Assorted Sunny Sunday Sundries.

              Two things.  Well, more than that, but this is how I like to begin conversational statements (and texts, and the rare phone call).  And now, apparently, blog posts.

             If you don’t follow me on the tweeties then you won’t know that for the first time in my life, all 50 plus years of it, I’m in a house with no Ostara/Easter candy. This fact dawned on me as I passed by the baking-supplies cupboard and was forced (by powers WELL beyond my control)  to eat a handful of chocolate chips.  There are no treats here.

             (Tomorrow this abominable situation will be remedied, I’ll be pedaling down the block and seeing what’s in the CLEARANCE basket at whatever store is closest, before I head off to pool class.)

             (Unless I can hold out a while longer, in which case I’ll go AFTER.)

             And B) my boys are in California.  The 2013 Major League Baseball season has begun.  On the Oakland side of the stadium, first day of April, my son and husband will be in the crowd.  If I could run our TV I’d watch for them.  Instead, my father will have his eyes on the game, and will report back to me.

             Also, a few nights ago I discovered a place that would share  music with me, for free.  THIS is where I landed, after very little googling around.  Listening to it helps my mood beyond belief.  (As did the guided meditation CD that I enjoyed earlier.)  Seriously, the best way to fight depression is to get out of your head, or to leave your body.  Luxuriating in copious amounts of authentic Celtic instrumentals doesn’t hurt either.

             Oh!  Before I forget there’s been a wee bit of crafting going on here in The Burrow lately.  Dan and I have created some home-made body powder (obviously we did this before he left the state, barely).  It’s a super simple thing to make and super cheap to compile.  Buying at a natural grocer is key though.  Or, ordering your supplies on-line.  (You know which road I took.  But see links below.)

home-made body powder

(I need more oils…..)

             Something you might not know about me (or even CARE to know) is that I’m very sweaty.  Riding my bike all over the damn place and going to a gym twice a week does NOT make this situation better.  And truly, who among us hasn’t been slightly tacky at some point?

             A million years or so ago was the last time we’d put any of this product together, mindlessly we’ve just been buying whatever was on sale.  And then I remembered, duh!  So, the supplies were gathered, the mixing and blending done, then the dusting began.  We are MUCH softer now (and more comfortably dry).  Bonus!  I smell delightful.  Mine has essential oils in it, his is sans fragrance.

             Here’s the combination we used, but feel free to add or subtract as availability and personal preferences allow:

  •  kaolin (or cosmetic) clay
  • cornstarch
  • arrowroot

              I’ve also seen versions that include rice flour, baking soda*, and tapioca starch.  I tossed ours into a big canning jar (see above shot) and shook it up.  His half went into some small containers for home and travel, mine was transferred once I found the right receptacle.

*The deputy said no to baking soda for the entire batch, but I added a bit in later to my bottle.

             (I just found out that this fabulous local company who supplies all of the stores I shop in, and is an award-winning environmentally conscious retailer, has several cool herbalist/organic-and-nature-friendly blogs attached to their site.  Go HERE for a really in-depth recipe, it’s geared more towards babies but the details are worthwhile.)

             In the spirit of our daily draw message, I’ll change into cozy clothes (adding a puff of scented powder) right after I finish here, treating my home-alone self elf kindly and in a pampered fashion.

archangel cards with messages

“Compassion  ~

Archangel Zadkiel:

‘Soften your heart with respect to this situation, and all the people involved, including yourself.’

Additional Message:

‘I can help you forgive yourself and others, or to compassionately see everyone’s point of view.  You needn’t change your stance or behavior. It simply means approaching the situation with a loving heart, which empowers  you and allows creative solutions to pour forth.’

Working with Archangel Zadkiel:

. . . . he helps us release unforgiveness toward ourselves and others.  Ask him to come into your dreams and act like a chimney sweep, clearing away any emotional toxins from your heart.  He’ll ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and that emotional healings occur in miraculous ways.”

