Triumph Tricks and Tools.

             We’re going to begin tonight’s post with a Share.  Because it’s uplifting and hopeful (you know how I cling to hope).  And I’ve had a delightful day so I want everyone else to have one too.

             It comes to us from our very own Karen Buys, who received it in an e-mail, which started HER day off on a positive note.

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then  
burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should  
all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.  –  
Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, musician, Nobel laureate  

             Isn’t that cool?  We are those sparks for someone else, and we know that there’s always going to be a spark out there for us when our fire begins to go out.   I’m not much for quotes from famous folks, but this one is fabulous.   Thanks KB, for passing it along and thinking of me, you are a tremendously generous  (and sparkly bright!) friend.

             In recent comments, there was mention of some similar struggles, difficulties like mine, people remarking of a stuck feeling.  In my own challenges, what I’ve found that works REALLY well, is removing my saddened (and sure, I’ll admit it, pathetic) self elf from my own mind and body.  Guided meditations!  On CD.

             The ones I’ve found (in the house! as well as around town) have been wonderful.  Each recording has a different theme, the set from Sylvia Browne (that was given to me years ago) focuses on temples and healing centers on the Other Side.  Halls of Nature and Learning, big buildings and sanctuaries that we can all access from the comfort of our own homes.  The premise is that in the SummerLands (or Heaven, or whatever you call that place where-we-all-go-and-from-which-we-came) there are destinations.

             (If this is a concept that makes you uncomfortable then you should probably just skip ahead to the next topic.  I’m gonna talk about healing and traveling, while relaxing with your feet up.  Why?  Because I KNOW it works and helps.  I’ve done it for years, and more recently, I’ve been doing it nearly every day for over a month.)

             Does it CURE depression?  No.  Does it shove it back and keep it at a safe and manageable distance?  Absolutely!  Get any one* of these that you can lay your hands on.  Go to your local library, head to a new-age shop near you, order from any of the tons of on-line places that are just a google or a bing away (Hay House is a nice safe place to start).  Doesn’t matter where you get them, just, for gawdsakes, find yourself a CD!

*The correct title and type of meditation will speak to you, you will know which one is right for your situation.  Don’t question the choice and don’t fucking overthink it either!  Just make a selection.  Or five.

             One of the grand structures that seems perfect for many of us is the one where writing is done, a learning hall of education.  All you need to do is ask for help* in finding it, once you’ve relaxed into a state where you can travel there.  It’s the easiest thing to do, I promise.  It will get you unstuck, it will help you feel better, and I swear, it will heal what ails you like nothing else ever has.

*Guides, Teachers, or Angels will meet you, and show you where to go.  And stay with you if you need that as well.

             Let us know how it works for all of you, because I am telling you, it will work.  If you approach it with an open heart and mind.  But really, like that advertisement says, don’t take my word for it, do this yourself and then report back.

             Speaking of reporting in, last night I had the following text conversation with Dan.  He was ending his night, the drive was long but they arrived safely, so we were checking in with each other.  He is my proofreader, even when he’s nearly 600 miles away.  (Although, occasionally someone else [Corina!] has had to step in when he’s missed a vital omission or extra word.)

Him: Your post said the “Oakland side of the stadium” should that read “the Oakland side of the bay?”

Me:  No.  It was supposed to be like that.  In reference to Oakland Stadium.  But now that you  mention it, “the Bay” would have been better.  😕

Him:  The entire stadium is the Oakland side – we just allow the Mariners to sit on a bench and shut their mouths.

             He sent me this today, as I was getting on my bike to ride home from the pool.

Oakland A's

A catcher*

             He knows that I have kind of a special fondness for those guys.  Baseball was his game, football was mine, but when your “other half” is enjoying a sport, well….. then you are too.

*Wanna guess what position Daniel played?  Here’s a hint, he wore his ballcap backwards before it was cool.  Or maybe HE was the cool one, way before his time.

