I’m pre-writing today, just in case.  Also, because I wanted to share some of this week’s holiday with everyone.  Technically it is commemorated on either the 1st or 2nd, but it is also observed lunarly (yes, that’s a word I think I just made up), not always solarly.

             There are tons of resources to be found about the history and the traditions surrounding this festival.  (“Imbolg is a celebration of all life being reborn from the cold winter months, the word literally means IN THE BELLY.”)  But HERE is good place to start, it’s where I found this:

“The festival of Imbolc has several elements which are of interest to the energy worker and druid:

  • It sees the return of the male earth energies that have been so weak as to be non-existent during the Winter months.
  • It is the time when the energy from Brigid (or Bridget, Bride) can be felt, seen and interacted with at sites that are associated with her.

Some call this time of year The Quickening in recognition of the fact that the subtle energies and the life forces of this side of the planet are becoming more alive and vibrant.  Astrologically the Imbolc event coincides with when the Sun crosses the middle degree of the constellation of Aquarius – the water bearer (or bringer of the waters for the Spring growth).  The Moon will be just before Last Quarter on 2nd February, so there will be an average amount of female energy around this Imbolc.

Imbolc is associated in the Celtic tradition with Brigid, the virginal first form of The Triple Goddess – a complex mutating energy form that can be felt in various vibrational states during the course of the year.  This female energy changes in tone and strength as the seasons progress.  At the beginning of the year She is in her beginning form – bright, light and sparkling, but still quite weak in comparison to how she feels at Beltane in May.”

             We acknowledge and honour the Pagan holy days, along with more culturally celebrated events, here in The Burrow, but we don’t make a big deal out of hardly any of them, and this is the ONLY one for February.  We aren’t big party people, well, I’m not.  But recognizing the changing parts of each year is valuable and worthwhile.

             By honouring how far we’ve come, and how much we have accomplished, on a seasonal basis, we pay tribute to not only ourselves, but those around us who have also moved forward, and the planet Herself.  Simply nodding in the direction of these events is, primarily,  thanking our bodies for getting us this far, as well as thanking the Universe for showing us this next phase in our journey.  All of it is time well spent.  Even if it’s nothing more than a slowing down for just a few moments to gaze about.  When we make the effort, we are always rewarded for it.

             On our card altar today, we have received a message which is nicely complimentary to this idea.


Australian Agate  ~

perception, strength, courage, stamina

Your power of perception, along with your mental and physical body is presently being strengthened.   This will give you the courage and energy required to tackle what seems at present to be a complex and somewhat insurmountable problem.

This problem involves someone who is incompatible with your ideas and principles.  You are being urged to stand your ground, yet keep your calm.  Don’t allow yourself to be psychologically or emotionally bullied.  All concerned will soon realise the truth of what you have already known for quite some time – that this particular person is simply not the person who they present themselves to be.”

             This guidebook definition doesn’t go in to much depth on the topic of “stamina” that’s in the key word listing, but it feels like that wants to be addressed.  We are given/choose our lessons for millions of different reasons.  How we handle them, how we maintain our faith and our true selves, has much to do with how we learn them and how we evolve.

             At times our foundational beliefs are challenged, it’s how we respond, for the duration of these difficulties, that proves our fortitude and endurance.  This takes great strength and power from within.  And as the message mentions, sometimes great courage even.

             As we walk our path, staying honest and true while enjoying the scenery along the way, it seems like we are better prepared to meet our roadblocks.   We’ve “trained” for this, in a way, by being our best selves and striving to live in a genuine and loving manner.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Find:

had heartbreak, and us written all over it.  When I brought the cornbread (that Daniel made for dinner tonight) over to my mom and dad’s house, I wanted to present it in my delightful small roaster.  That plan was slightly delayed.  But in the meantime, I paraded my awesome bargain/find around the house.  Which then caused my mother to remark on how beautiful it was, and how similar to something SHE had.

depression glass small roaster with lid
Size DOES matter.

             On the left, her grandmother’s “pie plate” (a family heirloom that I had NO FUCKING CLUE we owned), and on the right is my flea market treasure.  They are matching pieces, ALMOST.  Hers is the lid, mine the baking dish.  Wanna know what’s the saddest thing ever?  Hers is the next size down from mine.  One measly inch.  Plus side, now we know what the other half looks like!

