Continuing the theme from yesterday, sharing is going to happen here tonight.  Because, some sharing happened to me earlier.  Which is always awesome!

             Here’s a gloriously winter-y phone photo from Anna.  She said in her last comment that it was dumping snow in her home state.  Yep, that’s a buncha snow alright!

Over here, we have rain, so I'm very much enjoying LOOKING at this view.
Over here,
we have rain, so I’m very much enjoying LOOKING at this view.

             Thanks for sharing!   Now for a listening treat.  Go HERE to see a pictures of my girls and hear their voices, from our very own kitchen table.  Most of what they said is accurate.  Most, not all.

             Are you back?  Okay, now I’m going to send everyone off again, to Hanna’s most recent blog post.  Beware though, there’s animal-feeding/eating photography.  (And by “animal” you know I mean the reptile version.  Don’t worry though, completely not gory or graphic.)

             Sadly, what there is NOT, are very many shots of our Solstice on Christmas.   I think this year we just enjoyed each other’s company and our celebrations.  Kinda forgetting to break out the camera.

Solstice celebrations and rituals

             Here’s the tree though, complete with Dan’s new spool of overly-bright lights.  (Also, you can almost see my new curtains behind it.)

Traditional Pagan Yuletide Evergreen, all decorated, with gifts underneath.
Traditional Pagan Yuletide Evergreen,
all decorated, with gifts.

             The daily draw is flown in for us by a being that’s near and dear to our hearts here in The Burrow, thanks to Empress and her love of all living things.  (Who doesn’t adore the story of Stella Luna?!)

Creatures Of The Air:

Eagle, Raven, Owl, Humming Bird, Parrot, Peacock, Butterfly  Bat, Spider, and Bee

By different means all of these creatures escape the confines of earth.  They soar above material cares and worries and counsel that it is time to let go of our cares, to leave the past firmly behind you where it belongs, and to look for a new future where anything is possible.  Spider uniquely makes her gossamer home in the air, connected to earth by silken ties almost too fine to perceive   She counsels that as you go forward in life you should remain attached to your past, but not be dominated by it.”

animal and oracle cards, bat magick and messages

Bat   ~

You have the power to transcend failure and move into a limitless future.

Bat once crawled upon the earth, but she reached for the stars and now she really can fly.

If you have pulled Bat to guide you, you too can become anything you want.  But remember, everything has its own period of gestation and as you progress to your own limitless future you must transcend failure and its attendant fear, that of striving again.

With failure comes the knowledge that brings you ever nearer your heart’s goal until on the destined day you are reborn.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Yesterday’s Mileage:

Only 5.815, which really feels as if it should be more.  (I rode to the pool for class then Heather’s house for her reading.  Clearly all of the important places in my life are conveniently located!)  Time traveled was 38 minutes and 46 seconds, with my average speed just 9MPH.

Today’s Mileage:

8.716, even though I only went one place.  It took me 52 minutes and 13 seconds to pedal there and back, but my average speed picked up to 10MPH.

Tonight’s Lunar Event:

technically tomorrow is the Full Moon (which is also called a “Cold Moon” -look at THIS really well-done article I found on it) but I received two inquiries about it tonight.   It looks so full, and yet the  DATE  says it’s not truly full for another day.  Well not quite, it’s really just a few short hours past midnight, or near there, depending on which coast you reside on.  Whenever you see Her, soak up those moonbeams and enjoy!

LateNight One Last Thing:

go HERE and watch this, it’s only 7 minutes long, you can afford the time.  He is talking about SO much of what WE have seen come up in our cards.

7 thoughts on “Seasonal Attitude, Un-endingly.

  1. Looks like a festive Yuletide there, regardless of the number of photos documenting the event. I am glad your family was able to draw together. Seems like family was the theme for us this year as well, although I miss my sister, it is nice being with Annie, Greg and the girls 1/2 way across the world.

    I took the time to listen to enough of the podcast to know I need to budget a half hour with some earphones to listen. I sure remember a few of those earlier holidays, and your happiness that when I was the AIC sergeant, I offered your beloved solstice off. (I had a run of 6 years where I AIC’d Christmas Eve. Your tree must have a “536” sock on it somewhere….