             On our card altar today we have a winner.  Literally, this is what I call it: You Win.

robin wood tarot

6 Of Wands

             We see our main figure riding in, to a joyful homecoming, and amongst great cheer.  He is victorious, wherever he’s been, it was greatly successful.   He is proud of his work and his accomplishments, he has risen high because he worked hard and did well.  This is our message.

             We are this shining and bright individual.  We have overcome what was bringing us down, what was impeding our progress.  We fought the good fight and we won.  Whew, finally!

             This is one of my favorites to see because it just exudes strength, inner and outer.  It shows us that we CAN make it, we CAN come back after hardships.  No one, and no thing, will keep us from getting up and going forward.  Be proud of what we’ve accomplished

             The Wands are inspiring us to be clever and think creatively.  Move up and out of our comfort zones, stretch our brains and our ideas into new places.  Anything we try right now will be completely worthwhile and enlightening.  Ride that white horse, lead that parade!

             Sixes tell us about perfect unions and exceptional balance.  They are mystical in their integration of the soul.  There is a conjoining and perfection about this number.  We can use its reliability to keep us on our steady course towards positivity and enlightenment.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s New Calendar Page:

dolphin calendar pages

I could look at this all month long,
ooooo, I think I will.

            Tomorrow we’ll see what the rainbow of April has for us, and the other one, with the affirmations, too.

Today’s Mileage:

was not to the store for sale candy, I didn’t leave the house until it was time for class.  Then after, I just came home, 3.882 for 24 minutes, 4 seconds, with an average speed of 9.6.

            (I tried to get my grand total for the month of March.  Fail.  I’ll have the deputy do it when he gets home.)

8 thoughts on “Triumph Tricks and Tools.

  1. Great quote from Karen B., thanks!

    Another very very lovely card from Robin Wood! And an awesome calendar page!

    Oh shit, that reminds me.
    I forgot to do the other calendar pages…..

    9:38 p.m.

  2. I am forwarding you, via email, a paper that Mrs. Denial forwarded to me that I think you’ll find really interesting. I have skimmed it this morning, and forwarded it to myself at work since there are a lot of components that apply there. JD’s gonna get it too.

    I was a catcher, too, in the FWIW category….

    And I love this deck.

    Got it, thanks.

    Oh those catchers!!!

    9:39 p.m.

  3. Albert Schweitzer has some pretty nifty quotes.

    Those dolphins reminded me of Sea World. Once upon a time…. there used to be a Sea World in northern Ohio. I used to save and scrimp all year just so we could go up there in the summer. One of the things I saved for was feeding the dolphins at the dolphin pool. I would spend as much as $30 on those cups of fish (80’s early 90’s). After my third or fourth trip to the window they would start packing my cups with extra fish laughing and shaking their heads at me. And the dolphins, who are no slouches, would see me come back and zoom over to the sucker with the loaded cups. Occasionally one would come clear up out of the water and reach over and try to take all the fish at once. They have alot of teeth! *sigh* I miss that!

    “The entire stadium is the Oakland side – we just allow the Mariners to sit on a bench and shut their mouths.” 🙂

    Okay, I know this was not the point of your story, but we need to have a conversation about you and the word sucker.
    No more, it’s not very kind, and you know how I feel about being nice. (To those who deserve it, at least.)

    Also, incorrect. No, you are NOT a sucker, you are compassionate and generous.


    9:42 p.m.

    • That is an awesome story! Thank you for sharing! (And, yes, you are not a “sucker,” but a beautiful, dolphin-loving, kind soul!)

  4. Love the card, and Karen’s quote, and the dolphins, and…heck I just love everything! : )

    And everything loves you too. 😀

    9:43 p.m.

  5. That is a great quote. And, as always, the conversation between you and Dan made me laugh. The two of you are good for my heart.

    There are so many that I cannot put up here,
    and it nearly kills me! 😛

    9:44 p.m.

  6. In case you missed it on my blog, this is one of my fave songs these days, about the baseball commentator Niehaus. Even though I am not in any way a baseball (sports) fan, this song is awesome.

    (This is the same rap artist who wrote a song about thrift shops, and another about gay marriage. Your kind of guy, in other words.)

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