We found out something today, that maybe I already (sorta kinda possibly-in-the-back-of-my-head) knew, but perhaps not this much.  Were all of you aware that America had dollar coins with president’s faces on them?  And we’ve had them in circulation since 2007?

             Twenty fucking SEVEN, people!!!  They’ve been around since TWOTHOUSANDANDSEVEN!  And I am fairly confident that I’ve never laid eyes on one.  I KNOW that I have never purchased anything with such a thing.

             Yesterday I received this in change, the girl at the counter and I laughing about how funny it was.   Because ya know, ha ha, her till was low and I didn’t care, so ha ha ha, whatever.  Wait, WHAT?!

one dollar coins
Martin Van Who?!
(Kidding, I knew he was a prez.)
(But did I know he was a COIN?!)

             We did some research (by which I mean, Dan googled it up on his phone while we were out on the bikes).  Seems like there’s a bunch issued every year.  AND I HAD NO DAMN CLUE!!!  Of course, now I have to collect them.  So.  There’s ANOTHER obsession to deal with.

             (Hey, it certainly could be worse.  They only cost a dollar.   And it’s not likely I’ll be arrested while in search of them.  Probably.)

             And when we arrived back at The Burrow, there was an amazing surprise on our porch.

chutney and relish made at home, lemon curd
Family-made Food!

             My beautiful cousin Jannel sent me this entertainingly packaged box.  (It was factory-marked PERISHABLE, with another fitted-liner-like-box inside.  She’s a brilliant and brainy scientist, so the available shipping materials in her life have amusing, laboratory-based, background histories.)  Inside was a note, with the following notations:

  • the chutney isn’t too spicy,  peaches from Jeff’s tree     (Jeffrey is her brother)
  • the lemon curd isn’t too sweet, meyer lemons from our tree     (I am SO going to visit her and Tony, now that I know they have a freaking lemon tree in their yard)

             Yes, my tribe is generous and wonderful, and I adore every single one of them.  (But really, she’s probably right up there in the Top Five  favorites* of my cousins, who number into the high teens, well over twenty-something if you count in spouses-of-cousins, and second-cousins.)

*To be completely truthful, she is one of my all-time favorite PEOPLE, not just counting folks related to me.  Seriously, you don’t understand how sweet and smart and near-perfect she is.  And pretty, dear lord, she’s gorgeous.

             Bottom line, thank you Jannelly!  Thank both your husband and your brother for us too.  I can not WAIT to pop those jars open and enjoy every drop/bite/morsel.  (Any specifically good, or bad, times of year we can stop by?)

             Meanwhile, back at the ranch, on our card altar we have an animal message.  Are you all laughing at me yet?  Because I absolutely did chuckle when I flipped this one over.

animal and oracle cards

Cat  ~

Guardianship, Detachment, Sensuality

The card shows a wild cat in the Scottish highlands.  In the foreground we see the yellow-flowered spotted cat’s ear and the pink flowering cat’s foot.  Hill-cat’s glove (pennywort) is growing by the cat’s tail.

Although the cat was used by warriors, as was the boar, raven, and bear, to invoke the avenging and protective power of the gods, it was still considered an animal associated with the Goddess and the feminine.

Cat brings us the ability to observe situations quietly without judgement, before making decisions.  Apparently asleep, but really listening, a cat can sit for hours until it acts with decisiveness.  Remember the saying ‘a cat may look at a king.’  You have a right to know and to judge important issues for yourself in your own time.

The cat unites an awareness of the spirit-world with a highly developed sensuality.  These two attributes are not polar opposites as dualistic spiritual teachings would have us believe, but are facets of one continuum of awareness and sensitivity.  Working toward wholeness involves enhancing our appreciation of both the physical and non-physical world.”

             This one came up MOSTLY direct, but it feels as though we should also look at what the contrary side says.

Drawn reversed, 

this card may mean that you  must be wary of becoming axen-cat, an old term which means a fireside cat, too lazy to bother much about the world.  An indolent and self-absorbed sensuality, rather than an opening of the self to the magic of the physical world, is usually a means of escaping from reality.

The cat is easily able to travel in her spirit-form in the Otherworld, but it is important for you to be strongly earthed in everyday physical reality.  An interest in the mysterious and the occult can sometimes be inappropriate  especially if it is uses as a defense against the pain and difficulty of being in the world.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm illustrated by Bill Worthington.

Today’s FLP Report:

Wisconsin, Arizona, either New York or New Jersey or Pennsylvania (we couldn’t tell because of the illegal plate frame), Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, and this one.

foreign license plates
Parked right out the back door of J.D.’s building.

             And from yesterday, there was an (another!)  illegal frame that said “Lake Tahoe” but was bolted to a Texas plate.  THAT one made me laugh.

Today’s Mileage:

is going to depend on who you ask, because my bike’s counter said one thing, and Daniel’s GPS app said something a wee bit different.  I’d say HIS was more accurate, but maybe not.  It tends to lose the signal and rotate between connections (as well as the fact that HE forgets to turn it off when we make short stops, and forgets to turn it back on again in the same situations), rounding shit off and never recording ALL of the pedaling.

Mine:  9.2MPH average speed, total time of 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 43 seconds, with a distance of 9.626 miles under our wheels.

His: less than 8MPH average speed, with a total time of 1 hour 27 minutes, and 06 seconds, showing only 9.55 miles covered.

