Sustaining and Substituting Sunday.

             The last time I saw *A* she offered me a hot drink (tea, cider, cocoa), in her new office.  It had been a very cold ride, so I said yes.  That dose of warm zingy lemon tea reminded me of how much I love a hot cuppa.

             Since I accidentally (ten years ago?)  stopped ingesting two (or more) pots of coffee per day, and (in the past year plus) discontinued my sugary drinks of, as Dan loving called them, Hummingbird-water, I sort of forgot how satisfying a nice warm beverage can be.  Yesterday I picked up a box of organic herbal lemon, ginger teabags.  Which then caused me to need some lemon tea cookies.  I mean, obviously.  Where else would that take ME?!

lemon tea cookies

They recommended plastic wrap, but I went with waxed paper.

             It’s the type of dough you need to refrigerate.   Usually I whiz right on by those methods, but yesterday was split up into funny portions, so it worked out well.

I might have over-frosted.

I might have over-frosted.

             They come out small, so it’s easy to eat a lot at once.  They somehow just keep ending up getting chewed before you even realize they’re gone.  That’s sort of a plus and a minus.  The recipe is HERE for both cookie and icing.  It calls for lemon zest, but we only had oranges, so I used that.  Worked out just fine.

             (A mixer is mentioned in the instructions, but I did most of the blending by hand.  As I’ve said before, lots of equipment is NOT necessary, our foremothers used what they had, and none of it plugged into the wall.)

             Today I never dressed and never left the house.  It was nice.  I spent time with Apolo Ohno and his autobiography.   He’s an inspiring and amazing young man.  Not simply because he won a bunch of races but because he’s just a very special person.  It’s a quick read, which I highly recommend.

             One of the things he talks about is the mental strength and focused attitude it takes to succeed (and be happy), in anything.  His primary example was sports, obviously.  But he’s gone on to apply it liberally.  He speaks professionally now, to everyone, from kids to business folks.  I’m getting a lot out of this, and think it fell into my lap at exactly the right time.  (Thanks Judy, for the sharing on this one.)

             Another piece of synchronicity is today’s daily draw.  Have we tuned in to something truly phenomenal here with our expanding card altar, or what?!


“The Queen of the Light  ~  15  ~

illumination, enlightenment, celebration

The Queen of Light is a beautiful Ally and comes into your life to herald success in all your ventures.  She illuminates the most important steps on your path and reminds you of your own brilliance.  

You are intelligent and inspired, and all your needs will be met.  Remember that you’re the instrument of the Divine shining through you in this world.  You are on the correct path for your highest good.

The Queen also brings you insight into how you manifest your reality in the most miraculous ways.  She promises that you will be shown the next right action and celebrates you as you stand brilliant, joyful, and enlightened in the present time.

You’ve worked hard to come this far.  You can be proud to stand tall in your conviction that in your heart of hearts, you know the truth of your situation.

Rewards for your perseverance and willingness to learn are on their way.  Gratitude and acceptance are key today.”

             That last line really ties it up nicely, and confirms that we’re coming out the other side.  Still though, it feels like the Contrary Queen wants her story told as well, just in case, and because we strive to help as many people as possible.


The Queen of the Light challenges you to shine your light and not give in to fear.  Are you hiding yourself for fear of rejection?  Are  you as afraid of success as you are of failure?  The light of the Divine shining within you is the power that expresses through you.  This, not your ego, is the authentic place of self-expression.

The Queen of the Light also challenges you to look at how you are affected by glitter, glamour, and the superficial dreams of society.  Are you mesmerized by false power?  The material world is fleeting; nothing lasts forever.  Make sure your intentions come from deep within you, and don’t base them just on money or power or what you think love will do for you.  Ask instead what you can offer, what you can give.

True wealth resides within peace, harmony, and a sense of purpose.  Remember that Light isn’t garish and cold, nor is it manufactured – it’s warm and brilliant and natural.   Give up the attachment to the outer goal, and if it’s meant to be yours, it will surely come.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Affirmation:

(from me, with help from the Making Peace With Food book)

I take great pride in what I do, in what I value, and in the way that I live, for I truly believe in me.

11 thoughts on “Sustaining and Substituting Sunday.