LateNight Injury:

that you get no photograph of this time.  I jammed one of my toes while playing with Max (damn that plush hedgehog).  The bruise is well on its way to being black.  You’ve all seen pictures of my feet enough times to visualize this.  Use your imagination, while I go dose up on my Trifecta Of Pain Relief.

6 thoughts on “Affirmative Patterning.

  1. Happy Imbolc! Thanks for all the information!

    Interesting second paragraph for Australian Agate… the first paragraph was great… the second went to a specific place that I certainly wasn’t expecting. Interesting thing is that it describes the situation I’ve removed myself from but continue thinking about. Hmph.

    I really like your continuation of the message, awesome addressing of stamina where the guidebook was lacking!

    Wow, that is so trippy about the dishes!

    Oooh, your poor toe! Sounds very painful. 😦 FGBV’s for pain relief and fast healing.

    Thanks, it made that turn on me too, then….. that turn was oh so useful later.

    3:07 a.m.

  2. Really liked the info on Imbolc. It seems to me to be the least…dramatic???of the cross quarter days, although how the hell groundhog day got wrapped up in it confuses me. In my mind, I always think of it as mid-winter, and the time when there is often a really balmy, pleasant time that lures everyone into planting stuff, and is followed by a really cold and nasty time.

    Cool about your Mom’s “matching” dish. No serendipity there, now, is there? Great stone, too.

    Mid-winter, exactly like that!

    3:09 a.m.

    1. Ha! I know this one! I was going to blog about Imbolc, Candlemas, & Groundhog day but after about 3 hrs. into the research and 2 pages of writing I didn’t even want to read, I gave up.

      February 2 is roughly halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Days are becoming noticeably longer and livestock are getting ready to give birth. Before Religion was a formal thing, people all over the world celebrated this time of lengthening days and early signs of spring. Special foods were made, special hearthfires or bonfires (weather permitting) or ceremonial lighting of candles occurred to represent and celebrate the return of light and warmth. And for some it was also a time of purification and renewal. (Some Romans would run through the streets with scourges whacking people to drive out evil.)

      And, yes, some weather divination was involved as well. In Ireland the divine Hag Cailleach was believed to gather her firewood for the rest of the winter on this day. A sunny day was bad because it would give her more time to gather plenty of firewood. In Europe people would look for badgers or serpents to come out.

      Groundhog Day is purported to have been brought over to the U.S. in the 1700’s by the German’s. Not having an abundance of badgers led to the groundhog substitution. However, it did not become an official Pennsylvania celebration until February 2, 1886.

      Every year thousands flock to Punxsutawney, PA to see if Punxsutawney Phil (who lives in the Punxsutawney Library, by the way) will see his shadow. Celebrations begin at 3 a.m. and include live entertainment, music and fireworks in a lead up to the big moment around 7:30 a.m. Unfortunately, Phil is not a great prognosticator. Statistically he has only a 39% success rate.

      And that’s how we got Groundhog Day.

      Thank you SO MUCH!!!

      3:10 a.m.

  3. This is not sad news that the dishes don’t fit together, it’s good news that there are two pretty blue dishes in the family.

    Hope your toe is doing better. Never trust a hedgehog.

    Exquisite re-framing, thank you. 😀

    3:12 a.m.

    (We can no longer trust ANY of his squeaky plush toys.)

  4. Sorry you hurt your foot. Those hedgehogs can be tricky.

    Even though your and your mother’s pieces don’t fit together, at least now you know what to look for. Does she actually use hers as a pie plate?

    The card seemed fitting to me at first, but lost me when it got all specific about a person and a situation, which I don’t have. I’ll just stick to the first paragraph. I need stamina and persistence to get myself doing all the things I need to do for my move!

    I never remember seeing her bake in that pie plate (because I’ve never seen the damn thing in my life before last night), but she says that she did at one point. She truly does treasure it (that may be the only item she has from her mom’s mom).

    3:16 a.m.

  5. Merry Imbolc! Poor toesie! We have to take the hedgehogs away from our dogs when they start trying to pull on the wee feets… otherwise it’s Battle Hedgies & Treat Dancing when we want to get their megrims out.

    Smooches and healing toe vibes. I love that you have the option of 2 different sizes of roaster plate thingies now 😉

    Happy Happy to you as well!

    It is special. Thanks. 😆

    3:18 a.m.

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