             I’m all for healing in miraculous ways!  Also, I especially like how this one includes that power of “a loving heart” line.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing Plus Baking:

is all in one, because it’s NOT mine!  Read that again everyone,

I did NOT do this……….

peeps cookies

…… but holy hell I wish that I had.

              Sent to us by a VERY clever and generous friend.  Thanks!  Even if these are so freaking far away that I can’t eat any, I appreciate the view.

And Speaking Of View:

stone staircases

Who can we see at the top of our stone staircase?

             The sun caused us to squint our Oregon eyes some, but we stayed out there long enough to get the tidy jobs completed.  Somewhat.

3 thoughts on “Assorted Sunny Sunday Sundries.

  1. Safe travels to your boys! Wave wave!

    Thanks for the free music/radio share!

    Interesting about making body powder… I always associate that with the baby powder smell (which is literally intolerable to me, and makes me want to puke), or with my grandma’s talcum powders, which were nearly as sickeningly sweet (but not quite). I love essential oils & custom blending scents, so this option sounds VERY preferable. Question: why did Dan refuse baking soda?

    Archangel Zadkiel’s message is wonderful, I will definitely be calling upon him later, as I fall asleep!

    Your stone staircase is so beautifully picturesque! Especially with the fallen leaves all around. And Maxx is, of course, adorable!

    He refused baking soda because,
    as he said, “it’s an abrasive!”

    So, ya know, nothing grating should get near his delicate-ness. Even grating on a microscopic scale.

    10:59 p.m.

  2. I have a couple of other local folks to tempt you with: Glory Bee Honey (now on Hwy 99 between Clear Lake and Airport) and Wise Woman Herbals (mostly on line, but located in Mayberry). I love Mountain Rose because they support KWAX, but if you should need something they don’t have, check the other two.

    We dodged Easter candy this year too. I wonder how “Zombie Jesus” peeps would sell…

    Oh yeah! Great additional suggestions! I think that Wise Woman might have some connection to Humming Bird, but not sure. Either way, good call, thanks!

    11:02 p.m.

  3. I’m caught up! Well, here, anyway. I hate when my life gets derailed.

    Happy Belated Birthday! to all the birthday people!

    As for all the spring funks that seem to be going around, a conversation with a ‘found’ relative that joined us for Easter Sunday snapped something back into my brain. ( A lot of dusty file cabinets in there.) I believe I’m going to put up a blog on this, but you get it here first. Once Upon A Time Long Long Ago… when I was working horses and gardening and nature loving on a daily basis and was in tune with the seasons, this part of spring was expected and accepted. It was known as March Madness (and had nothing at all to do with basketball) or Spring Fever (and had nothing at all to do with big retail sales). Between the lengthening days, more noticeable now, and the dramatic swings in the weather (that barometric pressure going up and down affects your body), animals and people alike were restless, moody, depressed and ecstatic. All at the same time. Life would swoop from awful to wonderful from one step to another. It was just that time of year. Allowances were made for man and animal alike. “This too shall pass.” In this “modern” civilization we forget we are creatures of Mother Earth and thus subject to a certain extent to her whims. We may forget our “roots” but our bodies don’t. This really hit me in the face since I have been struggling for several weeks now. We need to be kind to ourselves right now and embrace the change in seasons. Accept this as normal and not fight against it so much. My two cents worth.

    Want some more free music? Go to or My kids belong to these and you can choose what you listen to. When we’re working and I’m cranky, my son will go to Pandora and type in Disney Music and that’s what we’ll work to and it helps cheer me up which is his goal. I don’t know about Pandora but Spotify pays money back to the artists for using their music. It’s really nice to be able to listen to music you like without having to go buy it.

    Robin, this connection is brilliant!
    And yes, so so damn true. Thank you.
    11:03 p.m.

    (Hanna and Dan use those other places, I’m better off with the limited lesser-knowns.)

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