Cleaning, clearing.

             How often do you scrub and tidy under your large appliances?  Like once a month?  Only in the Spring?  Ever?  Because we all know that I’m not big on the housework thing.  My dad told me today though, that he know’s a woman who pulls out her stove and fridge (and maybe even the dishwasher) to clean under and behind them, at least once a year.

             Here’s why we were discussing this questionable (and to me, distasteful) topic (while I had the vacuum cleaner wand in my hot little hand).  If you’re squeamish about grunge and grime, prepare yourselves, it’s a bit unsettling.

under the stove

See? I told  you no plug.

             When you yank a built-in electric range out of where it has lived for over 30 years, you get THAT!  The hole (without the wire) is where duct-work was attached.  We sealed it, and now have no kitchen fan.  Oh well, the sliding glass door (about a foot away) will suffice.

found cards

Of course we would find a (FIVE SPOT!) playing card.

             Yeah, that was down there.  It corresponds to the Five of Pentacles, a fascinating draw when using the Tarot.  Messages of healing and appreciation; signs of self-sufficiency and sanctuary; omens of goodwill and standing on our own two feet; the energy of never feeling sorry for ourselves but simply being grateful.  Thanks, Universe!

craig's list finds

All done!

             Several hours later, it looked much better.  And when I went to let the kids know, I took a phone photo, basically saying the same thing, except with one important addition.

dogs and kitchens

Special Assistant:
Grand Dog!

             Another funny thing, the color of this range is called “bisque” a word I absolutely adore.  (Big fan of the beige shade too.)  When we got it in, I realized it matched my refrigerator.  Not that I give a shit about such ridiculousness, but how funny that it DOES match!

             We had barely enough time for the deputy to grab a quick snack before pool class.  It’s been a VERY full day!

             On our card altar this afternoon we have such a lovely stone to gaze upon.  Plus a helpful suggestion to go with it.

crystal and oracle cards

“Stichtite In Serpentine  ~

meditation, clearing your energy centres, detoxifying your thoughts

Fear and negative thoughts are preventing you from experiencing peace and joy and in your life.  They are blocking your creativity  and as a consequence, your life seems dull and dreary.

You can change this situation by consciously choosing to love and trust the universe instead of fearing it.  Sit quietly in meditation and invoke the healing power of love, imagining yourself bathed in beautiful healing energies.  Visualise all the colours of the rainbow swirling within and around you.  Feel these beautiful healing colours flowing through your mind and heart and imagine your thoughts being infused with eternal light.

Practice this each day as it will help transform your negative and fearful thoughts to positive inspirations.

There is nothing to fear, you are eternally surrounded by love.”

             Even if, at first, you don’t think this sounds like your situation,  don’t disregard the message.  Because at some point, some time, all of us ARE going to be dealing with negative energy, influence, or attitudes.  So, it’s a good idea to take time out and try this rainbow mediation.  If we get to know it, then, when that day arrives, we will effortlessly be able to utilize this metaphysical tool.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

comes from Anna.

key-sized feather

Her text said that she used these keys for scale.

             What an exquisite gift!  It simply makes me feel so grateful, especially after such a productive day.

FLP Report:


illegal license plate frames

(which is Wisconsin, even though the frame is SO freaking illegal you can’t read ANY of the letters)

             and one from Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Cleaning, clearing.

  1. The Five of Pentacles will always be a card of double-gratitude for me, because it is the card that drew me here (yes, pun intended 😉 )!

    The stove looks wonderful!!! I’m so happy for you two! And the matching is a great bonus, even better since you weren’t even thinking about that!

    Clearing our energy is always a good thing, because it’s quite likely that there are past traumas or blockages that need to be released, even if we’re not consciously aware of them. Definitely a great reminder! And it is a lovely little visualization!

    Oh, the feather is so tiny & cute! Thanks Anna!

    Yes, I have over-exclamationed, again… oh well!

    We are energetic and wonderful!
    That’s why we require excessive punctuation!!!

    12:55 a.m.

  2. Cool stove, cool find, cool card(s). When we moved our stove during our selling the house cleaning that we did at the house we lived in before (the only time in 10 years) we found a dead mouse, courtesy of the cats. When we moved our refrigerator last year after buying a new (used) one (for the first time in 18 years) we just found dust and a dried puddle of goo. Nothing cool like you did…

    the amount of dead wild life that was found in the house my parents bought when I was a kid was frightening. And yet, *AS* children, we found it all highly entertaining.

    12:57 a.m.

  3. Oh yeah, the crap under the appliance. Yeurch! Most recently it was the crap under the furniture as two large men moved stuff around the house and I trotted after them with a broom, dust pan and vacuum. Dog toys, puzzle pieces, bits of paper, crayons, Legos, more Legos, and entire squadrons of dust bunnies.

    I NEEDED that card today. I’m going to tuck it in my pocket (metaphorically, you know) and look at it ALL DAY.

    Legos and crayons, yep, still finding those.

    12:59 a.m.

  4. Yay for having a working stove that looks beautiful and matches the fridge! I’m so glad that is all done. Now you can cook in peace without wrestling with the stove.

    Interesting card. My life is currently not boring, but I am prone to sliding into the scenario given in the card so I will try out the rainbow meditation.

    I try to not clean under appliances unless I absolutely have to. 🙂

    “… unless I absolutely have to.”


    1:01 a.m.

  5. Wow! What a great card to find as you’re taking out the old and putting in the new. You are going to have many happy hours at that stove.
    Had a great time at conference. Several new irons in the fire…at least possibilities. ; ) Today I’m working on the galleys of book #3 so I’d best quit gabbing and get to work. Love the card.

    Yipee for happy conference time!

    1:02 a.m.

  6. I won’t disclose how long it’s been since I pulled my appliances. Suffice it to say, it would probably look worse than that under my stove. Your new/old stove looks awesome, though! I hope it’s working wonders for you. 😀

    I have wanted this style of cook-top since they first appeared, many moons ago……

    1:02 a.m.

  7. Boy, you’ve been busy. Saver is now back at college and I’m playing catch up.

    Three dogs that meow and one woof woof dog plus small house means the fridge and stove get vacuumed under hopefully once a week (vacuum wand under the fridge with or without suction and my bottom stove drawer pulls out to reveal the floor under the stove). The woof woof is a Huskie/Collie mix which helps make dust bunnies that chase people and the meowing dogs steal things to chase across the floor. I would spend a fortune in pens if I didn’t excavate under the appliances on a regular basis. *sigh* (IluvmyanimalsIluvmyanimals…)

    Yay! for the new stove! How wonderful for you to be able to cook trouble free! Enjoy!

    Once a week?!
    Wow, you win.

    1:03 a.m.

  8. Hey that’s what the underside of my stove looked like when we had to pull it a few years back. The gas dude assured me I COULD move the stove enough to clean under it. meh. We did at the time but I haven’t since.

    The stove looks awesome!!

    “… I COULD move the stove enough to clean under it.”

    Or HE could move it and clean under it. 😛

    1:06 a.m.

  9. I’m glad you liked it! I saw it and instantly knew I needed to share with you. 🙂

    As for cards, I’ve had two find me, the jack of clubs and the seven of diamonds. I’m not entirely sure what those correspond to in Tarot decks, though. I can’t remember how they turned up, but I’ve had them around forever and I use them as bookmarks. 🙂 As for the daily draw, it’s a good reminder, and one that I need to reflect on more often.

    The new stove looks awesome! Yay! 😀

    Jack of Clubs = Knight of Wands (HERE)

    Seven of Diamonds = Seven of Pentacles (HERE)
    1:11 a.m.

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