As we’ve discussed, Faith is a slippery bastard.  Like our Zen Balance, it’s difficult to nail down and keep a hold of.  Sometimes though, we are blessed to just have it wash over us in a most delightful and refreshing manner.   Today, I had one of those days.

Eugene spring scene

             Sure, there were difficulties.  Like when my cheap-ass camera misbehaved, but Dan got it going again.  All was well.  Okay, all is MOSTLY well.  I ended up with baby toe blisters, but hey, I stomped on past the pain.  It brought my average pace time down, but we all know this is NOT a fucking race.  My feet will heal.  No one died.  I was not derailed.

eugene spring scenes

             Last night, as the deputy got ready for a late night jog, I advised him to take it easy.  He’d not been out for a run in many weeks.  Did I follow this same suggestion when *I* trotted off into the vast out of doors?  No, no I absolutely did not.  Hence, the injuries.  However, this entire situation was all very clear to me.  Which I count as a huge damn hunk of progress.

eugene spring scenes

             In the category of Today’s Mileage (later, below) I’ll give  you the specifics, but for now, here’s your promised views of the many crocus blooming near me.  It was pretty gray out, and sprinkled off and on the entire time, but it was also hovering around 50 degrees.

eugene spring scene
This is just down our road; I’m nearly at The Burrow by this point, three blocks to go.
(It’s also where my picture-taking came to an end due to a minor equipment failure.)

             There are two black chickens in that (above) yard.  The guy put up this flimsy and slightly odd fence a few weeks ago.  I’ve been keeping an eye on it, and now I know exactly why he did what he did.  Free roaming, but safely contained, in-city hens!

             When I got home our mail had arrived, or maybe there was still some in the box from yesterday (this happens more often than we like to admit), so I brought it in.  There was a wee package with my name on it.  From a friend.  Presents!  How fun!  But wait, it’s so much bigger than I could have anticipated.

             Music and I have a challenging relationship.  Because of how my mind focuses (and obsesses) it’s basically impossible for me to tolerate ambient noise.  I MUST listen to/focus on whatever is around me.  TV or radio or voices or irritating vibrational tones, doesn’t matter.  I listen, and I listen closely.  I have no control over it.  So, when writers like Delia talk about soundtracks or having music on when they write, I can’t relate.  Until this afternoon.  Now I get it.

             What showed up in this delivery today was phenomenal, and unexpectedly enlightening.  Tunes, with NO WORDS*!!!  Dear Pal O’ Mine, how ever did you know?  Or were you psychically/spiritually guided to send this gift?  Don’t care, it changed my life.  Thank you, more than I can even say.

             *Yes, I was AWARE of this, as a product, but it had never permeated my wee brain enough to make itself known as a THING that I required.

              I never knew I needed this!  The descriptions that sprang up, as I floated around, getting shit done and practically DANCING were: uplifting, amazing, encouraging, illuminating  inspirational, soothing & energizing all at the same time.

             This CD (this new treasure!) is going to be downloaded, saved, stored, cherished, and all ’round shoved into every level and portion of my life from here on out.  When Doreen channels those messages which tell us to surround ourselves with music, does she mean like this?  Because if so, she’s exactly correct.  It makes a MASSIVE difference!  (Ally, I know you are aware of this, as are others who PLAY music, but I was not.  Now I am.)

             Our daily draw, once again, echos my sentiments before I even know I’m going to express them in this way.

oracle and angel cards

“Worthiness  ~

Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways.

You have been blocking your manifestations due to deep-seated beliefs that you don’t deserve them.  Manifestations are not rewards for good behavior – they are effects of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.  When  you allow yourself to receive, you help the Universal plan to demonstrate love everywhere.

Accepting Heaven’s help isn’t just about you personally; it’s about allowing yourself to be helped so that you can help others.  Accept good graciously, and affirm:

Thank you for gifts that have come to me now.

I gratefully accept them for the good of all.”

             Learning this difficult lesson, with grace and love, is so, SO important.  I am practicing it today, and hope all of you are too.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was a walk, not a ride, as I said before.  Slightly less than 5 miles, because I had to cut out the last two-block loop.

Yesterday’s FLP Report:

is a day late, whatevs.  Illinois.  Plus one that I forgot, almost as soon as I saw it.  (I can’t pedal and text.  Safely.)

Yesterday’s Baking:

was half a batch of these (that had no recipe link, from this post).

double chocolate chip cookies
Chocolatey, like really.