    I also enjoyed the moon article and loved the formula for determining the full moon in its relation to where the sun is. I got to see a glorious moonrise as the sun was setting over the Willamette on Aug 1, followed the next day by a glorious moonset over Camas Swale the following morning; for that event, sun and moon were both present (just barely). Very cool. And no, no pictures. I was driving.

    Bat’s message is cool, too. Happy Yule

    Family is MOST important, the married in, born in, or simply gathered ’round type. And oh yes, there *IS* a 536 mini-stocking still in attendance.

    12:53 a.m.

  2. Wow, Anna, thanks for sharing your snow pic… it certainly looks like it had been dumping!

    The podcast is hilarious!

    I’ve some idea, but please elaborate on what you do with the papers, candles and pens…

    I love bats… and what a great message! Check out Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit bat rehabilitation center & sanctuary in Texas ( or on facebook ). I love these people for fighting against the negative perceptions people have about bats, and the work they do to help injured, orphaned and zoo-retired bats.

    Great article about the full Moon! I’m once again able to see her, always something to be grateful for, especially this time of year. Each time I’ve gone outside tonight there has been an interesting Moon-phenomenon, too. The first time I went out there was a jet flying across the sky, leaving an almost perfectly straight trail from northwest to southeast that was about 5 degrees from the moon (at the trail’s closest point). This trail then drifted eastward, remaining almost perfectly straight, and completely intact, and crossed in front of the Moon’s face. Never seen anything like that before! Then the second time I went out there was a huge ring around the Moon. I’ve seen rings around the Moon many times before (they happen all the time, since it’s always so frickin humid/hazy here), but this was the largest one I’ve ever seen… it had to be a 30 degree diameter. Seriously, huge… way cool!

    And in synchronistic news, this full Moon is in Cancer, and emotional releasing is very much supported. Irma Kaye titles it a “New Identities and Rear View Mirrors” Moon, saying “Recommended activities for this Full Moon are: forgiveness/release work, ritual, visiting the ocean, meditation, family gatherings, cooking, and any other activities nurturing to the Spirit.”

    “Cancer Full Moon Mantras: I am safe to Love and be Loved. I release my past, giving thanks for the wisdom I have gained. I trust and listen to my own inner wisdom. I see others as awakening beings just as myself; I hold enmity towards no one and offer unconditional love to all.” ( )

    Got the affirmation written down, and we discussed the other things,
    but what’s grabbing my attention right now is

    BAT WORLD dot org !!!!

    Everyone needs to go find the Facebook page and LIKE them!
    (Thanks so much for sharing this. All of it!)

    10:54 p.m.

  3. Okay, I have to go back to the podcast later. I’m on the clock today, Christmas shopping for our New Year’s Christmas with the in-laws. Ugh.

    I’m sooo with you on the LED lights. I just haven’t been able to go to the bright side yet.

    I have cloudy skies here, so no moon so far. Sniffle.

    Let me know when you go back, it’s a ridiculous conversation. That MUST be shared.

    11:56 p.m.

  4. Laughed along with your girls.
    I love Stella Luna. And bats. And this: “But remember, everything has its own period of gestation and as you progress to your own limitless future you must transcend failure and its attendant fear, that of striving again.”
    Gonna keep that in mind as I write out my writing goals for 2013.

    I thought that line was fab as well! Using it as a focus point for my work too.

    11:10 p.m.

  5. Last night after an extended dinner out, we came back to see a full moon with a ring around it perched right above some tall, skinny evergreens. It was glorious.

    The Bat card is cool. I’ll be thinking about it. It seems suitable to where I am currently.

    Heard over half the podcast before I had to stop so I didn’t bother others. I’ll save it to finish later. It’s wonderful.

    Any and all views of Mother Moon are welcome, but the ones that take our breath away are simply gifts for our soul.

    11:12 p.m.

  6. forgot to say that along with the many, many hawks on our drive, as we drove across the river into the home state we were welcomed by the sight of the moon rising, fat and orange and glorious, and it lit the rest of the drive home. Another thing that made me think of you! 🙂

    1. I love all of those hawks escorting you safely along your journey. Maybe THAT’S what happens when I send out mind darts?!

      And then there She was, shining your path home for the dark portion of the drive. So cool.

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