Since the boys arrived safely I’ve been waiting to hear how Dan and Tess’s walks are going.  She is the Great Dane who lives in his sister’s house.  HERE is a shot to refresh your memory (scroll all the way down to the bottom of that post).  And HERE is where they went today.

             Right now, as I sit here typing, the entire family (or at least as many as they could gather) are enjoying the über popular food from THIS PLACE.  Which the deputy and I found by watching a show called Cheese Paradise.  No one has checked in with me yet for a review, but here’s picture tweeted at the end of their meal.

Home Room in Oakland, beer float
Beer Float

             Most of my afternoon was spent on the bike.  I won’t be putting up the regular mileage because I can’t be sure it’s correct.  It was a gym day, on my own, then I rode across the river to see about another meditation CD at the mall.  (I found one, on sale, and bought it with the change we had in a jar downstairs next to where the official government uniforms live.)  My ride was somewhat more than 14 and a half miles.  Like, 14.651, possibly.

             The other thing we’re going to do differently this time is the daily draw. It’s one we’ve seen before, but since it’s full of Doreen-isms, I’m not going to use her words verbatim   I’ll go a bit more channeled and see what the radio picks up.

dolphin mermaid oracle cards
Mother Healing

             This one talks about the letting go of old issues, releasing any useless and stagnant patterns that we might have hanging around, or are unconsciously hanging on to.  It could have to do with Mothers, or it could have to do with a compassionate attitude that we simply aren’t feeling right now.

             By releasing these issues we open up our hearts to accepting joy, to making space for positive emotions.  One of the worst things we can do is carry around old guilt and fear.  Let all of that go now, allow the healing to begin.  When we give ourselves permission to do this, it makes room for much more wonderful opportunities and blessings.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Tonight’s Baking:

will be cheesy biscuits.  Because.

LateNight Sharing:

is from one of my fabulous cousins, (also named) Dan.

California trees
We are calling it:

             He takes these solitary walks, and communes with nature,  capturing some of the most stunning and remarkable images.  We are SO grateful that he agreed to let us witness and feel this healing imagery.

7 thoughts on “Emotional Messages, some more.

  1. OMG, *drool*! Smoky Bacon Mac & Cheese?!? YES, PLEASE! I love smoky cheddar, I love bacon… why have I not thought of this???

    Perfect timing (as usual), this mother thing is definitely something I have been working on lately… in fact, I couldn’t release anything without working on it, since that’s where it pretty much all came from. Still haven’t been able to get to complete forgiveness, though. Inching my way closer bit by bit.

    Another OMG, your cousin Dan’s photography is simply breathtaking!!! So gorgeous! Thanks, cousin Dan, for sharing!

    When we first saw the cheese show I invented a baked mac recipe, with grated parmesan and panko on top of the entire dish. Dan put it together perfectly! You could totally add some bacon crumbles, too.

    Yes, Cousin Dan is an immensely generous soul. 😀

    10:50 p.m.

  2. Wow… Stunning picture from your cousin Dan. It feels so calming.

    And the card’s got a good message about remembering that compassionate attitude.

    Hope the boys are having fun!

    There are more from this series, I’m going to put up another one (or four) soon. My Cousin Dan is awesome.

    It’s impossible NOT to have fun with family,
    so yeah, they had a blast.

    10:52 p.m.

  3. Love your words on today’s card. And that photo of Dan’s is so peaceful and calming I could gaze on it all day. But there is work to do. ; )

    It’ll be here, when you take a break.

    10:54 p.m.

  4. Wow, that picture of cousin Dan’s is absolutely awesome. So, so beautiful. You should blow it up and hang it on the wall.

    Seconding Corina on the mother thing.

    I hear Havarti calling my name. I splurged awhile back and there is still some left in the fridge. How could I forget it? Oh, yeah, candy….

    Squee. Have you seen the baby chicks on the HenCam? Oh, to have chickens…there is nothing like a fresh egg!

    Funny you should mention chickens……
    (see tonight’s post)

    10:56 p.m.

  5. Love the serenity photo, and Robin thanks for reporting on the chick cam! I hadn’t checked there in awhile. Hope you are enjoying some time to yourself, Julie! I saw the baseball tickets on Dan’s FB last night. 🙂

    Their team didn’t win the evening they were there, but they beat the Mariners tonight!

    10:58 p.m.

  6. I just read a book that you would so love. Tarot weaved throughout. Unfortunately it may be only Kindle. Gonna review it Friday as it’s a new author. If it’s in print I’ll let you know.

    Gah! What is it with all of these great stories NOT on paper?!

    11:01 p.m.

  7. Just checking in to say yes, I have a death grip on some issues. But I will remain open minded and believe that release is possible. Also–cheese. Yum.

    Believe, believe, BELIEVE !!!
    (Better now, right?)

    11:03 p.m.

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