Receiving by Giving.

             This afternoon I wrote a homeless guy a check.  To clarify, I met a young man who is an artist, and currently without a home.  I paid him for products that he’d created.  We had an outstanding conversation.  I’d like it if we could share the joy that is JulieLand, maybe some of you would be willing to spread the love by possibly purchasing a few greeting cards or postcards or (if he has some available) prints.

             (At first, because I knew I didn’t have any cash, I was really disappointed that I couldn’t help him out or bring home any of these, but then, just a few minutes later, it dawned on me [or I was reminded: thanks angels and Team] that I had my checkbook in the panniers.)

             His name is Elan, and I’ve got his contact info.  Here’s what I picked out (with some freebies thrown in, he’s very generous) for just twenty bucks.

Beautifully detailed postcards.

Beautifully detailed postcards.

             Very often I will mail shit, through the post office, with actual stamps (a habit which many of us still retain).  I like to have nice cards on hand.  Those above, and the ones below, will be utilized and greatly appreciated.

This is a series of five, with my bonus bookmark in the bottom right corner.

This is a series of five,
with my bonus bookmark in the bottom right corner.

             Let me know (in the comments or otherwise) if you’d like me to pass along your e-mail address for ordering.  Elan’s cards are printed on nice heavy stock and have a sturdy feel to them.

             Ready for food news now?  Several of you are talking about baking those Tahini Cookies, which makes me super happy.  As did this.

Exquisite selection.

Exquisite selection.

             On my bike errands this afternoon I arrived (with plenty of time to spare) at the cookie store.  (Hi De and Tony!)  Wow, you guys, go there, in person or on-line.  These are amazingly wonderful.  That small bit in the above shot is what’s left of the Chocolate Salty.  Yeah, true fact, we ALL need more of this in our lives.  I will absolutely be back to see these folks again.

             Continuing with my sharing theme, you have to see what I received last night.  It’s the Marian Keyes newsletter.  I know it’s kinda long, but it’s worth it, set aside, like, 9 minutes.  I literally Laughed Out Loud when she was talking about the coat sleeves near the end.  Because holy crap she’s funny.  (You’ve all read her books by now, right?)

             My route took me past the library earlier.  And well, it seems as though the ugly building is done.  Both ends.

lcc downtown

NOT better looking without all of the construction materials, sadly.

             I’ll try to get a better shot next time I pedal past.  I’m also planning on going across the street and just BEING on that side.  Now that all of the fencing is down it feels as though I just NEED to walk over there.

             On our card altar today we have come around to some of our favorite messengers.

oracle cards

Waves Of Prosperity  ~

New abundance and exciting opportunities wash over you now.

New waves of abundance are sweeping over you right now.  Observe any ideas that enter your mind at this time, as they may be seeds of a profitable new venture.  Also notice any out-of-the-blue phone calls or ‘chance’ meetings with people who could help  you.

This card also means that you are on a success streak.   This is an excellent time to begin new ventures (of course, follow your inner guidance and do appropriate research).   You will see that doors open easily for you, and that you are filled with extra confidence and enthusiasm.  

Practice being a grateful recipient of good.  Know that there’s an ocean of abundance, with no danger that it will dry up.”

             There are so many terrific lines in this message that I’m just going to encourage everyone to read it over twice, taking in and absorbing every morsel.  I’ll be doing that now.   (Also, the validation in this draw was tremendously encouraging!)

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

9.047 downtown and back, averaging 9.9MPH with 54 minutes and 20 seconds on two wheels.  It was cold.  Really.  Really.  Cold.

12 thoughts on “Receiving by Giving.

  1. Wow, that is beautiful artwork! What a wonderfully fortuitous meeting!

    And beautiful card, and a wonderfully fortuitous message! Awesome!

    I continue to be amused and entertained by how my day plays out, and then meshes so amazingly well with our card.

    10:44 p.m.

  2. I’m too grumpy, yesterday and today, to comment nicely. So I’ll just crawl back in my cave and growl quietly.

    Sweet Bear, go rest.
    We’ll still be here.

    11:45 p.m.

  3. Beautiful artwork, and the cookies look AMAZING! I am so proud of you for keeping up with your biking. How do you FEEL compared to last year at this time, after all that physical activity? 🙂

    Why are you showing up under Anonymous?!

