Here is a text message that I just received from my son, he is referring to the Tahini Cookies, which got slightly dense as they aged, and I suspect he is at work on his lunch break:

Important discovery: if you put your cookie briquettes in the ‘wave, set it on high, and then forget them for like a minute or so, they will start to burn.  From the inside.  Where it’s hidden until you dip them in milk and they snarl at you, and then  you bite into them and the middle is black.”

             Not sure if everyone else’s hardened up like ours did, or if my storage method/recipe adjustments are to blame.  Either way, J.D. enjoyed them, as did we all.

Oh, but they were good!  Actually, slightly better than before, overall, since they absorbed the milk and were edible.”

             Next time I make these, if there is a next time, I’ll be sure to have him really close by, so he can sample a FRESH version.  Not a day-old  one, that’s been incinerated, from the inside out.

              Now we need to address a tardy situation.  Yesterday was Sara’s 21st birthday, and I dropped the ball.  She is the only child of Daniel’s younger sister Michelle and her husband Bruce.  We traveled to see our beautiful niece get married this past summer*.  Today we wish her a Happy Happy Belated!  Hope it was wonderful, a celebration filled with gifts and love and plenty of cake that you didn’t have to make for yourself elf.

*I went looking for pictures from the wedding, or even the trip in general, but is seems as though most were saved on Dan’s computer.  Which we all know has crashed about seven times since then.  So.  Those: not an option, gone.

             Next up is what arrived on my porch this afternoon.  I had gone for a walk* and wasn’t back inside all that long when the doorbell rang.  This is a sign for the Maximum Grand Dog to lose his fucking mind.  Oh wait, I mean protect us with his life!  Whatever.  It was a couple of calendars, left near the screen.  (Yes, I do buy local as much as possible, but these I can’t GET anywhere in town [I’ve tried, believe me] so I am forced to order them from afar.)

*More on that adventure later in the post.  I promise.

rainbow calendars, travel photos

I’m already excited about the places this one will take us.
(And it was on SALE.)

             Here’s the funny part.  As I was positioning this on to the kitchen chair (the one I use for my posed shots of the assorted ephemera in my life) I stepped back for just a second.  In that tiny lax moment, Max jumped up.  The shiny paper he landed on was unexpected, and NOT as comfortable underneath him as that spot usually is.  He gave me SUCH a look!

Always ready to help.

Always ready to help.

             I asked him politely to please get down and let me finish.  He did, and I did.  Then I invited him back up.  Here he is, sharing the chair, and realizing that Dan’s on his way up the stairs.  All photography nonsense is forgotten after this point.

             One of the other items in today’s delivery was THIS, which I pick up every year.  This afternoon, as I was glancing through it, I noticed a few topics that we’ll be discussing (at length, no doubt) tomorrow and into next week.  (There is SO much good information in these.)

             Before I left the house earlier, I went into our card altar room, and was guided to step out of the rotation.  And now, I know why.

Angel Of The Universe  ~

You are being encouraged to expand your thinking.

By choosing this card you are being guided by your angels to look at your life and work from a broader, more universal perspective.

The angels congratulate you for all that you have done to date to serve and help humanity and those around you.  Yet it is time to move on to the next level.  Trust your angels and the universe for they will guide you.  There is no need for anxiety or fear.  You are simply being encouraged to think a little bigger.

Start to imagine yourself and your work reaching and touching large numbers of people without losing any of the integrity of what you do.  Imagine all this happening with ease and only in ways that will make you feel comfortable.  

It takes no more effort to think big than to think small.  There’s no need to do anything radical at this time.  Remember, to a large degree, we create our reality by what we think about, dream about, and imagine.  Simply think a little bigger and ask the Angel Of The Universe to guide you.”

             Well.  This is truly a sign.  It’s precisely what I’d like to do with my readings and this site.  I’ll be working on these suggestions immediately, and I recommend everyone else do the same.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Baking:

none!  We have too damn many cookies here right now.  Come by and get some, please!

Today’s Mileage:

a grand total of 3.  All of them on foot.  I trudged steadily for 90 straight minutes, at an average speed of 2 miles an hour.  It looked like this out there.  (About 41 degrees F.)

amazon running trails

No clue who that woman is, she was simply on the path.
(But, she did smile at me as she passed by.)

             Recently Robena mentioned that she was going to make sure her regular walks were more a part of her life.  We had just been talking about that here, too.  Today I wasn’t dropping anything off or picking anything up or making any sort of kid-related deliveries at all, no bike errands on the To Do list.

             So I went info-gathering instead, wearing shoes and socks.  Tomorrow night we’re going to meet some friends at a restaurant that’s not too far from The Burrow.  We’ll walk to dinner, and now I know how long it will take us.

wild turkey feathers

Right next door.

             I was nearly home and thinking about the fact that I’d seen NO feathers the entire time.  When: BOOM!  There it was.  One residence away.