             There are just so many variables for why these differ, also, I just really REALLY couldn’t give a shit.  I simply don’t care.  A round mean-number is perfectly good enough for me.

14 thoughts on “Under One Goddess.

  1. I knew that the dollar coins existed, but I didn’t know that they were making a series of them honoring each of the dead Presidents. Interesting.

    Yay for yummy home/family-made food arrivals from wonderful cousins!

    LOL! Yes, I absolutely did snicker when I saw the card! It says it’s wild, though, so that makes it ok, right? Great message, so it must be ok. 😉

    Wow, lots of cars from far-away places spotted today!

    I’ve already had a brilliant idea on how to use the lemon curd, with my mini-cupcake maker! Stay tuned, it might be great.

    10:53 p.m.

  2. Yes I am laughing at you. Julie has a pic of an undog on her blog, hee,hee,hee.
    I am so irritated right now. I was totally engrossed in a really good book on my kindle app on my iphone. And then suddenly the last half of the book isn’t there and nothing I can do will sync it and I can’t wake my daughter up in the middle of the night to get her to fix me. Wait, can I? After all she gave me some sleepless nights. Just kidding. Of course I can’t.
    Guess I’ll just have to go to bed and work on it tomorrow. Dammit. Really, really good book. Under the Moon (the first in the Goddesses Rising series.)
    You rode. I swum. We both moved. Yay! Not getting very far in the AC book yet, though.

    Yes, those of us “of a certain age” do depend on our kids for crap like that…….

    Don’t worry about your progress, right now the journey is just as valuable as the destination, even AC would agree.

    10:56 p.m.

  3. I’m glad the treats arrived safely. You are one of my most favorite people, too. Tony and I would love to have you any time of the year! We’ve got room aplenty (the quantity of which fluctuates based on which kids are with us at any given time – right now only son 2 is with us) and you and your sweet, wonderful husband are always welcome. I love reading about your baking adventures and find them inspirational!!

    We are going to make this happen in 2013. Get your mom involved and it’ll be damn near a reunion.
    (Also, how cool would a photo be of the three of us Hanavan women?! Genetics much?)

    10:59 p.m.

  4. Cat! But it’s a wild cat, so that’s better. 🙂 I have a feeling I’m becoming an axen-cat, just hang out in front of the fire and let everything else around me go to hell. Which will do me no good when it comes to making money or finding work or anything like that! But it’s comfy ….

    Hanging around the hearth is not, inherently, all bad. It’s the frequency of your getting UP AND OUT that might need addressing.

    11:02 p.m.

  5. Serendipity is my stripper name. Last night at dinner I saw the waitress get some of those coins and freak out a little, wondering if they were legal tender! Those EXACT same gold coins, which I also had NO prior knowledge of. Wyrd.

    I love this about us,
    I absolutely truly do.

    11:03 p.m.

  6. I had absolutely no idea that there were Presidents’ coins. I wonder if my son knows. He sporadically collects coins.

    Homemade yummies! Sooo jealous! I keep looking at those Meyer Lemon Trees. Everyone says they are the best. I would have to grow mine in a pot in the house during the winter though. Tempting, very tempting.

    For several years, and several houses, we hauled around my citrus trees-in-pots. In hopes that I’d get fruit. I think we MAY have seen some tiny, almost-lemons/oranges, but nothing that we could eat. Finally, we planted them, thinking we’d never move. But then, we moved. I would love to have some again. Or better yet, live in a place where they grew freely outside.

    11:06 p.m.

  7. The only gold dollar coins of which I am aware are Sacajawea and M. Van B. I have several in my dresser drawer, (not ciruclating) and those coins should be in general circulation by now. I like Canada’s “loonie” and “twonie” for one dollar coins (with a loon on them) and two dollar coins (with a bear on them). Gee, wonder why I like that?? Coming from our recent trip, I also note that there are no paper Euros under a $5. All else is coin. Pretty convenient, to my way of thinking.

    And I am glad you included the contrary position of Cat; good note to me to get off my lazy butt now.

    Treats from family are always wonderful, especially of the home made and grown variety. Remind me to get you some of the Zucchini relish that we make; it is not as sweet as sweet pickle relish, and is a GREAT way to get rid of cordwood zucchini.

    Is there ANYone in this country who does NOT have a few Susan B. Anthonys or Sacajaweas in a drawer amongst the socks?

    What do we put this relish on and when can we sample some? I’ll trade you for a batch of biscuits.

    11:14 p.m.

    1. The relish can be used anywhere you’d use sweet relish: potato salad, on burgers and brats or in tuna salad. Yep, I’ll trade for biscuits.

  8. You’re starting to collect something new while I’m getting rid of things. Like for reals. Given books to the library, dvds and cds to a cousin, old (but good) clothes to an acquaintance and I’ve just gotten started.

    I am going to also remember this damn password so that I can post on all my fave people’s blogs. But I think I’m going to write it down and keep it safely. Not so safe that it can’t be found, just safe enough.

    Sadly, my collecting may have come to a screeching halt before it has even begun. I just read the entire article, and a few side-links, and then poked around some more. Seems that the minting and circulation project was halted before the entire series could be completed. See above comment to Ally, no one was using these coins,
    they were KEEPING them. 😦

    YOU’RE HERE!!!! So good to see you in the comments!

    (Don’t lose that damn password again.)

    11:28 p.m.

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