Our Undying Promisefulness.

             Right, I may have made up that word in the title tonight.  But, hey, it SHOULD be a thing, I’m sure of it.  And currently, it simply says it all, everything we need to be and work on and share.

             Yesterday we spoke of hope.  Today the focus towards positivity continues.  Can’t say anything yet, but our kitchen situation MIGHT be solved soon.  Fingers crossed, we have a few details to finagle.  I’ll keep you posted when there is actual news.

             For now, let’s look at this picture of my daughter, Empress, the winner.

award winning women athletes eugene

That’s right, gold medalist.

             She said that after her match she felt ready to go all afternoon.  There was no one else in her category though.  We are beyond proud!  (And would have been, no matter how the decision had gone.)

             On our card altar, we’ve come around to an illustration that caused quite the discussion last time it appeared, or was it the time before?  I can’t remember, I just recall that it was closely examined.

oracle cards

“The Sun Dancers  ~

joyful activity, celebration of life, abundance

As your Ally, the Sun Dancers celebrate you now and remind you of the laws of success and praise.  Anything you place your attention on will manifest an experience, so the laws are always perfect.  Expect the best and praise it in advance.  This unleashes magic of mystical magnetic energy, drawing circumstances to you to create the reality you envision.

Give thanks in advance for the grace and goodwill of the Divine.  Be willing to dance the victory dance as if your greatest dreams are realized  and watch how easily things begin to fall into place.

Stay positive and leave the timing up to the Divine.  All things are possible now.  Dance the joy of being, and celebrate your life and abundance today!”

             I’m not much of a dancer, but I’ve been known to hop around the house in a lively fashion when no one was looking.  So, I’ll go that route. As suggested.  Also, the number of this one adds down to Five*.  Which seems VERY auspicious.

*We have some new readers this week, so welcome to you all!  Look under the tab Pentacle People for why I find Fives so very special.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s FLP Report:

Wyoming and Maine (very foreign-seeming, we NEVER see Maine).

Today’s Mileage:

was to the pool and back, with a slight detour/return up the road because I lost my phone in the driveway but didn’t realize it until I’d gone down the first hill.  4.366 for 27 minutes, 12 seconds, at an average speed of 9.6 MPH.

            And in the pool this afternoon, someone said I was inspirational.  He stopped me after class and asked about joining us, said that the way I lead everyone was very uplifting.  It was beautiful to hear.  I hope he comes back.  (He is recovering from a heart attack AND stroke!)

LateNight Message From The Universe:

(this wants to be mentioned, so I’m following my instincts) the date, if written as I do when replying to your comments, is 3-13-13.  It feels so strong and powerful.  And like it needed to be pointed out.  So I am.

6 thoughts on “Our Undying Promisefulness.

  1. love love love the title. 🙂 congrats to Emma, and like you I will have to settle for bopping around the house when no one is looking.

    Thanks, and yep, all the freedom in the world,
    as long as no one is watching. 😛

    10:41 p.m.

  2. There is a reason why there is a saying, “dance like no one’s watching”…the same reason that so many people leave music to the trained… we all dance, we all make music, and our expression is drummed out of us by other’s “expectations”. You are a dancing, musical person. Dance and make music!!

    I’m looking in to some more music, instrumentals!

    (And I just heard the best rendition EVER of
    Fur Elise [*dot dot* over the “u”]. Super simple and gorgeous. Han is researching for how I can get a copy.)

    10:49 p.m.

  3. I hop and spin and twist around the house in a lively fashion when no one is watching. I have also been known to dance in public. And many times, when I am feeling joyful within myself, I feel myself dancing inside, even if I don’t feel I can dance on the outside at that moment.

    I’ve been giving thanks in the evening for what has happened during the day. I guess I need to start giving thanks in the morning for what will come during the day: that’s thanking and believing in advance, right?

    And go you, hop around the house all you can! It can help you feel more joyful.

    “…that’s thanking and believing in advance, right?
    Yep, also called “faith” (sometimes).

    10:51 p.m.

  4. Huge congrats! to Emma.
    I understand the in-house hopping instead of dancing. I do a lot of that when I’m secretly excited about the outcome of something. Oh, and the fist pump. 🙂

    Yes! And manic arm waving, too!!!

    10:54 p.m.

  5. Yay! Emma! Congratulations!

    Love your title. And I bop around the house, too.

    Huh. I missed the 3-13-13 ’cause I was running around the house like a crazy person yesterday. Drats. I like 13’s ’cause I was born on one. 🙂

    I like 13s too, partly because I was born on the 4th,
    which is what 1 + 3 adds down to/equals. 😉

    10:55 p.m.

  6. Create your own reality, that’s what I’m working on just now. I’m actually writing a blog post about that very topic. Naturally, you are one step ahead of me Julie. ‘Sokay. They are awesome footsteps to follow in.

    Oh you are so sweet! I love that we’re thinking and writing about the same ideas. I’ve “followed” you now, so there will be a notice when the new one goes up. Looking forward to it!

    10:57 p.m.

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