To Be Fair.

             We’re going to begin tonight’s nonsensical and self-serving ramblings brilliantly insightful post with: food.  Good healthy, home-made food.  That I created.  And don’t hate.  (Big deal, those two together.)  (Plus, I can’t seem to stop eating them, so this bodes well.)

             I wanted to try this recipe (Tahini Cookies) ever since I first spotted it at Alana’s place last month.  I promptly printed off a copy, and proceeded to cart the papers around the house; upstairs, downstairs, on and off of the kitchen table.  The only ingredient I didn’t have was the heavy cream.  We’ve been non-dairy (primarily cow’s milk) for months and months now, so this was a Special Purchase.

             Hit that link in the above paragraph, and see what details she adds.  I used my handmixer (because I’m not authorized, nor do I have any desire to, use Dan’s big stand device).  It worked okay, but I think stirring by hand would certainly be just as adequate.  I ended up doing it mostly that way in the end.  I also added an egg, plus some (organic, natural, grind-it-yourself) peanut butter*, and sprinkled them with cinnamon-sugar because I wanted mine a touch sweeter.

*No doubt my ratios were off because I’m such a shitty measurer.  Also, I used a combination of flours, half was organic whole wheat, the other half regular All Purpose Unbleached.

tahini cookies

A direct success,
not even inadvertent this time.

             And because you asked (or more accurately, subtly hinted), LondonMabel, here he is, the maximum Grand Dog, on his throne in his very own, slightly used, desk chair, saying, “hi everyone, we made cookies!”  (Or maybe was just mumbling, “jeez, Nana.  Will you get that damn camera out of my freaking face?!”  One or the other, hard to say.)

Nana's baking helper, taking a much needed break from the action.

My baking helper,
taking a much needed break from the action.

             On our card altar this afternoon, we stayed on track.  I even stood there, asking, “are we heading in a different direction today?”  The answer was, “NO, stick with your rotation.”

robin wood tarot

Justice~ 11

             This called out to me, with the words I used in today’s title.  It’s all about how fair/unfair we view the world.  When we whine about shit not working out for us because the Universe is not a fair place, we are simply drawing more “unfairness” in our own direction.

            On the other hand, when we see and appreciate our blessings and gifts, acknowledging every day, every hour, ever breath, we are then presented with more of the same; abundance and joy everywhere we look.

             In light of the latest political news (remember yesterday’s card about Politics?) we are reminded that we live in a democracy, a place of compromise, as well as a place of massive wealth/massive debt.  Does everyone reap those rewards or pay those bills?  No, not always.  For the most part though, we DO live with Justice.  There IS a system in place for us to seek out a peaceful resolution.

             We need to keep those scales and sword in mind, the next time we complain about how unfair our situation is.  Because, really?  Is it truly all that unjust and uneven?  Maybe we simply need to adjust our perspective, instead of seeking out the negative, we are tasked with looking for the positive.

             One last bit about this card, the numbers add down to 2.  Which is all balance, all duality, all even-ness.  In it’s original state of 11, the symbolism is more about re-starting, or the beginning of a new cycle.  Not exactly like a 1 would be, but similar, and far more powerful.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

go HERE to see Hanna’s latest blog post.  It’s very sensible and wise.

Today’s Baking:

those cookies that actually turned out quite nicely, and some home-made pizza that at first I didn’t like, but now seem to be enjoying.  (Don’t ask, no one can explain this, most especially me.)

Today’s Mileage:

whatever it was on Monday, that much.  I rode to the pool and back.

6 thoughts on “To Be Fair.

  1. Yay on baking with results that are totally satisfying! And then results that inexplicably turn from dislike to like, LOL!

    Ha! I was just thinking yesterday that we hadn’t seen Max in quite some time… LondonMabel was reading my mind! He is adorable, as always.

    Wow, your first sentence of our card writings just brought back some childhood shit. One of my Mom’s favorite phrases was/is “Life isn’t fair” (of course this was always in response to me expressing that she wasn’t being fair, at least in my opinion). To my double-Libra (Sun & Mercury) sensibilities, that was NOT OK. Glad I never took her beliefs to heart! Looking for the positive is a happier place to be. I love that this card is number 11, too, which is one of my favorite numbers!

    I’ve been in that situation, both sides of it, where we can’t think of anything BUT the unfairness. However, I now know that in the long run, it WILL all be fair, I just need to remember it day-to-day.

    11:01 p.m.

  2. I saw that tahini cookie recipe last time you put up her link. Now I really have to make them since I’m going to wean myself off of fructose and hfcs.
    I set my alarm to get up in time for the pool. I only vaguely remember shutting it off and going back to sleep. The thing is, I can’t feel too guilty about that. Sleep is important, too and can be a definite challenge for me.
    Nice to see Max again, even if he wasn’t entirely willing.

    Sleep is VERY important! When you can, please do.
    (The pool won’t go anywhere.)

    11:04 p.m.

  3. Sweet Maxie!

    Like Corina, I had a bit of a flashback with that card. Have to remember it all comes around in the end.

    As for New Year’s, I’m stealing a Mark Twain quote from another blog that made me laugh: “New Year’s Day–Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”

    Just saw an update from Mike Rowe (the DirtyJobs guy) about how his gym was so PACKED with folks who never show up any other time of year that he had to leave.
    We call them January People.

    11:15 p.m.

  4. YaY Maxie!!

    I do the apprecitate thing with lights -you all ready know I’m nuts so it is okay to admit this 😉 I thank them for being green and you would be amazed at how many red light I don’t sit at. On days when I have plenty of time I let the universe know and I’ll be danged if I don’t get all red lights. It is pretty awesome. I need to remember to apply this to the rest of my life.

    My grandmother did something so similar.

    Sure, SOME folks called her crazy,
    but whatever. 😛
    (We were VERY connected, so ….. ya know.)

    11:19 p.m.

  5. Happy New Year, Maxie! Woof!
    Yummy cookies.
    I was talking on my blog about being unable to write my goals for this year. A spammer came on and left a long comment in broken English about how he’d come to the site looking for something helpful, and if I just stopped whining I’d have time to write the goals. I deleted him, and laughed. He was so right. So I wrote them out yesterday. : )

    Our messages come from the most unexpected places.

    11:21 p.m.

  6. One of my lifelong complaints has always been “but it’s not FAIR!” And, of course, the response has usually been “life isn’t fair.” Of course, it isn’t unfair either; it’s us humans who act in fair and unfair ways. So I generally try my best to be fair.

    I do need to more express appreciation for all the good and the abundance in my life and will do so.

    Once we start seeing with those Positive Eyes,
    more positive things actually start to show up.

    11:22 p.m.

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