Starting yesterday, my Hurricane has returned to the radio game.  For at least this week, and potentially much longer, she’s HERE.  So go say hi, push the Like button, follow up with Facebook or Twitter (if you do any of those things), and generally, let’s all cheer her on.  Okay?

             It will make me VERY happy if she is doing what makes HER very happy.  Also, she’s written THIS piece that is worth a peek, as well.

             Now that the family sharing is behind us, let’s move on to how my day went.  Yesterday Dan and I discussed, as we were heading to bed, how very LONG our Tuesdays seem.  Like, seriously, they feel as though one day lasts an entire week.  It’s exhausting, but in a nice satisfied and we-got-shit-done sort of way.  Wednesday’s are not generally anything close.  Except when they are.

             As soon as this post is done I’m zooming upstairs to bake a bundt cake.  It almost didn’t happen though, a main ingredient (somehow!) got left off of the food gathering list from last night.  Fortunately we have  small handy local markets very close by.  So I pedaled down there, with a taken-back 5 dollar bill from our savings jar.

             The item only cost less than a buck and a half, so I gave the nice woman the paper money and exact coins for the other part.  She handed me four ones, I then gave her half of them back and purchased two scratch-off lottery tickets.  Because come on, it helps all kinds of cool crap in our state, I haven’t done it in forever, and ya never know.

oregon lottery winnings
More than what I walked in the door with.

                  My winnings were a grand total of SIX!  On the other card I won nothing, but sent it in for “another chance” anyway, because apparently, that’s what one does.  (Upon my safe arrival back at The Burrow, I immediately shoved ALL of the paper bills into the bottle.  Took out five, brought back eight, I like how that ended.)

              On our card altar today I was drawn to re-visit one of our not-much-used stacks.  They call me, and I can’t help but answer.

oracle cards

“Health  ~

Most illness starts in the mind,

but it can also stop in the mind.

Repeat this:

I affirm that I am well in mind, body, and spirit.  

I help others and fulfill my chart.”

             This absolute directness is why I continue to love these short messages.  I’ve been very focused on food, to the point of obsession, as you all know, for basically all of my adult life.  I’d like to think that I’m doing better with that.  Transitioning, and balancing it with other aspects of healing, that’s my hope.   This card, yeah.  Timely.  And appropriate.

             (In the TMI category, this message was also like a joke from the Universe, my obnoxious, stress-and-or-heat-induced face rash is back.  So, healthy?  I’m tryin’ dammit, I am trying so hard!)

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Cards by Sylvia Browne

Today’s Mileage:

combining the two places I went (pool and out for sour cream) added up to 7.176 at 9.3 MPH for 46 minutes and 4 seconds.

Today’s Baking:

will be in tomorrow’s post, no matter how it turns out!

LateNight Special Note:

to a beautiful and loving friend, who needs a tiny pick-me up right  now. Never forget the wisdom of our sainted Bloggess: depression lies!  Also keep in mind that guilt is a HUGE fucking waste of time and energy.  Release it.  Just let that bastard go.

             Say only a few, carefully selected words to those you wish to share with, they will understand.  (And if they don’t?  Who needs ’em?!)  Stay in touch when you can, get out of your own head as often as possible, and if you do nothing all day but acknowledge one lovely thing, you’re doing just fine.  Also?  You are NOT alone!

11 thoughts on “All Is Well, and so are we.

  1. Psh. Not even a MENTION of the amazing sushi that I brought and shared with you and that you totally didn’t hate and spit in the sink?! What is healthier than sushi from an unverifiable source? I mean, other than the sushi I bought that one time from an Igloo cooler at a run-down souvenir booth at the State Fair.

    Sushi from a State Fair cooler is ALWAYS a good idea!

    No, not a mention, didn’t think anyone needed THAT visual,
    but nice of you to add it in. 😉

    10:02 p.m.

  2. Cool day. Nice stuff about the Hurricane, too. And the card. Should have mentioned the sushi, though. Very cool. Boo for heat rash. Boo for self-induced stress stuff.

    My heat/stress rash was possibly caused by worry over previous exchanges with Hanna,
    oh the irony…..

    10:03 p.m.

  3. LOL on J.D.’s comment!

    Yay for Hanna! Yay for Bundt Cake! Yay for winning money!

    Boo for rash! May it clear up quickly, and health abound for all!

    (Yay for exclamation points!) 😉

    What I’d like to have happen is that THIS one is my last break-out EVERRRRRR!
    (Let’s say it is!)

    Exclamation points for one and all !!!

    10:05 p.m.

  4. To the person the late-night message is for: even though I don’t know who you are, I want you to know you are not alone! Believe every word that Julie wrote there, and if you need more support, you can get to me via Julie, because I know well the struggles with depression and guilt and shame and feeling of isolation. Take care.

    And I think that Corina covered all the other bases in her comment! 🙂

    And you covered the rest. 😀


  5. I am here. 7 miles. WOW good for you. is this a everyday occurance? Yeah I been missing again….. I have caught every virus under the sun so far this year. So let me tell you when I felt well enough to direct my fingers to you and not have to worry about getting sick on my laptop. It was a blessing to see the card today. Here’s hoping to a better and healthier 2013. (The start has SUCKED!!!)

    So good to see you again! Read back a ways when you get a chance to catch-up on my biking adventures.

    Yes, let’s say that the rest of 2013 will be GRAND!

    10:11 p.m.

  6. I echo what my pope, Betty Fokker said.
    Also, that bundt cake looks yummy. I’d probably do something other than blueberries which aren’t my faves. Dying to know, are you sticking with the conf. sugar dusting or are you making that yummy looking glaze? she asks, drooling slightly.

    I set out to make an icing, and it worked.
    (Cake with no frosting, what are we, animals?!)

    The final result came out wonderfully well, not too thick, and with a terrific fresh lemon tartness. The cake, well….. read tonight’s post. 😛


  7. Hey Julie,
    Got your card last night. It made me smile.

    Thanks for taking the time to do a reading for me.

    We learn as we teach and teach as we learn,
    that’s what makes life so interesting.

    10:19 p.m.

  8. {{{HUGS}}} to all that need it. It’s a shame it’s such a ‘struggily’ time of year.

    Cake. *sigh* Woman, you keep giving me the munchies. 🙂

    Boo, on your face issues. (psst…aloe…) Hmmm, have you tried A&D Ointment? It’s smelly, yeah, but we find it works on a bunch of different skin stuff. (This popped into my head ’cause my son is using it for his poor cold ridden nose.)

    Go Hanna! Good Luck on the new job!

    As soon as the worst of this rash begins to subside, I head for the aloe. But A & D is another good idea, thanks.

    10:21 p.m.

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