    AnyHOO, that whole “how do I feel” question is one that I continue to work on with *A* because I simply have a very hard time tuning in to that frequency. Now, dead people and past lives and angels and all things spiritual, THAT channel I can hear SUPER clearly…… my own body? Not nearly as well.

    10:49 p.m.

  4. Beautiful cards by your new friend! Very detailed and realistic. I also like the simplicity of the series of five.

    Good message. Going to do my research so I can be ready for opportunities. I need them.

    I just wrote to the folks who requested his info and said that his work is truly so damn endearing!
    Because seriously, it is precisely that.

    10:52 p.m.

  5. Lovely cards. My mother is an artist and makes great cards. I’m like you, I still send things with stamps. : ) In fact my mother included a letter in her holiday card. I haven’t had one in years, so I’m going to treasure that. : )

    Great message.

    We still get stacks of them for the holidays from life-long friends, and I adore seeing what everyone has done in the past year.

    10:58 p.m.

  6. I love having cards around the house – you never know when you need one. Like the Thank You note I left for the neighbor who came out and helped me defend Chester from the attacking dogs – with a slipper. He guarded us with a SLIPPER so we could limp home. Those acts of niceness (bravery) can’t wait for the weekend when you are shopping.

    You could give him my e-mail address. I would be interested.

    Love the card today – and I’m feeling it.

    Being defended with a SLIPPER totally deserves a prompt Thank You card! Holy crap, what fortitude.
    I adore this neighbor of yours.
    (Hope you and Chester are okay.)

    E-mailed you and e-mailed him.
    Thanks very much, we are changing lives, one piece of art at a time.

    11:01 p.m.

    • It was years gone by… and Chester has never been the same. Sometimes I wonder if it is I who looks at the world in a different way and he picks up on my vibes. Or maybe I pick up on his. We are kind of one and the same.

      The neighbor has moved but I will always remember the courage. It was the middle of the night and I’m whistling trying to scare the dogs. I’m getting weaker by the moment and have not a clue what to do.

      He arrived with his slipper and saved up.

      Since then I carry my phone and pepper spray. Don’t know what good the phone really as I can’t dial, normally, let alone under duress. The pepper spray has done me in good stead once. We had a wolf dog attack and it averted the problem.

      A slipper? Who faces two dogs with a slipper?
      A thank you note – not enough.

  7. I’m grumpy too. Bad night plus dealing with my blasted mother too early in the day. (stomp, stomp)

    Nice artwork and good message on the card.

    Turn it around, you HAVE a damn mother to deal with. No one died. Now, continue with your grumpy,
    but keep this in mind. 😛

    11:02 p.m.

  8. Love the cards. Doesn’t everyone like to receive something hand delivered by a mail person? I bought some cards by an autistic man in Port Orchard a few years ago. They are so beautiful it is hard to part with them. Will have to check it out.

    Oh I have the same trouble! I buy the cards, and only send about half of what I’ve purchased because I LOVE the artwork or the image so freaking much that I can’t let it go.

    If you’d like some of Elan’s cards, let me know. I can get them for you and hand-deliver next month. 😀

    11:05 p.m.

  9. Thank you for the Marian Keyes thing. I so love her. ““I haven’t been anywhere for a while. Not since they made me surrender my passport.” I’m still laughing.
    I need to be on a success streak with the mermaids. Hey maybe I am. I broke through today. Went to the pool for the THIRD time this week.
    I’m going to make those tahini cookies. I have tahini in the fridge taunting me.

    Her tweeties are hilarious too! She is just so genuinely funny,
    and simply REAL through and through,

    Yay for multiple pool days!

    11:08 p.m.

  10. Slightly less grumpy now. But I think I’m getting a cold. Boo hiss. I like the cards. Send me his info, please. And send healthy thoughts my way. Please.

    Massively powerful healing energy arrows of the very robust variety from me to you. Also, take your vitamins and make some good soup. Then just yell at the cold/virus/whatever and FORCE it to leave.
    (This is Dan’s new way of dealing with illness. Seems to be working.)

    As I said above to Judie, e-mailed him and e-mailed you. We ARE going to make a positive difference, every freaking day in this upcoming year!

    11:11 p.m.

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