Last night I stumbled (metaphorically speaking*), so let’s call it a “crises of faith” (for now).  Not sure how else to label it, but I felt the fall, and the crash landing.  It was uncomfortable.  And a type of physical impression similar to how I realized that Present Moment Consciousness was a tactical sensation.

*No, I did not incur ANOTHER injury.  My jammed toe is still purple, but it was good enough for pool class.

             Yesterday’s card message nearly crashed into me as I flipped over today’s.  It all dropped immediately and perfectly in to place.  I was greatly relieved, let me tell you.  (I had no idea that Zen Balance was such a precarious and fragile thing.)  The current sign from the Universe needs to be addressed before I say anything else.


“Release  ~

Have a good cry.

Grief is the doorway to your deepest self.”

             Now, don’t walk away from this one just because at first glance  you think “oh I’m not grieving and I don’t need to cry.”  There’s more here than those few words are letting on.

             We do ourselves such a disservice when we skim right past messages that don’t SCREAM our names upon initial browsing.  We ALL do this from time to time.  If we wait though, and apply a wee bit of patience, the point of the sign or omen will appear.  Is that easy?  Hell no.  Is is worth it for our soul growth?  Hell yes.

             In this case, I can’t say what EXACTLY will be your catalyst or bright-shiny-light-of-awakening moment (unless of course you hire me to), but I CAN say (with entire certainty) that it WILL show up*.  Mine did this afternoon, and it made an enormous difference.

*It seriously always does, for everyone.  No exceptions.

             Even though our daily draw mentions crying our grief away, it also says that a Release is in order.  This Letting Go will happen precisely as it needs to happen, which very well MIGHT be by having “a good cry” or it may not.  Either way, be open to allowing this to manifest.  And honouring the process.

A note I have written, to me and to you.
A note I have written,
to me and to you.

             A few days ago I finished Apolo’s autobiography.  Yesterday I loaned it to my mother (my dad will read it too if it’s in the house) and when it comes back I’m going to hand it over to Dan.  That note, above, was a reminder that I jotted down while I was reading (because he mentioned it).  It’s not a new saying, but it is a good one.    So I’m sharing it.  (As well as carting the Post It around with me from room to room.)

             When we Release that which we no longer need, and fill the now-empty space we’ve just created with that which will serve us and all the planet more lovingly, we become our own positive example.  When we walk our path with honesty and for the highest good of us all we BECOME that change.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

7 thoughts on “Adjusting, with New Settings.

  1. Sometimes the path involves backtracking, stumbling, falling, getting stuck, crises of faith… nothing wrong with any of those things (the actual physical stumbling and/or falling, though… those suck ass! Glad to hear your toe is at least functionable). That’s the whole beauty of the fallibility of being in these crazy, emotional, weird, unpredictable vessels that we’re in. Well that’s what I tell myself after not having gotten back to the space of open-heartedness/joyfulness that I had reached before October. Once we’ve gotten there at least we know that we can. And I know I’ll get back there again when the time is right.

    “Have a good cry.” I read that after watching the episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lilly and Marshall break off their engagement. So, even though it wasn’t for me, I had just shed a few tears, LOL! I do feel like I could let out some of my own stuff, though, so I will go do that.

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ALWAYS a good reminder.

    “…backtracking, stumbling, falling, getting stuck, crises of faith…”

    Yep. Just like that. 😉

    3:19 a.m.

  2. One of the metaphors I use in stress management training is that your stress bucket has a finite capacity, and when it gets too full, stuff comes splashing out, rolling over the sides or sometimes, the bucket tips over. Stress is good; we’d be dead without it. Too much stress (eustress or distress) isn’t. There are a (to stay with my liquid theme) a boatload of ways to empty the stress bucket; regular aerobic exercise and balanced nutrition are two of the best, along with finding balance, creative/positive activities, and reduction of negative or counter-productive activities or behaviors (caffeine management being one really easy one.)

    I think our recent draws are a clue that we need to be managing our stress buckets a bit. Least that is my interpretation.

    Boo on stumbles, yay on not letting them be defining.

    I love and hate the Stress Bucket, at the same time.
    Adore this idea (really I do), but we’ve been watching a show called “Alaska State Troopers” and they just showed how some folks out in the wild use a Honey Bucket (gah!), so now that’s ALL I can think of! 😕

    11:10 p.m.

  3. That saying is originally from Ghandi. It was the impetus for my getting out of the direct activist life (which was entirely too angering for me) and moving into a healthier life (again,for me) of attempting to live the changes I want to see in the world instead of attempting to force them to happen.
    I emphasize the for me because I have great respect for many direct activists. The life was killing me. I’m not strong enough to face all that injustice on a daily basis.
    I, too, loved Apolo’s book. It (he) has changed the way I’m living presently. I had to make some definite changes in thinking in order to go to bed each night and be able to say I have no regrets.
    Not sure what I am grieving but I always love a cathartic cry.

    Thank you, so very VERY much for letting us know the origins of this. As well as sharing your own story. Why am I not at ALL surprised by our (additional) connection?!

    11:12 p.m.

  4. Change is hard. Letting go can be even harder. I’ve been working on the process for years (my catalyst was a serious chronic illness, in which my body kept yelling until it finally got my attention…what can I say…I’m a little slow. And apparently dead) and this year for whatever reason things have come back to a head again. So more releasing. Gah.

    Our own work can be SO damn difficult!

    11:13 p.m.

  5. Sorry…that was supposed to be “deaf” not “dead” 🙂

    It kinda worked both ways. 😉

    11:14 p.m.

  6. In therapy yesterday, my therapist told me that the stuff I’m struggling with and how I’m struggling is stuff I had already overcome a few months ago and so she is a little baffled by how hard I’m finding things right now. I guess I’m backtracking or stumbling. I shall think about this Release as I work hard today.

    Our progress is so much less linear than we were lead to believe in the promotionals……

    11:15 p.m.

  7. I like this card. I’ll have to dwell on it a bit. : 0

    Skye, I think we can mentally overcome our struggles, but then when they return in a physical form (like moving) we have to apply that mental knowledge (think of learning something and then having to take a test) to the physical event. We need to believe and understand we now have the skills to deal with it. So, I think a step or two backward is natural. Just trust that you are aware and you will move forward.


    11:16 p.m.

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