Not only are we back, but it totally wasn’t any where NEAR our fault.  Although, it WAS a strange and odd sort of freak-of-nature type of deal.  Because, ya know: us.

             Where to begin?  Well, I won’t.  But I will say that there was no melt-down, no gnashing of teeth, and really not much stress-eating either.  So?  Could’ve been worse.  Didn’t cost money we did not have, and no one died.  Back to business.

             Some gyming happened, we saw some good* movies, had a sammich, and got to visit with in-town kids for a festive meal.  Today, I went to the pool and Dan went to work.  No epiphanies but I’m quite pleased with how both of us handled the potential for stress.  We rolled with it, and moved on past.

*I’m always pleased when our limited selection of film viewing doesn’t suck.  I know someone is going to ask, so this is what we saw: Black Swan, We Bought A Zoo, and Moonrise Kingdom.  (The last one was the best.  Yes, J3, totally my kind of movie!)

            The Universe sent us a message to show how it’s all meant to be this way, challenges as well as blessings.

oracle cards

“The Spiral Dancer  ~  5  ~

circuitous route, perception

The Spiral Dancer moves with her own rhythm and steps to music only she can hear.  She takes you on a path that is winding and circular.  She assures you that what you’re experiencing as a setback is really part of an upward spiral.  

Perception is everything: you are not retracing your steps or going backward, but rather around and up.  She says that you can be comforted, knowing that your path is one of success, adventure, and experience.  Follow her, for she dances along a magical way.

If you are asking about relationships, keep dancing and magic will soon happen.  Also, it’s okay to allow someone else to take the lead at this time.  Make sure to let others know that you are open.  Always remember that relationships are mirrors and will show you the past, the present, and the potential future.

All relationships have a destiny.   Each is a sacred teacher with valuable lessons to share, even if it appears that the two of you are dancing in different directions.  All the steps are prefect, even when you may seem to be stumbling.

The Spiral Dancer is a reminder that destiny’s path is seldom straight.”

            The minute I saw this one I was thrilled with her appearance.  She was the perfect validation.  Also, her number is a Five.   My favorite part of this message is when she speaks of that spiraling upward movement.  We never go back, we always make progress.  Even if it’s wobblingly crooked and zigzaggy.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Monday’s Mileage:

ended up being just a wander with the Grand Dog, but look, you can see it HERE.  (Yeah, these fancy phone programs are pretty damn entertaining.)

Yesterday’s Mileage:

turned out to be a ride under overcast skies, but we were never soaking wet; downtown and back, it looked like THIS on a map.  My numbers show us going 9.331 miles in 59 minutes, 37 seconds, with an average speed of 9.3 MPH.

Today’s Mileage:

was only pool class numbers, 3.886 with an average speed of 9.4 MPH with pedaling time of 24 minutes and 49 seconds.

Today’s Festive Event:

is our very own xenatuba‘s birthday!  Happy Happy to you, Ally!!!

8 thoughts on “Circular Happy Dancing.

  1. Happy birthday, Ally! 🙂

    How’d you like Black Swan?

    Another good card for my life… As always, your messages have impeccable timing.

    Sheesh, I’m up late. I think I just forgot to go to bed.

    I was prepared for Black Swan to be even MORE intense, because of all the hype probably. It was strong, but it was fascinating too. What a horrible world ballet at that level is!

    11:33 p.m.

  2. Happy Birthday Ally!!!

    Wow, you certainly have spiraled upward (as we all already know)… I’m very proud of you for going with the flow and taking the ‘net outage in stride so well! Great job!

    The Spiral Dancer is wonderful, love her message and illustration!

    It felt very freeing to not be falling apart!

    10:34 p.m.

  3. Thanks for the birthday shout. I worked instead of going to training, and left your Beloved with a clean slate in Mayberry. Had a lovely dinner at BJ’s with friends that included a free pizzookie. I believe the celebration will be all weekend.

    Ooooo, good way to go!

    11:35 p.m.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ally! (What’s a pizzooki? Is it as delicious as it sounds?)

    Glad everything’s cleared up for you, Julie. 😀

    It’s HERE, and yes, pretty damn tasty!

    Thanks, so nice to have it behind us.

    11:37 p.m.

  5. Happy Birthday, Ally!

    This is a cool card. It applies very well to me today because the day was spent going back and forth, north and south, seeing people and getting errands done. Very exhausting, but they all got done.

    Yay on spiraling to done-ness!

    11:39 p.m.

  6. Happy Birthday, Ally! and I’m so glad things got worked out and that it wasn’t your fault.

    We had a strange power surge, in the cable.
    Really odd.

    11:41 p.m.

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