Some days I wake up and simply have to laugh at our silly little lives.  We worry far too much over far too many problems that we don’t even have and can do nothing about.  Today my afternoon was blissfully simple and happy.  It could have taken a turn for the terrible several times, but we never let it.

             As you all know, my Empress has a business partner at the gym.  What you might not know is that he has two delightful daughters.  (I asked Ryon’s permission to show you how very fabulous they both are.)

Yes, I am the size of a child.
Yes, I am the size of a child.
Or two.

             The three of us had a cookie-making day.  We drank tea, hung out on the waterbed (one of their favorite places to chat, once they discovered it), conversed on many topics, played a phone-word game, and laughed a lot.  Then we took Maxx to a park.  After that, I delivered them back to their father.  (In case  you were wondering, the baking portion, we all agreed, was a grand success.)

             What I didn’t have time for, was being in my card altar room, other than showing my lovely guests around.  When I got in there, and finally flipped the card, it caused me to smile.  Even more.  (Especially after I saw both of these pictures in my camera side-by-side.)

angel  messages

“Commitment  ~

Guardian Angel

Although you may have experienced difficulties or fear, this card is a message from your guardian angel to stay committed   Honor your promises to your loved ones, and keep your word to yourself and others.  If you are feeling conflicted about having enough time for your responsibilities, then call upon your angels to help.

You appear to be worried about a decision that you’re grappling with.  This card reminds you to follow through on your dreams, goals, and intentions.  Stay committed to your priorities, and give them the daily attention they deserve.

Remember that you are ultimately in charge of your schedule.  You have the right to say no to requests that pull you away from your commitments   Your angels can help you when you feel overwhelmed or overcommitted.  To receive aid in this matter, release the entire situation.   Be honest with yourself and your angels about your feelings, including any quilt or sense of obligation (these emotions can drain your energy, making it even more difficult to fulfill your obligations).

You are loved and honored by Heaven, which has your best interests at heart, in addition to caring about the welfare of your loved ones.  Your guardian angels enfold you with their loving wings and help you enjoy yourself as  you accomplish everything on your list.”

             As always, change anything that doesn’t work for you, word-wise.  Just don’t toss the message away, substitute where needed, and keep the suggestions/over all ideas in mind.

             One of the things that jumped out at me about this one was the reminder that we are in control, while at the same time, able to let go.  It’s a fine balance, one we must continually monitor.  It’s also a fact that the better we become at it, the better our entire life is.

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Baking:

two types of cookies.  With help.

Today’s Mileage:

was not recorded anywhere, it was just the girls, me, and the Grand Dog, on a close-by wander.


5 thoughts on “Just Doing It.

  1. Love the pictures of you and Ryon’s girls, and Swan’s message.

    Thanks, they were at the gym on Friday, and joined us for yoga. That’s when we developed this clever plan!

    8:01 p.m.

  2. Aww, Ryon’s girls are adorable, as are you! Love that Universe irony/synchronicity, LOL! Too cute, really! And a great message, to go with it.

    Thank you,
    they are very good cookie bakers.

    8:02 p.m.

  3. Wonderful picture of you and the girls! I keep forgetting your “scale”‘ and thought the girls were older at first. 🙂 I’m glad you had fun and baking and a walk with Maxx. And yes, side by side with the card, that’s amusing.

    It is a good card with a great message. I’ll ponder on it.

    Exactly, for perspective we should have had an adult-sized person some place close-by. 😉

    8:04 p.m.

  4. A really good card for what I’m dealing with at the moment, very timely. I guess I’ll be sitting down and touching base with my angels today.

    Glad you had fun with the girls! 🙂

    Angels, they live for this shit.
    Not even kidding.

    8:05 p.m.

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