On this day 24 years ago I gave birth to my last baby.  She arrived quietly, with just a hint of drama, but MUCH intensity.  Little, and lots, has changed since then.

             Earlier this afternoon we surprised her with a gift and a balloon and a treat at the grooming salon, everyone sang, she and I cried.  It was beautiful.  Just like her.  (For more on who my amazing Empress is, go to all of the other [5?] posts on this day.)

             Happy Happy Birthday, to Emma.  You are treasured beyond words, adored beyond reason, and loved by more than you can even imagine.  I just happen to be lucky enough to be your mom, this time.

dreaming animal cards

“Koala  ~  34  ~  Inner Journeys

If you come across a Koala in the wild, you will find it in one of two states – awake, feeding and tending to its young, or dozing in a foetal position, it’s rump securely wedged into the fork of a tree.

It is believed that the Koala slips into an altered state of awareness after ingesting the eucalyptus leaves that form the heart of its diet.  Whilst in this state, it is mused that it can enter other realms of reality, or journey deep within the inner landscape.  Once there, it is thought that the Koala gathers knowledge and is able to offer healing in ways not considered physically possible in the tangible world.

Koala also fosters the notion that, as spiritual beings, we inherently know the answers to all of our questions, with the knowledge we seek stored deep within our consciousness.  Koala demonstrates the healing flight we must take in our personal quest for answers.  It embraces the inner journey to the core of the deepest self.

To journey with the Koala is to quest for the ancient knowledge and spiritual awakening hidden within our consciousness.  Koala represents a sacred journey that is unique for everyone, an expedition that supports the individual needs and requirements of all people.

If Koala has snoozed his way into your cards today, you are being assured that you inherently know the answers to your questions.  Now is the time to start taking notice of your inner self, your innate connection to all the information of the Universe.  Stop looking to others for corroboration, advice, or wisdom.  Take responsibility for your own life, your own path, and your own destiny by listening to your heart of hearts.

Koala says that you must start your own journey; a quest that will unlock the answers you seek from a place hidden deep within your essence.  The journey must begin today.  Koala’s healing journey is an experience of unimaginary proportions; a flight beyond the boundaries of the physical body.

With Koala, your potential for growth and transformation strengthens and your sense of self escalates.  To fully embrace Koala Dreaming, you must first take responsibility for your own healing and trust that all will evolve as it is supposed to.”

             We went back to Australia today, for this Special Occasion draw.  It was well worth the trip.  This message couldn’t be more timely and perfect.

             Also, this card is the first under a new category:

“…. charged with the energies of the West, and the element of Water, embrace the emotions and the lessons of introspection, contemplation, and meditation.  Exemplifying the energies of dusk, the West symbolically represents the phase in life where we find ourselves asking ‘is this it?’ and the choices that present themselves as a result.”

             One of the (get better damn it!) projects that I personally have going on right now involve several guided meditations.  Seriously, for me, this is SUCH a huge freaking sign.

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Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

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is an uplifting link, go HERE.

LateNight Insider Info:

which should, more accurately, be entitled: TMI.  But here it is anyway.

            I’m struggling right now (again?), but am fighting it off and will (quickly, deargawd quickly!) get past it.  The enormous feelings  (probably) have something to do with the emotion that my children’s birthdays always bring, but it also has to do with other challenges.  (Recognition, yippee that’s progress!)  Just a tough one this afternoon, sometimes it’s like that.

8 thoughts on “Warrior, inside and out.

  1. Happy Birthday, Emma!

    Koala’s message is awesome!

    ((((HUGS)))) Your late night insider info is not TMI! And, you know how we were like “nah, it can’t be” to that one article about Moon void of course causing irritability & bad mood?… well, personally, I’m beginning to believe it… Moon was V/C from 1:25 pm yesterday until 8:13 pm today, and I have been tired, out of it, and this afternoon I was super irritable.

    We’re coming into more aspects of deep transformation tomorrow (Sunday), with both Venus (Divine Feminine, ruling our relationships, love, and love of beauty/possessions) and the Sun (our Core Self) squaring Pluto (planet of death/re-birth). Very interesting, these occurrences on a Holyday Christians have co-opted, turning ancient pagan fertility rites into “the resurrection of Christ.” The planet of death and resurrection calls out The Sun (The Son) and The Goddess, while they are joined as one. Very powerful, indeed.

    Void of Course, of course. 😛

    11:31 p.m.

    (Very interesting AND powerful!)

  2. Happy birthday, Emma.
    And yay! on the koala message. I took a great photo of my daughter up close and personal with a koala, on our trip over there last year.

    Up close and personal, on native soil is a dream of mine.

    11:34 p.m.

  3. Happiest Happy Birthday to your Emma! My (4-legged) Emma’s birthday is today 😉

    Also, Happy Zombie Jesus Day and hugs and love for all the feelings.

    And Happiest of Happys to YOUR Emma, obviously she is the BEST, due to birth date proximity and name.

    Thanks you, very much. Blessings of the day!

    11:37 p.m.

  4. Pippin was attempting to make a comment here, but unfortunately her typing skills leave a lot to be desired. I too have been struggling. It’s affecting my writing, as in there isn’t any. But I’m making progress and forcing myself to write today.

    I have an idea for stuck and struggling folks.
    I’ll share in tomorrow’s post.

    11:39 p.m.

    (waving at helpful puppy)

  5. Happy Zombie Jesus Day? Oh yeah. Easter. Zombie Jesus. Duh. I like it. Hippo Birdie Emma!

  6. Love the koala card – so incredibly apropos for me right now. And, besides, koalas have the softest loveliest fur imaginable – just imagine petting one and you’ll feel better.

    I hope today has been better than last night. I’ve got a deep and sincere need for some alone time since I really haven’t had any in over a week, but tomorrow there should be a bit. I’ve had some thoughts which need to be shared with you but they aren’t formulated enough yet to be completely articulate.

    I adore my alone time.

    But then, I miss Dan. 😕


    11:41 p.m.

    (See remark to Kewl Kate above.)

  7. Happy day to Emma, better day to Julie. Great message from Koala bear. Safe travels to the numbered folk.

    First update, safe arrival!
    In time for dinner, even better. 😀

    11:43 p.m.

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