Remember the caramel experiment from a few days ago?  Well, it was not exactly a FAIL.  Instead, turns out, it is now what Dan calls an “inadvertent success.”    By which he means, it’s not necessarily what I set out to make/create but it’s also NOT an entire waste of resources either.

                   Here’s what he texted me tonight  “I really like your stupid* toffee.”  Yeah, I  made a hard candy, not a sticky/chewy one.  We already know why, so please don’t speculate on the cooking time, temperature, ambient humidity, or any other potential surrounding-feature/method of my mishap.  It’s what we have now, and HE doesn’t hate it.  So we go forward, not back.

*This was not a rude or hurtful remark towards me, nor my kitchen skills,  he was merely using that term, in jest, because he knows how I feel about my non-perfect results.  He and his son tend to call things “stupid good” implying that, for some unknown reason, a particular item is beyond wonderful, which makes it sort of an annoying phenomenon.

Worther's like candies
Very (VERY!) much like a brand-name treat that comes in (individually wrapped) small, round, disc-shaped portions. And starts with the letter W.

             I can’t eat it.   I’ve already lost a piece of tooth from an early sampling.  The taste is spectacular, super yummy.  It’s the density that’s dangerous.  I happen to be married to a person who has infinitely more patience than I do.  He doesn’t risk his enamel, smartly allowing the confection to slowly melt and dissolve in his mouth, while he goes about his work.  And yes, he keeps taking containers of  it with him every night in his lunch bag.

             No giving up from here though.  My attempt at easy candy continues.  We had to run out quickly today (in the car) for several small errands and one holiday-related acquisition (the tree*).  So I made him stop at a grocery store for some ON SALE supplies.

*Our new neighbor, the Ridgeline Montessori school, was having a fundraiser with locally harvested conifers.  We supported them.

Future deliciousness.(We hope.)
Future deliciousness.
(We hope.)

             The printer was humming along just moments ago, with new recipes.  But first, I’ll need to go make more biscuits.  The last batch had an oven issue, but I’ve been given some excellent ideas about how to complete this project without running that risk again.  (Thanks, once more, Sierra!)

             May I back up just a smidge?  There is a nearly flawless instructional technique in early childhood education that utilizes Distraction.  I’m implementing that idea right now, here in this post, and in my own life.  It is a way of coping.  Not denial though, let’s be clear on that point.  Because I’m abundantly aware of what’s going on, nationally and globally.  I’m simply choosing NOT to engage in the pain of it every single second.

             The thing about Distraction is that we are able to honor the process (in the teaching model, as well as our current grief) while at the same time continuing, compassionately,  with our lives.  I’ve chosen to distract us with goodies.   And some weather news.

weather in eugene
This is today’s paper.
Click to make it bigger so you can read the forecasts and see the wee icons.

             Precisely why we are so thrilled with our raingear.  I really enjoy my biking errands, for the most part.  With only rare exceptions, like yesterday afternoon, when I was pummeled with hail.  Three separate times in a four mile ride!  Less than pleasant.  However, I arrived on time.  Proving, once more, that there is no such thing as bad weather, merely inappropriate clothing.

             On our card altar we have the last in this current rotation of the sumptuously illustrated deck that we’ve all come to know and appreciate.  Next time around, we’ll shuffle and begin anew.

oracle cards, balance and fairness

The Keeper of the Scales  ~

fairness, balance

The Law of Harmony is enacted when the Keeper of the Scales comes to you as an Ally.  Align with her as the law states, making conscious choices that create balance in your life.  When you do, you also magically align with the abundance of the Universe and the powerful forces of synchronicity.  This creates conditions and possibilities that lead to the fulfillment of your highest intentions.

Harmony begins with the self and then resonates outward to others.  You are in harmony with yourself when you nurture yourself with love, respect, and acceptance, always fully taking responsibility for your actions.  Only then can you be in harmony with others.  This is because love is the central force that connects all of life and aligns you with like-minded others.

Another message is restoration and the positive fair resolution in all disputes, including those involving the legal system or other important exchanges.  The Keeper of the Scales is a just and kind Ally, always making sure balance is activated on your path.”

             Interestingly, this is one of the most difficult part of being human.  Seeing that balance, especially in light of current events.  However, as a person of faith, I can assure you that there IS a reason, and it IS a fair one.  Do I know what that could possibly be?  No, I don’t really.  But I have full confidence that we will be informed of it when we get Home.  It will all make sense, eventually.

             For now, it feels as though we are being reminded that there IS a justness someplace.  There IS a balance we are able to maintain, somehow.  Going back to yesterday’s Dolphin message, if we concentrate on our breathing first, infused with love and caring, the rest will follow.

