Yesterday evening I had a most delightful, and informative conversation with my out-of-town girl.  Hanna and I talked about many things, one of which is an up-coming change* here in JulieLand.  Nothing drastic, and nothing soon.  But it’s gotta happen, and the time is drawing near.

*Don’t panic, I’ll keep you updated.  I don’t even know all of the details yet my own scattered self elf.

            We also chatted about the Hurricane’s new employment position(s) and titles.  She still works for the same parent company, but she’s doing additional tasks, and she often has “on air” time.  (Not during hours that I can hear her though, and this is nearly killing me.  She’s been doing radio since middle school, I’ve listened to EVERY show she’s ever produced, but now I can’t!)  These assignments are all promotions.  She’s worked so hard, and it’s beginning to pay off.

              In addition to finding her at all the usual places (see Important Family* for the full listing) she is now officially the webmistress for STAR 101.5 in Seattle.  Which includes running all of the social media business, and being KOMO’s arts & entertainment reporter.  Hit the links in this paragraph, once you’ve arrived, be sure to LIKE them all on the Facebook pages, and if you are a twitterer, follow too.  (Every click helps!)

*If you read her articles and freelance pieces on a regular basis, you may notice that she sometimes mentions us.  It makes me smile each time it happens.  (Yes, it also often makes me cry, whatever.)

             Closer to home today, I took the new-to-me purple bike out for an errand, our first real adventure together.  (It feels too brightly colored/has too many words on the frame, so I’m changing that, a little at a time.)  Last night Dan moved most of my gear over from the old-old one to the new-old one.

bike work in eugene
That blue light behind him is my laptop, we were listening to Hanny’s last two podcasts while we worked.
(And by “we” of course I mean HIM.)

             Some minor glitches, to be expected, it is us, after all.  (He can’t find one of this toolboxes, it appears to have grown legs and wandered away from The Burrow.  The one with the metric wrenches.  That he needs for most of the bike work.)  Maxx is on the couch, same place as you saw him before, just not in this shot.

             On our card altar we’ve come back around to my Working Deck.  It’s bringing us an interesting message, a bit different from what this one usually says.

4 Of Wands
4 Of Wands

             We generally talk about foundations and how stable our base is when we see this card.  But right now, we are also looking at what we’re building ON that framework.  The joy is still apparent, as is the dance.  Right now though, there is more going on.

             A team effort is called for; see how these two move in harmony, hearing the same music and staying in tune with it, and each other.  They are synchronized, constructing a future, as they flow along, smoothly coming together and stepping apart.  This is what we need to do, too.

             It’s about the action, the choreography, staying easy and even in our surroundings.  The establishing of a new creation takes a certainty that this message tells us we have.  Our passage, our momentum, our steps are solid, they are inspired, they are full of life.  And in going through these motions (not in a negative or half-assed way) we gain that stability for ourselves.  As well as for those we care about.

             The idea of a Barn Raising, in the oldest and most traditional sense, is a community coming together for the greater good.  By helping our neighbor put up her out-building we are assisting our entire clan.  This is what the Universe wants us see and feel right now.  This is what we are meant to be focusing on.

             In the illustration we notice garlands of flowers, sparks of crystal brilliance, fruitful fields, glowing candles*, and bounteous haystacks, all showing fertility, prosperity, and abundance.  We can absolutely feel the caring and compassion in this scene, the entire attitude is celebratory.  That loving and generous sensation is what we are meant to carry away with us.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

*I have NEVER seen those candles along the bottom nor those haystacks in the distance before.  Ever.  In all of the nearly 25 years I’ve been reading with these cards.  THIS is why I love my job!

Today’s Mileage:

is my first report on the new wheels, as I ran a quick errand up to (what is fast becoming) one of our favorite bike shops, for 5.121 miles at an average speed of 9.9 (zippy, I know), pedaling for half an hour total.

FLP Report:

Minnesota, and one that got past me.  No clue what state it was, not one thing about it looked familiar.

2 thoughts on “Built Upon.

  1. Congratulations Hanna! That’s awesome!

    St Christopher will help Dan find his missing toolbox. My mom lost something (I don’t even remember what), told her friend about it, and he suggested calling on St. Christopher… she didn’t even do the recommended calling upon, and almost immediately thereafter found the missing thing. Almost immediately after she told me the story I found some things that had been missing for over a year. So, apparently just the mere mention of him to the person who has lost something seems to work.

    Beautiful card (as usual)! And a wonderful new take on it, too!

    I forgot to ask St Christopher, but am now!

    11:13 p.m.

  2. And remember St. Anthony to help you find things, too! (I still use the less formal version of “Tony, Tony, come around, something’s lost and must be found!” or maybe “Tony, Tony, come around, Dan’s toolbox is lost and must be found!” Mary Stella is the Goddess of using the St. Anthony charm!).

    I went birding with Bob today and have some mosquito bites but not but not full bumps, just places where the damned bugs poked into my skin just before I waved them away, so I’m a little itchy but it could be worse. At least I used bug spray.

    This card really resonates with me and what I’m in the midst of doing!

    Your new purple bike is too colorful for you?

    Thank you, the toolbox should show up any minute now.

    Yay for birding days with Bob!

    Mostly it’s the words, just too many of them.
    And the frame simply is NOT black. 😉

    11:17 p.m.

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