Saturday Strength.

             The past few days have been distracting and unsettled.   But not necessarily in a bad way.  Just a sort of mixed-energy way (similar to Scrambled Brain, but without the detached and spacey sensation).  I’m feeling the end of Mercury’s retrograde spin, as well as more down-to-earth shake-ups.  (Wow, that’s a lot of hyphens in one short paragraph.)

             None of this is negative.  It’s just difficult to concentrate.  Or stick with anything for very long.  (I’m overly excited to pick up our stove tomorrow, and I have new quilting ideas bouncing around in my head right now too.)  What this means tonight is that I’ll be brief.  And we’re starting with the daily draw.

             There are very few of these illustrations that I don’t love in some way.  Here’s a perfect example.  For the MOST PART this one is great.  With one (glaring) flaw (oops two, not that I look again).

oracle cards

“Empowerment  ~

You’re more powerful than you realize.

 It’s safe for you to be powerful!

This card confirms that your inner power wants to surface.  You will use this power appropriately, and you are incapable of abusing it.  Your true friends, and the people who really love  you, will be happy that you’ve taken your power back.

Empowerment means that you’re no longer willing to see yourself as a victim in any way.  It means letting go of all blame with respect to other people, past conditions, or present circumstances.  Know that you can be powerful and gentle simultaneously – and still be very effective.

Affirm frequently: ‘It is safe for me to be powerful!  I accept my individual power to be used in the service of light and love.’  Then enjoy the shifts you see around you.  Instead of worrying what others think about you, use your power to make the world a better place…..”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids And Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was all in the rain.

Eugene biking in the rain

Ride No. 2

             Downtown for erranding (and cookies), 9.143 at 9.3 MPH average speed, for a total of 58 minutes and 37 seconds of pedaling time.  (I had Dan use my phone to snap this shot right before I left, because I was madly texting with a far-away friend who was madly baking in preparation for her family’s dinner tomorrow.  I told her I was leaving the house, but really, a picture says it so much more absurdly  ridiculously  loudly  vividly)

FLP Report:

was this, and another Wyoming.

It says AlbertaI promise.

It says Alberta
I promise.

             Which makes it legally foreign, not just symbolically.

LateNight Sharing:

is THIS GUY (pronounced Brought-zo).  Who I am now completely fascinated by.  Has anyone heard of him before?  His story is pretty amazing.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Strength.

  1. Yup, the rain was here today. Must have been time for the tubas to play at the Daffodil Festival. Yep. Rain. Cold rain. But that’s OK, many oompahs were made.

    Power is an interesting concept. Accepting your own power is very enlightening. “In the service of the light and love” is pretty darn powerful in and of itself. Us numbered folks know this…

    No such thing as bad weather…..

    10:41 p.m.

    (Yes, you numbered people absolutely do.)

  2. Hoping all goes well with the new-to-you stove, and that the installation is trouble-free! And hoping that things can settle-in a bit after that is all done.

    The card is beautiful, and the message is awesome!

    So far we’ve only hit one snag (and one missing piece), we’ll know more tomorrow. Don’t uncross any fingers or toes yet.

    10:43 p.m.

  3. Yay for the new-used stove! It will all go smoothly and work well, I’m sure of it!

    This is a very good card for me. I have tended to lose/let go of my personal power a lot. My therapist reminds me when I do this, but I’m not going to have her much longer and I really need to learn to reclaim my own power myself, and point out to myself when I do let it go.

    Yes, your bike isn’t black, but purple is the color of royalty and the color, I think, of the mental sphere of magick. So it’s a good color!

    I think the issue must be more with the words than the purple, because I DO like that color. Just not all of the writing on the frame. (Although the shades of the writing are colors I like, too. Hard to say why it bothers me so much.)

    10:46 p.m.

  4. Yay stove! Also you look cute all bundled up like that. I could use the empowerment so thanks for the card.

    Thanks 😛
    and you’re welcome.

    10:47 p.m.

  5. Empowerment is good. I’ll need it for my meeting tomorrow.

    Hope the stove installation went well, and that things settle down a bit for you.

    Power, strength, and much wisdom, for your meeting!

    10:48 p.m.

  6. Yay! for new stoves.
    Instead of worrying what others think about you, use your power to make the world a better place…
    I LOVE that line. Thank you.

    It really is a great one. The more we share, the better we all are.

    10:50 p.m.

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