Tonight is a pre-written post, which I am wedging in between all of the other tasks of my day.  It’s the night of our show, so I have to get this set-up. We may not be home in time to do it manually.

             Our daily draw is so freaking welcome!  It made me smile, and really started my afternoon off on the right foot.  (It didn’t hurt that both Dan and I spent an hour with Ryon doing our invented power yoga.  Very inspiring.)

“Azurite  ~

self-confidence, creativity, expanding awareness

Believe in yourself, for you have the ability to materialize your dreams!

Throughout the coming months you will begin to expand your horizons and explore new possibilities for your life.  You will realise that all you need, in order to manifest your dreams, is self confidence.

Believe in yourself and do not let anything stand in your way!  Even if you are rejected, do not give up, for even refection can serve to strengthen your resolve and character, provided you are ready for it.  Expect it and see it as something  you can learn from.  Success is guaranteed provided you remain focused and confident.

See every experience as a learning experience.”

             This one couldn’t have come at a better time.  My favorite part is how we are instructed to let nothing stand in the way of our dreams.  I don’t know about you, but I am ON this one!

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

according to my bike it was 9.373 and according to his 9.15.  We’ve figured out part of the issue with those differing numbers, I have to “tack” up our street (like a sailboat), using a series of switchback moves because it’s really steep and my gears are really shitty.  So technically, I AM going more miles than he is.  It took us one hour, six minutes, and 58 seconds to go there and back.

Yesterday’s Baking:

not me this time, Mr Nappy Pie (and his assistant) got up from their rest and made granola.

home-made granola
You start with EIGHT and a half cups of oats……

             We found a wonderful source of organic “mixed” meal and grain at one of our local markets, and used Alana‘s second recipe.  The house STILL smells yummy.  Come on over, we have plenty.  Oh wait, we aren’t home, that’s okay, Max will let you in.


6 thoughts on “Mindful, somemore.

  1. Very awesome draw today! I don’t have any Azurite, but now I totally want some, what a great stone!

    I must thank you for the title of tonight’s post… I have been snacking more, with the non-smoking thing, like I knew I would. I have given myself permission to do so as often as I feel I “need” to, I just try to keep the snacks toward the lower calorie end of the spectrum… so, I was snacking on yummy white cheddar popcorn when I pulled up your post, and the “mindful” component of the title made me realize that I was shoveling in the popcorn and just wolfing it down mindlessly. Well, snacking is one thing, but wolfing down as though I’m starving is entirely unnecessary! So, thanks to your title, I slowed the fuck down, put one or two pieces in my mouth at a time, chewed slowly, and actually applied consciousness to enjoying the food… What a great difference! 🙂

    Lol, okay. Well wow.
    I changed it at the VERY last second! 😆

    11:14 p.m.

  2. Acting with intent…always a good thing. Helps to avoid unintended consequences, mostly. Heading home this morning…great family visit, even if it was short.

    We take those visits any chance we get!

    11:17 p.m.

  3. This is a great card for me right now, as I am working on finding work up in Seattle so I can move. I have contacts, it’s high-tech (which is my background), and my friends are there so I WILL find work that’s just right for me and soon. I have people pulling for me. I have me pulling for me.

    Not to mention your Team and vast friend network!

    11:26 p.m.

  4. I like this line: See every experience as a learning experience.
    Thanks. I needed this. : )

    It goes along with the Universal Law about there being no mistakes, only lessons. 😉

    11:27 p.m.

  5. “See every experience as a learning experience.” I wonder if I can quit grousing long enough to figure out how to do this one. (bad night, I’m grumpy) (part of my sleep was spent chasing recipes through the house, go figure)

    I love crystals. *sigh*

    I’m treating myself to some frozen strawberries we put up this summer. With lots of sugar. Comfort food.

    “…quit grousing…”

    THAT is exactly your starting point.
    Nice find.

    11:31 p.m.

  6. Great card. I can use some encouragement. Hope you enjoyed your show. That granola looks good. I read that recipe. It sounded yummy.

    We enjoyed every freaking second of it!

    ALL the food/recipes from her kitchen look and sound soooooo wonderful.

    11:36 p.m.

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