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  1. Great card; no wonder you were guided out of the normal roatation. And nice walk. We’ve been doing a bit of that lately ourselves, and is a habit that I’d like to continue. I also love the story JD told of the cookies, and the “snarl” when placed in milk for dunking.

    I totally thought of you guys and your seeing of foreign sights while I was out there today, marching up and down the full length of both East and West Amazon!

    12:33 a.m.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sara!!!

    Incinerated from the inside, snarling cookies… this is (one of many reasons) why I love your blog, LOL!

    Awesome arrivings via mail, can’t wait to see more of these! I love the shot of Max, all perked up for Dan’s arrival.

    Wow, Angel of The Universe takes our ongoing theme and expands it even further! Totally love this! (Except, still, with the artwork… not as bad as many from this deck, but sheesh on the DARKNESS of everything!)

    Beautiful feather! Not just any run-of-the-mill feather, either, but a hawk feather… I would’ve had to keep that one for myself.

    I thought it was maybe a turkey feather. Don’t know, but I left it.

    11:07 p.m.

    • Oh, right. Since we don’t really have those here (except I saw two that ONE time, so I guess we do…), I didn’t even think about that.

  3. Good card. I do tend to think small when I think of finding work: working in a small office or company. But maybe I could have greater range and impact in a larger company? It’s so hard to tell. Sometimes you get pigeonholed and sometimes you get to do more. I need to set my mind on “getting to do more”. Need to let my mind out to play in a bigger arena, too. I’ve kept it pretty small and limited in my time here. Might be a good reason to leave.

    “Snarling cookies”: I love it!

    Yes, I need to get out and take walks. I believe I will do so today (because it has stopped raining and I don’t have extensive raingear).

    Before I had the good rainpants (or even the bad ones) I just wore heavier sweats for my wetter walks.

    11:13 p.m.

  4. I adore the snarling cookies! And the card.
    Yes, I have included more walking, but had to take a day or two off after the first one. It seems my right hip went into shock over the event. It has since loosened up a bit so today I have to remind myself that it isn’t a race, it’s just a walk. I have nothing to prove except that I’m getting out into fresh air and walking.
    : )

    Oh hell, it’s so frustrating when our bodies revolt like that.
    So glad that you got it all loosened up again!

    11:19 p.m.

  5. The problem of the ‘burnt on the inside’ cookies was picking at my peace. So I went questing. Simply put, microwaves heat moisture. So there was still moisture in the middle of the cookies and that was what cooked/burnt first. Which explains why, when I heat cinnamon rolls up in the microwave, I nearly cook the skin off the roof of my mouth when I get to the center where all the good stuff is.

    Your witchy calendar looks interesting. And Max is adorable!

    That day-planner is apparently one of the biggest sellers. The thing is, it’s not just for witchy folks, it’s for anyone who likes to have all the astrological and natural cycles in one place on a weekly page, in a simple and easy-to-read format.

    I use mine as the desk-top catch-all calendar near our home-phone, centrally located.

    11:21 p.m.

    • Correct! Mostly. Technically, microwave ovens use microwaves (roughly, a form of radio waves) to excite certain molecules in food. Water, specifically liquid water, is the most efficient molecule commonly found in the widest variety of foods, and it tends to heat faster than other, similar molecules. Fats and sugars will also heat, but generally less efficiently and less rapidly.

      It seems likely that the specific reason that the cookie-briquettes burned from the inside out is that the outside layer of the cookie was much dryer and denser than the center; as the moisture in the center heated rapidly to high temperatures, the outer layer heated more slowly, so that even as the center was burning, the outside remained unbrowned.

      Interestingly, in glancing at the Wikipedia article on microwave ovens, there is a single (uncited) line referencing exactly this issue, including using the example of a cookie burning on the inside; however, the author of that line hypothesized that the cause was the “thermal insulation” of the inside from the surrounding (usually MUCH cooler) air.

      Finally, and unrelated to inside-burned-cookies, microwaves contain a doohickey that gets my vote for most-awesome-name-for-a-thing-found-in-most-average-homes. Said doohickey is the device that actually produces microwave radiation from high-voltage electrical current: the magnetron. And as any child nerd-slash-aspiring-supervillain knows, if you band enough magnetrons together and throw ’em in a focusing array, you should be able to construct a death ray.


      I could never get access to enough microwaves to warrant the attempt.

      This is me not joining in the conversation. 🙄

      11:49 p.m.

      • “And as any child nerd-slash-aspiring-supervillain knows, if you band enough magnetrons together and throw ‘em in a focusing array, you should be able to construct a death ray.”

        OMG. Julie, I have a younger version of your son living here and a daughter who says, “Tell J.D if he ever does make it work, I know some people who would love to have a death ray.” (She spends to much time gaming and LARPing.)

        What have I done?????

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