             Notice to my in-town children, if you want any cookies-that-are-basically-just-flat-brownies you better get here quickly.  No deliveries this time (except to your grandparents, because they’re old, and crabby).  There aren’t very many of these left.  On the other hand, I’ll gladly make you more, as soon as supplies are refreshed.

             Notice to out-of-town kid, can’t wait for your next vacation time in this direction, I’ll bake for you!

LateNight Link and Activism:

just came in from Corina, right before I posted.  Go HERE and sign the petition.  Please.  It costs nothing but half a minute.  Our ocean friends will thank you.  (The irony of this timing does NOT escape me.)

8 thoughts on “Merit.

  1. My grandson loves chickens.
    I have instrumental music of several varieties that I can play when I write; including some belly dance music and some Dead Can Dance.
    My stars those cookies look good.
    I signed. Was happy, too.

    Belly Dance music! When Han was on the college radio station she made me several compilation CDs, one was all Middle Eastern instrumentals (with a tiny bit of some words in a language I’ve never heard before). I used a few of those tracks for the pool class disk I put together last year.

    11:51 p.m.

  2. So glad your Zen Balance came back! Hope it sticks around!

    Yay, crocuses! I love the idea of putting them in the lawn! If I had a lawn I would do that. Mine are coming up in their pots.

    That is a horribly hideous fence… but definitely an economical way to keep the chickens in… another thing I would like to have, if I had an appropriate space.

    FGBV’s for your hurt toes!

    Wow, so glad for the wordless music gift! Please share what CD/artist it is.

    Today’s card is beautiful, and a very good message! Something I’ve been working on clearing blocks about, so good validation & encouragement to keep it up!

    OMFG, those brownie-cookies look sooooo frickin’ good! *drool

    I’m glad I got you that link in time to include here… this shit makes me so fucking sick & mad!… The Navy testing high-power sonar that it knows is going to injure & kill massive amounts of marine mammals. Fucking Outrageous! I hope everyone will sign & share this petition with as many people as you can.

    I would totally share my miracle music if I could, but it appears to be a compilation of many types. (Similar to what I was just saying to J3 above about the ones Hanny used to make for me.)

    11:53 p.m.

  3. We had chickens when I was a kid. I loved them. Loved collecting the eggs. Loved feeding them. On black one had a broken leg and my brother named her Limpy and he’d carry her everywhere. ; )

    We had them when I was growing up too, which is maybe one of the reasons I’m still having a hard time being a very devoted vegan. Eggs and cheese, dammit!

    Ohgawd, Limpy…….

    11:55 p.m.

  4. I am glad you found some music to listen to that is background and not center stage. Pretty amazing stuff, isn’t it?

    We have an ongoing household debate about the doneness of baked goods. Mrs. Denial and The Niece refer to my baked goods as “burned dough”. I like my stuff done, and my brownies more cake like than gooey.

    Jeez, sometimes you and Dan truly are the SAME person! Gah.
    He tells me crap like,”I prefer my food to be HOT.”
    Shut up you picky bastard. (Obviously I always say that with love.)

    11:57 p.m.

  5. Thank you for the pictures of the crocus! They are beautiful.

    I’m glad you now have some music that you can play in the background and that makes you feel good. I don’t have much of that; I usually play dance music if I’m cleaning for example. But I do on occasion like to listen to what non-song music I have.

    This card has such an interesting message about why we deserve and need to welcome the good that comes into our lives. I like it a lot. It’s excellent.

    New goal:
    find more uplifting music with no words in it!

    12:00 a.m.

  6. Looking at your crocus is making me impatient for mine. I love flowers. And plants. And animals. And….

    I love music. It’s a shame it interferes with what you’re doing if it has words. Fortunately there are alot of instrumental cd’s out there. Let us know what kind of music you like and we’ll all drown you in suggestions!

    “When you allow yourself to receive, you help the Universal plan to demonstrate love everywhere.” This is where I need work.

    Clearly I never know what I like until it (literally!) arrives on my doorstep. 😉

    12:02 a.m.

    1. Here are my contributions to the proposed inundation:

      (Incredibly ironically, those were both emailed to me by my ex/boss, who is 1. not spiritual at all, and 2. not into dancing at all.)

      of course! 😀

      12:31 a.m.

  7. I keep a file called “no vocals” cause there are some circumstances in which the words intrude. 😉

    Ooooo, good recommendation!
    Thank you.

    12:32 a.m.

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