that money can bring.

Do not delude yourself that somehow money is bad or that it does not align with your spiritual ideals.  Money is just as much a part of [the Universe] as we are.  In actuality, it is neither good nor bad, rather, it is something to be valued and put to good use.

Sit quietly for few minutes each day and lovingly imagine yourself having and achieving all your heart desires.  Then, set a goal – one that you feel is achievable in the short term.  Focus on that each day until it manifests.

Then set a new goal, and so on.  Goals are reached one step at a time; an ongoing journey you head towards.  Set clear goals, yet remember to always keep focused on the present, for it is in the present that all unfolds.

You deserve to be and have all your heart desires.


Within my heart flows a river of gold.   I am one with the eternal light of creation.   I manifest my dreams.   I create abundance in my life through love.”

             I made the necessary substitution for us all, up there in the brackets.  It just seemed easier, and the right way to go.

             Earlier, before I saw what this definition was, or that there even was an affirmation, I wrote one of my own* which ended up being REALLY similar!  Yes, we DO have fun with spirituality here.

*I’m still doing regular gratitude and affirmation journal entries as I begin the day.  Or later, if my afternoon gets overly scheduled.  (Or time simply gets away from me, which ya know, happens more often than I like to admit.)

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

same as Monday, since I went to the same place.  Call it 3.898 in about 24 or so total minutes.

Today’s Baking:

not done by me.  Read that again, NOT done by me.

cheesy biscuits
But I’d sure as hell eat ’em!

             These are in a house on the other side of the country.  Karen Buys was inspired by my Late Night cheesy biscuit mention, so this evening she made some for HER family.  (I have to give her credit here, for two things.  SHE is the one who told me about adding goodies to the basic batch, and B: clearly her photography skills are better than mine.)

Yesterday’s Creative Kitchen Project:

is Emmy’s.  She put these together.  (NOT me, I was in charge of clean-up and storage.)

Goat cheese stuffed baby peppers.
Baked baby rainbow peppers stuffed with two kinds of goat cheese.

             They were tremendously tasty.  And went very well with our organic rye biscuits.  (Yeah, it was the flour I had on hand, so I used it.)  She took some with her for lunch today at the grooming salon.

6 thoughts on “Worthwhile-ness.

  1. Glad your boys made it home safely! Sorry they didn’t get to see their team win. 😦

    Glad you liked the link! Isn’t Emmanuel’s message beautiful?! I stumbled across him on facebook at some point, and he posts beautiful, inspiring, incredibly loving things there all the time.

    Oooo, the picture is sooo lovely! But the poor chickens…

    Ha! Gold just made laugh. Oh, Universe 😉 I dislike wearing gold… I dislike its color, I dislike the greed I associate with it… and yet I have been working quite diligently to manifest wealth and abundance, so, right now, Gold is incredibly welcome, and an awesome validation. And, of course, the guidebook message is phenomenal!

    Mmmm, cheesy biscuits… mmmm, stuffed baby peppers (another food idea I’m loving!). Sometimes I make an Italian version of cheesy biscuits, with Parmesan and mixed Italian seasoning blend. Now I want to do smokey cheddar and bacon biscuits… and smokey cheddar and bacon stuffed baby peppers… and smokey cheddar and bacon rice pudding… 😉 ok, that may be getting a bit carried away!

    When I read Sarah’s April update it totally complimented Emmanuel’s, the energy is exactly the same! Very cool.

    No, no bacon in your rice pudding.
    Step away from the pork…..

    10:48 p.m.

  2. Those peppers look good. I am glad the numbered folk made it home OK and enjoyed their road trip. Interesting stuff with gold. Like Corina, it is not my metal, and I am willing to listen to its message all the same.

    It’s a brilliant snack or side-dish idea!
    (She’s so damn clever.)

    10:50 p.m.

  3. Oh, Wales. I LOVED Wales. I fell in love with it while reading books that were set there and then we went there and it’s lovely. I want to go back.

    I recognize those biscuits!!! I even ate some of those biscuits, and they were good!

    Gold is difficult because of the connection with money and money has so much meaning for people, but I think if we go with the there will be sufficient abundance for your needs it removes the negative connotations.

    Well, there’s our connection,
    the past life together in Wales. 😛

    10:52 p.m.

  4. Wales. *sigh* Some day. Yummy looking biscuits, Karen. Do you ship?

    Happy to hear the boys are back safe and sound. 🙂

    My son leaves again tomorrow, for the opposite direction, on his way to visit Hanna. Em will be joining them for a Sibling Weekend.
    I get to worry anew. 😉

    10:54 p.m.

    1. Well, I could, but the quality of a biscuit diminishes drastically after a day. I promise to bake you some if we’re ever in the same place!

      They start to lose their quality after an HOUR! I mean, obviously they are good for days if stored properly, but come on ….
      fresh out of the oven? Nothing like it. Nothing.

      10:56 p.m.

  5. Those cheese stuffed peppers look and sound yummy!
    Hum – Wales. That sounds close to where Marian Keyes is. Maybe you and I need to get our passports together. Sounds like we need to stalk whoops I mean visit.

    I’m in!!!

    10:58 p.m.

    (Don’t have to ask me twice.)

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