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

Washington DC (from yesterday), today we saw nothing but Utah and Texas (boatloads of ’em).

12 thoughts on “Heading Towards Harmony.

  1. I’m happy to help! I hope they come out wonderfully tasty. 😀

    I’m a big fan of distraction. I didn’t utilize it enough yesterday and listened to NPR for an hour as I drove home from spending the day with my niece. (She was fantastic distraction.) As a result, I was so emotionally exhausted that I slept for 12 hours last night and was a zombie for most of today. I’m still recovering. Distraction is working wonders this evening.

    Dan and I are going to double-team them, better that way. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.
    Thanks again!

    10:56 p.m.

  2. Oooo, I’m a cruncher too. It’s sooo bad for the teeth, but I just can’t help myself. My son is a cruncher too and blames me. “You had to give this to me too, mom?” The candy looks yummy. I read through the comments with the recipe and someone said you can do the hard ball/soft ball test with this so I am filing it way for when I make this. Not that caramel is exactly good for dental work either, but did I mention my sweet tooth, um teeth? Plural. *sigh*

    Gotta talk to the driving angels this morning. As soon as I finish eating I’m off to collect Saver from school. That girl had better be packed and ready to load or I’m going to skin her. Seriously.

    I can’t help it either, and have no clue how Dan DOES.
    (Good to know I’m not the only one.)

    10:57 p.m.

      1. Thanks, Skye! The drive was amazingly simple (still long and boring though) and Saver WAS ready to go! I almost fainted from the shock! 🙂 And the drive back was trouble free as well. My throat is sore though because Saver and I talked and talked and talked. Whew!


        (not for the sore throat, obvs)

        10:59 p.m.

  3. I’m glad your husband likes your stupid toffee. It’s nice to be appreciated, even if it’s for something you did by accident.

    Nice card. I am always trying to be fair and wanting others to be. When people say Life Isn’t Fair, I usually respond But We Can Be. And usually they respond that way when they are being unfair, and life isn’t unfair either.

    It’s raining like crazy this morning, complete with thunder and lightning. I only have a rain parka, not rain pants or rain shoes. I should probably get some water proofer for my leather boots and my leather shoes, especially as I’m heading up in a north-westerly direction on Friday. I’m just going to have to end up with cold wet feet when I go for walks up there, I know it. My walking shoes are NOT waterproof.

    Glad you found a fix for your cooking thing. Sierra is the best!

    I thanked him several times today for backing me up and supporting my insanity, as well as my inadvertent successes. I am MORE than lucky to have him in my corner.

    Do NOT settle for cold, wet feet. Good gear is not that expensive, get something that works, be creative. It makes such a huge difference.

    11:03 p.m.

  4. I have been using distraction without knowing what I was doing, although I have been doing some percolating of thoughts, occasionally. I had two friends with musical performances at exactly the same time yesterday. I chose bassoons over lesbian chorus, and had both friends over for the volleyball game yesterday. Mary (of Soromundi) said that their performance at Holiday Market (and I missed the Creswell Jazz band there yesterday, too, damnitall) went well, and there was a lot of emotion from many of the songs they sang, which surprised her a bit. I told her, “well, people’s emotions are a bit ragged right now” and her reply was more civilized than “d’oh”.

    What you made is, bar none, my favorite candy. I would eat it from a jar, I would eat it in a car etc. regardless of hardness/softness/density. Yum!

    Jarring some up for your car right now!
    (I might just even deliver it.)

    11:06 p.m.

    1. me, too. I adore toffee. We are headed to Tuba Christmas tomorrow night at our mall, which makes me think of you.

      I wish I could drive some over to you
      as quickly as I can for Ally. 😦

      11:07 p.m.

  5. yay for distraction, and good idea to do it with treats. I will try it, too. I have three dozen eggs to use up anyway.

    Egg salad for lunch?

    11:13 p.m.

  6. Distraction has been happening today in the form of going to the movies. I saw The Hobbit with the kiddoes.

    Mmmmmm, toffee, mmmmmmm.

    The card makes me think of the Navaho concept of walking in beauty, which is being in balance with all around you.

    Walking in Beauty.
    I love that so much.

    (And you’re even FARTHER away, dammit.)

    11:15 p.m.

  7. Mmmm. Toffee. I like to spread it with melted chocolate and sprinkle it with chopped almonds. Then it tastes just like a candy that comes wrapped in pink foil and begins with an A and an R.

    Thanks for the distraction.

    Oh yeah!
    I know JUST the ones you mean. 😛

    11:16 p.m.

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