Well, huh.

             Yeah.  Interesting.  Frustrating.  Annoying.  And yes, fucked.  But hey, on the plus side, we were able to send out last night’s emergency S.O.S. from Dan’s fancy-ass phone to let you all know.  It’s an actual “cable” issue.   And it should WILL be fixed tomorrow (Wednesday).

             Right now, we’ve gone in search of someone else’s interwebz, so we’re in a parking lot, with not much battery (by the time we made it to the coffee shop, they were closed).  Here’s the post that was supposed to go up on Monday night:

             It doesn’t seem right.  How can my son be turning 29 today if his mother is barely that old?  Wait, I’m over 50?  Again, not possible.  And yet, them’s the facts.

             I’m pre-writing this post early on Moonday, because we’ll be out late to spend time with our First Born.  On our card altar, we’ve gone with that Special Occasion stack.  My children’s birthdays are the most sacred of all moments.

             In a week or so there will be a combined celebration, my mom, Emmy, and J.D.  This evening though, we’ll have a meal and hand him a small gift.  (I feel sort of stunned that so damn much time has truly gone past.)

special occasions, oracle and animal cards

“Frogmouth  ~

Secret Keeper

The Frogmouth’s tawny-grey plumage is reminiscent of the silver-grey hair of our Elders, the secrets they hold and the experience they can impart.

Elders were once revered as ‘wise ones,’ simply because their wisdom had been accumulated over many years of life experience.   They appeared to walk in beauty and in harmony with all things.  They were seen as being ‘content’ and at peace with their lot in life.  There were free of the mundane issues that hinder the progress of the everday man.  They had learned from their life experiences, integrating this accumulated wisdom into their future perception of life, thus freeing themselves of burdens and restrictions that promote anxiety, anger, guilt, and resentment.  Their knowledge was sought because they were believed to be able to see through the self-created illusions of fear and regret that bind us and prevent us from moving forward.

If Frogmouth has appeared in your cards, you are being encouraged to seek out the secrets being held in trust by your Elders.  Approach them with respect and ask them to share their sacred knowledge.  Ask questions about their history, their childhood, and the way of their generation.  Inquire as to what life was like for them, how they interacted with their peers and kin and the responsibilities expected of them by their seniors.   Speak of chores, educations, and wars, of times spent in school, of love, fashion, and economic flow.

Most importantly though, ask the Elders of Spirit, God, Creation, and the medicine ways of all things.  Seek their opinion on things of nature, for example, the cycles of life and the Universe.  Ask about the things that make your heart sing, of what saddens you, and what inspires you to reach higher levels of awareness.  Ask until there is nothing more to ask, and then incorporate the memories and wisdom of these things into your life and share them, with the blessings of the Elders, as the sacred knowledge of your people.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

10 thoughts on “Well, huh.

  1. Hope the problem gets fixed! Doesn’t it make you appreciate it all the more when you have to go without for a time? It certainly did for me.

    Happy Birthday J.D.!!! 29 is the year of the first Saturn return (when Saturn gets back to the place it was at birth), and can be a life-rearranging time. Hope you have a wonderful year, and that any changes are for the best!

    Secret Keeper is quite interesting. Tomorrow I’m going to a class on Hardanger embroidery ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardanger_embroidery ), which is a very old Scandinavian technique, so I definitely think that counts as my Sacred Knowledge seeking.

    Hardanger is gorgeous! I have only done it VERY tiny bits, the cutting is kind of worrisome. You can teach me!

    Ooooo interesting Saturn details, this is most certainly a very “life-rearranging time” for him.

    Also, super cool about the owl fly-beside.

    9:53 p.m.

    • I know, I LOVE Hardanger! We didn’t get to the cutting part tonight… but, yes, it is so very permanent that I’m sure it will be a bit scary. I’d love to teach you (once I learn)!

      Here is an article on the Saturn Return… http://astrology.about.com/od/advancedastrology/p/SaturnReturn.htm . Mine was immensely life-rearranging, and it was while my life was being rearranged that a friend said “Oooh, you’re in your Saturn Return,” and I looked into it and things started to make more sense.

      LOL, “fly-beside,” that’s the perfect word for it, I love it! It was really awesome!

      • This makes much more sense. We had always just called that condition (which SO many of us went through) “fuckin’ nuts” but this is better!

  2. Jules – There is a cosmic problem definitely. The computers at work were going ape shit. My home desktop was acting crazy. Something cosmic this way blew!d

    We need to check in with Sarah Varcas (and Corina), see what’s going on, planet-wise.

    9:56 p.m.

    • There are some major aspects happening right now, but nothing that specifically screams out to me “electronics break-down!” But I’m still learning, so might’ve missed something.

  3. Happy Birthday, JD!

    We ate in a building which used to be a granary, the loading/storage shoots were made into dining booths. It was claustrophobic, but everyone stayed put.

    10:03 p.m.

  4. Let the March birthdays begin! Interesting stuff that Frogmouth said about the Elders. My own microscopic revelation in that regard is that one of the things that has happened is that it is OK for me to be wrong…hmmm.

    Maturity and insight: AMAZING!
    (Hope your day was fab.)

    10:06 p.m.

  5. Well, I hope your cable issue is fixed today! Going without the interwebz is very stressful! 🙂

    I guess I’ll have to seek out some Elders: currently, I AM the Elder, or else I’m an age-peer. But I do feel I have learned a lot since I was younger.

    JD: hope your birthday was splendid!

    All better, thanks!

    10:07 p.m.

  6. Happy birthday JD!

    Definitely time for me to seek out the Elders. I’ve got a major decision coming up, and I’m pretty sure I’ll need the extra advice.

    Hope the cable issue is resolved successfully! 🙂

    Elders, best place for “major decision” input!

    10:08 p.m.

  7. Hope everything gets fixed for you. Happy 29th JD!

    Dan and Maxx got to hang out with their favorite tech/service guy earlier today, all is VERY fixed!

    10:09 p.m.

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