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay-inside-day! It sounds like you are in better spirits (fingers crossed!), too. Yay for books that come exactly when we need them to!

    The Queen of the Light is beautiful, and brings a wonderful message! I needed both directions today, so thank you for sharing both.

    It’s very obvious when they need to tell their stories, from both sides.

    10:44 p.m.

  2. I like the Queen of Light (and I liked Badger yesterday) and how nice to get a reminder that you do like a nice hot cuppa. When it gets a bit warmer, try iced mint tea. It is quite refreshing. I, too, am glad it feels like you’re becoming more centered, and “climbing through the other side” as I’ve heard it called.

    Good reminder, we have some “volunteer” mint out in front that needs to be re-located.

    10:49 p.m.

  3. I too had a stay-inside-day yesterday, and it was lovely.

    A nice hot cuppa is always good. One of my favorites is a green tea with lemon, but it’s decaf. I’m very sensitive to caffeine so I can drink this at any time, and it tastes delicious.


    Another good suggestion, I love lime juice and lime-ade (lemon too, but lime’s my fave). Wonder how that would be without the honey……

    10:51 p.m.

  4. A stay in day! Glad you decided to enjoy it rather than work through it.

    I couldn’t live without tea. It is very soothing just to take time to make it. And for me with tea it’s either muffins, scones, or shortbread cookies. Unfortunately I don’t always have time to bake something up. *sigh*

    Gratitude is tough today. My back is killing me. And I gotta drive my son to school today for his senior project report. *whimper*

    I always want to suggest, when I hear of someone with pain, to look into past-life reasons. Have you done this?

    11:02 p.m.

  5. This is a good card today as I am beginning my tasks for my move (which will take place at the end of March, if not sooner). Perseverance, working hard, and not giving into fear are the concepts for me right now.

    You sound like you are doing better today: I hope that’s the case. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay-in day. It sounds nice.

    Take care. I’m going to go back and repeat that affirmation.

    That affirmation is part of a longer one I’m reciting daily. Sometimes I take bits of it out of order, or expand on other sections. This time, it just jumped out at me to share.

    11:05 p.m.

  6. What a lovely card and inspiring message. I’m having a stay in day today.
    It was an exhausting weekend. And yes on the tea, Robin S. Love it and think it comes from my Brit/Aussie background. ; )

    We don’t have any Brit/Aussie roots, but my grandmother was a natural foods fan in the ’60s so I did grow up with THAT background.

    11:07 p.m.

  7. Those lemon cookies sound yummy with a nice cup of tea. Perfect for this umpteenth day in a row of overcast, rainy skies. I’m gonna make some.
    Made some vegetable soup and it turned out good.
    Glad you are enjoying A.O. I haven’t gotten very far in yet.

    Yipee for a great soup! Dan made an amazingly wonderful stew last week, and we’re STILL talking about it.

    11:09 p.m.

  8. Heya, Julielanders. Whatup?

    “She promises that you will be shown the next right action and celebrates you as you stand brilliant, joyful, and enlightened in the present time.”

    Ohh yeah, some o’ that would be good right now.

    Just for me to *do* the next right action. Follow-through seems to be a problem for me.

    And (((((hug))))) for you, Julie.

    Not ever sure how to answer that “Whatup” question, but here’s my reply:

    me, I’m much more UP than I was,

    11:10 p.m.

  9. My comment got kicked off. Sadness. But the card was wonderful. Happiness it is!

    Who would DARE kick off The Pope?! Well, THAT comment stuck, so they obviously figured out who you were.

    11:11 p.m.

  10. Thinking of you, dear Julie. I looked up the recipe for the lemon cookies because they looked so good, but it doesn’t use any eggs. My fridge is overflowing with eggs, I can’t make anything that doesn’t use eggs. ha. Great card.

    We have been discussing this very thing: eggs vs cornstarch.
    Some of the recipes we looked at were pretty similar, but this difference stood out (when investigating lemon tea cookies, anyway.)

    Yeah, we need to be closer so I can HELP you get through that surplus. 😛

    11:14 p.m.

  11. Both versions of this card are just the reminders I need at the moment, and I am so making these cookies…lemon and tea, my two favourite things!

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